Month: March 2018

Side Chick Wars- S2E13

“So I was just a side chick to you all this time?” I asked him.

“I really don’t understand why you’re getting so emotional. We both knew what it was from the onset. I wanted sex, you wanted money and a promotion. You got what you wanted, I got what I wanted, everyone was supposed to be happy.” (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E12

“Answer my question for goodness sake. Are you sleeping with her?” I asked him again.

“Where did you get that from?” He asked me.

“That’s irrelevant to the question at hand.”

“Well you have to tell me who is peddling all these lies and rumors about me and dragging an innocent woman’s name in the mud.” (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E11

I walked straight to Badmus’ office with my heart in my mouth. I was scared of what Badmus would say or worse still, do. I had delayed for about an hour on Fayo’s instruction.

Fayo, as usual, had a plan. “The only power you have now is seduction. Because there is no other thing you can soothe him with.”

“Seduction? Are you sure it will work?” I asked nervously.

“Knowing Badmus, it definitely will. He’s not that hard to get. Especially if we use our trump card – Kayanmata!” (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E10

As I was sitting there thinking about my life and the consequences of my actions, Fayo marched into the office. She looked very angry, like someone who was coming for a fight. She walked straight to my desk and grabbing my arm, she tried to pull me up from my seat. (more…)

Side Chick Wars- S2E9

I stormed out of the office and I walked to the cafeteria. My body was shaking as I sat down. I couldn’t explain how I felt. It was a mix of anger, shock, fear and what not. How could Badmus have been seeing Teniola right under my nose and I didn’t even know? It was Teniola of all people he picked? (more…)