Issa Side Chick- S2E18

I rang the bell at the gate a few times before someone finally came to open the gate. I was about to walk in when the security guard walked out and shut the gate behind him. I was confused, is it that he didn’t recognize me? I highly doubted it because he was the same person that opened the gate for me the previous night. So what was his problem now? (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E17

“No no, it’s fine, I just didn’t think Fowi was going to start hanging out with someone like Naya.” He said.
“Someone like Naya?” Fowi gave a puzzled look.
“Well, someone who is way out of your league, you know class and all.” Lade said. (more…)

Hello Fear.

I know I have been the most inconsistent blogger in the world and that I promise and fail every single time, I’m super sorry about it and I would try to improve. Thank you very much for staying glued to the blog, I really appreciate it.

Issa Side Chick- S2E16

“Lade’s mother is a very good woman sha, God bless her.” I said.
“Who told you my brother’s name?” She turned and asked me.
Ghen ghen, I don enter, my mother had once said that my basket mouth will land me in trouble one day and now, the day had come.
Where will I start the explanation from biko? What will I say? (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E15

The journey to the office was a short one because the roads were as free as air. Till today, I don’t understand how there is hardly any traffic on the roads in Abuja. I mean look at Lagos, there’s always traffic, almost every time and most of the time, it’s because one mumu refused to wait for his turn to move, he will now chuk head inside road and cause hold up. So is it that there were no impatient people in Abuja or what exactly? I digress. (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E13

I heard footsteps behind me and a voice that was too familiar, it was Demilade Akin-Cole. I stopped moving immediately and stood on the spot like a statue. There was a question and answer session going on in my head, when did he come into town? Did he know it was me? What was I going to do? Should I run past him before he has a chance to recognize me? (more…)

We’re One Year!!!

Happy Anniversary to us at The Culture Fit. I started writing this blog because I wanted to share gist that I had in my head. In months, it was no longer a blog, it became a culture, a culture that many people relate to today. In a year, the blog has hit almost 100 thousand views, well, 97 thousand precisely. (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E12

First of all, the door was already locked and I had to knock and ring the bell for almost ten minutes before it was opened. Immediately one of the domestic staff opened the door, I started shouting at her, asking her why she had to keep me waiting for so long. She didn’t say anything much to my annoyance and I promised to report her to Sophie. (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E11

There and then, I asked him for his account number so I could return his twenty thousand to him. Even though it was paining me, I had to close eyes and do it. Let the boy not come and think that because of 20k I was loving and warming up to him. (more…)