Month: February 2018

Side Chick Wars- S2E8

From the look on Badmus’ face and the way he quickly disengaged, it was obvious that she was his wife. She walked into the office in all her glory. She gave him a kiss and sat down. She looked like she was in her mid or late thirties. She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. Fair and slim. Her perfume smelt expensive. Even more expensive than Onome’s. (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E7

“It was nothing serious sir. She was just angry at what I was saying to her.” Fayo replied.

“Yes sir.” Onome and I chorused.

Badmus started long and hard at us and said,

“If all of you are not going to say the truth, I’d call an eye witness and ask. It won’t be funny when I find out the whole truth.” (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E5

“Excuse me?” Onome said.

“I said they no born you well to try am!” Fayo said.

“You’re not in a position to tell me what I can and can’t do in my department.” Onome said coldly.

“So you better go back to your department and mind your business.” She added.

“Push me now.” Fayo dared. (more…)

Side Chick Wars- Filler

I woke up that fateful Monday morning feeling like a queen. Everything was right with the world. Well, almost everything. Badmus had been so distant from me. He wouldn’t resume work till 12pm sometimes, then he would close at 4pm and vanish into thin air. When I go to his office to look for him, he would either be in a meeting, too busy to see me or not even around at all. (more…)