Lade came from behind and shook me out of my shock. ‘I thought you already left’ he said. His father replied him ‘Do you know her?’ ‘Yes dad. She came to see me. She’s an old friend’. Old friend bawo? This one didn’t want his father to know that he was carrying babe around Lagos when his fiancée was abroad. I just bid both of them farewell and went on my way. My Uber driver was kuku already carrying face and blabbing about how he almost cancelled the trip that I was wasting time.

On my way back to school, I was just thinking, if not for God, I for don seduce Lade’s father. Older men take care of women better than young men. I just took my mind off it because one Akin-Cole was enough for me. I can’t be dating son secretly, dating father secretly and trying my best to hide it from two of them and their family all at the same time. I didn’t have the brain capacity to do that kind of work. I kept thinking about how to spend the 200k that had just entered my hand. I wanted to add it to my business o, but abeg, more money go come. This 200k was going to up my slay game. New weave, clothes, shoes, phone, apartment, even car sef. The things wey I count even pass the money wey dey my hand. I was too excited about my whole mission.

When I got back to school, I called Lade to tell him that I had gotten back to school, but he didn’t pick. I called and called a few more times, he still didn’t pick. Next time I tried, the number was switched off. What could have gone wrong? Why wasn’t he answering? I took my mind off it and went to get some food. Then a WhatsApp message came in. It read ‘Hi Naya. Thank you so much for today. You were really amazing, but I wouldn’t like to see you again. I felt very guilty for cheating on my fiancée and somehow, my dad figured that you weren’t an old friend and he only made me feel worse. I am sorry for all the inconveniences caused. Have a great life. Lade’. It’s like these people are mad o. Both Lade and his father, plus all the members of his family, they don’t have sense. Imagine somebody that I was even considering to be a side chick to, only him used his hand to spoil my market. I was furious ehnn. Me that already told myself ‘Ego abia go. Enjoy’, they have come to remove the food that they kept in my mouth. Useless people. For the rest of the day, I was bitter. Everyone who crossed my path, I cleared their doubt and transferred my aggression to them. One old baba driving Camry 2.2 now stopped for me on the road and was yarning dust. Imagine, Camry 2.2. Even a babe that was happy at that moment go vex. I changed it for him and told him to go and toast his grand daughters.

The next morning, I woke up feeling a bit better. I had resigned myself to fate. As the boy said he was not doing again, I couldn’t kill myself na. I had to move on and think of how to catch the next maga, after all, there are many fishes in the river. But where was I going to start the hustle from again? Go back to clubbing or what? How do all these runs babes meet their mugus sef? That one of club was a long thing. I needed a faster method abeg. So I asked my room mates if they had an idea of how runs babes operate. ‘You wan become runs girl? Why you dey ask?’ one of them said. ‘Which one is your own inside? Is it your runs?’ I fired back. Then one person replied ‘There are many ways to the market babe. Every runs girl has their own tactic. But the easiest way is to find a pimp that can hook you up with rich guys. So you don’t have to stress yourself to be finding them.’ A pimp. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? That one will do all the work and I will just sit and wait. Hopefully the wait wouldn’t be long. I’m kuku a fine girl so my market go sell sharp sharp. Then it hit me. I no be runs girl. I’m a side chick. It’s a different ball game entirely. Runs girls are hoes. They bang once, collect peanuts and just go their way. Me I cannot be doing that kind of dead hustle abeg. I will now follow one man home one day, he will give me only 10k after all the soft work he did on my body. Olorun maje. Some how, my brain was refusing to function. I couldn’t think of anything. Me, a whole genius. I had no idea of what to do. Then I laughed out. Just imagine. Person that her father sent to school and thinks she is reading hard to graduate with first class, is here thinking of how to find man. I didn’t ever think about my book like this o, but as money was involved, my brain was on fire. LOL.

I went to class that morning like a good student only for my useless lecturer to say we should tear paper for test. The test I had been using my mouth to call since had finally come to meet me. Of course I didn’t know answers to any question that was asked. So I just wrote the questions and submitted to my lecturer. Last last, he will give me zero. He cannot come to my house and beat me. While I was waiting for my next class to begin, I overheard a girl say ‘Do you know that all these big runs babes go the Eko Signature lobby, sit there and wait for the guests to toast them?…’. I wasn’t interested in the rest of her gist. I had found my solutio. Eko Signature, here I come.

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  1. Aha! I knew I was doing it the wrong way, I’m stepping my game up in my mentality, I’m not a runs girl anymore. Please keep writing *standing ovation

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