Month: December 2017

Side Chick Wars- S1E16

When I woke up, I replayed the events of the previous day in my head. The day that my life would change had finally come and I had developed cold feet. Before this Onome situation, I didn’t ever see myself dating a married man, not to talk of one with a side chick already.

Side Chick Wars- S1E14

She pushed the attraction oil I had set on the bedside table down, breaking the bottle and spilling its content in the process. We stared at each other for a few seconds and I rushed towards her to salvage what was left of the bottle’s contents. In the little commotion, I risked upturning the table with the rest of the kayanmata.

Side Chick Wars- S1E13

“This my dear Teni, is what you call kayanmata” She said as she showed me the different things. There were some in small bottles that looked like juju. Other things in bigger containers and bottles. She even had a bundle of what looked like dried ugwu tied up together.

Side Chick Wars- S1E11

“Good morning sir” she greeted.

I raised my head to see who Fayo was greeting. It was Badmus Kolawole. I had never seen Badmus outside the office before, so he looked quite different to me. He was clad in a jumper and a tee-shirt. He didn’t look like the normal boss I had seen from time to time. He looked good, very good. His biceps were quite obvious from his tee-shirt and they were very toned.

Side Chick Wars- S1E9

Fayo was waking me up to work out. Me? Work out? How?

Apparently, she had made a gym registration for me at a gym the day before.

“Get up. I registered you at the gym and even got you a personal trainer. We need to get there by 7. So hurry.” She announced as she walked out of the room.

Side Chick Wars- S1E8

I couldn’t believe my ears when Teniola told me that Badmus had called her and asked her to return to work. The worst of all was that she mocked me. A whole me, her boss. Badmus had given her liver to talk back at me. I was both pained and angry.