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For My Children

“Think of your children.” I thought I heard my mother say.

Had I heard I right? Perhaps, the igbati from the previous night had obstructed my hearing.

My husband is good at those, you might even say they are his specialty. It had become a routine: eat, get beaten, sleep, repeat. He hits me at the slightest provocation, his anger is seemingly boundless. Everything annoyed him, and this vicious slap I received, the igbati, reminds me of my turmoil.


Dealing With My Demons


“You haven’t written any new post yet.”

“You’ve been so inconsistent. I’ve been checking your website every day for weeks now.”

“Why did you say you would post twice if you know you can’t keep up?”

The last comment broke me the most, it literally tore my heart to pieces. The mere thought of letting everyone down pierced my soul and hard as I tried to remedy the situation, I couldn’t. (more…)

I Wrote A Book!

“I’m going to write a book.” I said to Tolu.

She turned and stared at me like I was speaking Greek. I’m sure she thought I was joking as usual.

This morning, I sent her the preview copy of my book and she went wild,

“You did it!” She said excitedly. (more…)

Hello Fear.

I know I have been the most inconsistent blogger in the world and that I promise and fail every single time, I’m super sorry about it and I would try to improve. Thank you very much for staying glued to the blog, I really appreciate it.