Month: July 2018

The Lagos Side Chick- S2E13

I heard footsteps behind me and a voice that was too familiar, it was Demilade Akin-Cole. I stopped moving immediately and stood on the spot like a statue. There was a question and answer session going on in my head, when did he come into town? Did he know it was me? What was I going to do? Should I run past him before he has a chance to recognize me?


We’re One Year!!!

Happy Anniversary to us at The Culture Fit. I started writing this blog because I wanted to share gist that I had in my head. In months, it was no longer a blog, it became a culture, a culture that many people relate to today. In a year, the blog has hit almost 100 thousand views, well, 97 thousand precisely. (more…)

The Lagos Side Chick- S2E12

First of all, the door was already locked and I had to knock and ring the bell for almost ten minutes before it was opened. Immediately one of the domestic staff opened the door, I started shouting at her, asking her why she had to keep me waiting for so long. She didn’t say anything much to my annoyance and I promised to report her to Sophie. (more…)

The Lagos Side Chick-S2E10

I was going to be an executive assistant. You know all these people that assist the bosses and have direct access to them. Follow them to important meetings, keep up with their lives and all that. Maybe they’d attach me to one of the most important executives in the firm so that I could warm my way into his heart too. (more…)