Month: September 2017

The Lagos Side Chick S2E2

‘Naya. Naya’ Sophie said as she shook me. ‘Are you ok?’ she asked. ‘Yes I am.’ This is just a lot to take in. I went from being a homeless JJC in Abuja to living in a mansion like this. ‘In minutes’ I answered. Sophie laughed and said ‘You better get used to it’. I laughed too and said ‘I already adjusted myself to ajebutter mode o. No time’ Sophie replied ‘Better. Come. I’ll show you your room’. ‘Erm Sophie, who’s this?’ I asked, pointing to the portrait. ‘Ohh. That’s my father.’ She answered. People of God, it was Babatunde Akin-Cole. 


The Lagos Side Chick S2E1

  Your favourite girl is back guys. This time, with an apartment in Maitama, Abuja and a Toyota Rav 4, 2010 model. You want to know how I got it abi? No wahala. You know I always bring all the gist to you while it’s steaming hot. So here it is…

Last season, I decided to become a full time side chick. I met Lade, seduced him, straffed him and got dumped. Then I met Emeka, bumped into Lade again, took my revenge by breaking his relationship. Followed him to give him moral support, got caught by my mother, was disgraced publicly, flogged by my father and told to move back home. Graduated from uni with a second class upper and fortunately got posted to Abuja for youth service.