Month: November 2017

Side Chick Wars- S1E6

I successfully beat the useless traffic from Agege to Lekki and was at Fayo’s estate, arguing with the security at the gate. Fayo lives in one of these posh Lekki estates, where a two bedroom apartment costs two million naira per annum. A whole two million. My two bedroom apartment in Agege costs three hundred and fifty thousand naira. That is one million, six hundred and fifty thousand naira difference.

Side Chick Wars- S1E5

“So how is work? Any new thing happening?” Badmus asked me as we got to the office.

“Work’s fine. Today was just a little hectic. I just want to go home, jump in the shower and sleep.” I yawned.

“Hectic? Onome, you don’t do half the work there. What am I even saying? You don’t do any work at all, Teniola does it all. So why is work hectic all of a sudden?”

Side Chick Wars- S1E3

I arrived at the office late, again. Onome had already resumed by the time I walked in. As soon as she learnt of my arrival, she sent for me and conjured some story of how I had been coming late everyday and how it wasn’t good for the department.

Side Chick Wars- S1E2

 My name is Onome Aburu. I’m 27 years old, young, hot and beautiful. I’m the woman you want and the woman your girlfriend can never be. I wear the best clothes, drive to best cars, take luxury vacations, you name it. Money is not a problem for me. My brain works smart, and well, my body too. I work at one of the biggest insurance companies in Lagos, as head of HR. Thank God for grace sha, and Badmus, my number one man.

Side Chick Wars- S1E1

“Either I kill Onome, or she kills me. But one of us has to die on the line” l said to myself. Onome is the most horrible boss ever. Such a nagging and overbearing brat who thinks she has the world at her feet. She wants everyone in HR licking the sole of her feet and worshipping the ground she walks on. Urggghhh.