Strength of A Woman- S1E10

I didn’t meet Demola waiting to tear my head down but I met Salewa, sitting quietly in my chair and fiddling with her iPad. My eyes caught her as I was rushing into the office and immediately they did, I started retracting my steps. I wanted to go to the bathroom and think of what to do to avoid her but unfortunately, she rotated the chair and her eyes caught me.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E9

I knew I couldn’t tell Salewa anything that had happened that day because she was going to gloat so much and I wouldn’t have peace in the coming days. At the same time, I knew I couldn’t avoid it. Salewa would know if I was lying about the meeting and if I didn’t tell her what happened, what was I going to say?


Strength Of A Woman- S1E8

I was going to go to the bathroom, call Bena and tell her what was going on as hot Fola’s behaviour was confusing and how I thought he was just messing with my head. But just before I got to the door, just two inches away from the door, I missed a step, tripped over and fell down.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E7

I forgot the documents for my meeting and with the way that Fola had been targeting me, I knew that if I didn’t have those papers, it would be disastrous, considering how he had reacted during my first presentation. I quickly dashed into the office to get them because me I didn’t want wahala with anybody. Before Demola and Salewa think I am ruining things on purpose.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E6

“Or better still, you can tell me all about it over dinner?” He said.

Over dinner ke? What was bringing that one? Why couldn’t we just talk to Florence about it? Why did we have to go to dinner? Was this a test of our professionalism? Who was going to pay for it? Because it definitely wasn’t going to be me or any of my team members.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E5

Three weeks passed and there was no word from Fola’s end. Demola had called a few times to find out if they had awarded the contract to another company but he couldn’t get any substantial information. I was starting to worry because I knew that if we didn’t get that contract, Demola would blame me for it and that would mean trouble.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E3

I got my office 15 minutes later and said a silent prayer before I alighted from the car. It’s not me who wants to be sacked because I came late, so my God had to come through.

I met a furious Demola pacing up and down his office. He was obviously very angry at nobody but me.


Strength Of A Woman- S1E2

“Hello.” I said into my phone.

“Come to my office please.”

“Okay.” I ended the call and stood up.

“Oga wants to see me.” I told Salewa.

“What have you done again?” Salewa teased.

I frowned and shook my head as I walked to his door. I knocked and waited for his approval before I entered his office.

You sent for me.” I said. (more…)

Strength Of A Woman- S1E1

My name is Unoaku Edekobi. I hail from Eastern Nigeria and in those parts, Unoaku means house of wealth. My father gave me that name in faith, faith that one day, his house will overflow with wealth. You see, I am his first child and at my birth, money was nonexistent in my father’s house. But as they say, there’s power in the tongue. My father started to make money miraculously a few months after I was born. He was practically living Psalm 126:1, “When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.”. (more…)