God will punish Airtel and its owners. They were the ones that distracted me from my mission of no return and after that, it was as if the Holy Spirit descended on Lade. His erection had disappeared and he started acting like a fish out of water, explaining how we had just met and how he didn’t want to take advantage of me. Egba mi, who advantage help? Please take advantage of me abeg.

I just kept my cool because I wanted to hold on to Lade for a long time. If I had convinced him against his will, he would have agreed, no doubt, but he would have never contacted me again. So I apologized and told him I didn’t know what came over me, that I wasn’t usually like that. The air suddenly became tense and the scene became awkward. I was there, sitting in my underwear and Lade was sitting on the chair, shirtless. It was obvious we still wanted to ‘hit’ each other, but everyone was forming gentle and didn’t want to initiate anything. Then I remembered something that I don’t know how I forgot since, his relationship status. Not like it would change anything sha, but I needed to know what I was getting into. Not the one that I will think he is single and start following him round Lagos, then somebody will come and pour acid on my face and say that I snatched her boyfriend. So I cracked a joke about how much of a stud he was and how it wasn’t possible for him to be single. Then the bomb dropped, ‘I’m engaged’ he said. I wasn’t shocked because there was no way a man like Lade could be single in this Lagos. Men like him that aren’t playboys either have a wife, fiancée or girlfriend. Then I put it all together, I had led Lade into temptation, he was one leg into it till Airtel brought him out. On behalf of his girlfriend, a part of me silently thanked Airtel. That part felt guilty because I put myself in his fiancée’s position, I mean I wouldn’t be happy if my fiancé was cheating on me. Trust the more sensible part to take over, I told myself it wasn’t my fault since he didn’t tell me about his engagement before I tried to seduce him. But then again, if he picked me up and got to the point of almost having sex with me, his resistance was weak and if I played my cards right, I would easily become the side chick, a role I was ready to take up.

Seducing Lade wasn’t going to be so hard and I was going to do it by all means, but not this night. It had to be spontaneous, short, hot and steamy sex, the kind that would make him beg for me and  there are only very few places you can achieve that goal. Then by divine inspiration, the Lord revealed it to me, his office was the perfect place for it. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I forgot that Lade was there. I heard him say,  ‘Naya, what’s going on in your pretty little head?’, I laughed and said ‘Nothing’. I told him it would be better for him to go home so he wouldn’t sin against his wife to be and I thanked him for his kindness. He said he didn’t want to leave me alone in case something happened, as if I be small pikin. So I told him to give me his number and take mine, that I would call him if something happened. After we exchanged contacts, he gave me 50,000 naira, kissed me on my forehead, like those Telemundo people and went on his way. A whole 50,000 naira for almost hitting, not even actual sex. If we now hit nko? How much I go dey collect? Maybe he will even buy me car sef. I had to slap myself awake from my dreams. I hadn’t seduced him yet, I was already thinking about car. LOL. I jumped on the bed thinking about how to set my plan in motion, scanning my wardrobe mentally and picking out the outfit I was going to wear. This 50k was going to help me in my seduction, as I had been eyeing one Venezuelan hair from Mizwanneka, the hair boss. That woman sells amazing hair and it was an important part of my seduction. Let’s just say Lade had used his money to get himself a side chick. I slept off in no time and dreamt about how great it would be being Demilade’s other woman.

I woke up at 11am on Saturday morning and guess who had already called me, Lade. It was good to know that he was interested in me, but as his conscience wouldn’t let him make a move, I was going to make the move myself. I didn’t call him back immediately because I didn’t want him to think I was that into him. I freshened up quickly and left the hotel because check out time was 12pm and I didn’t want the hotel staff to come and ask me to leave. I left the hotel and got an Uber back to the mainland. Conquering Lade was the only thing on my mind throughout my journey home, it took over my head to the extent that I didn’t realise when the driver pulled up in front of my hostel. Just as I was about to alight from the car, my phone rang. My lover was calling.

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