“That’s nice to hear.” I smiled and picked my food.

“I know right!” Sophie said and continued eating.

I began to think about how I would get Babatunde Akin-Cole to look my way. It would have been way easier if he hadn’t met me before. I could easily seduce him and get what I want but that was not the case.

He had met me before in Lade’s office and I was sure that he was the one who convinced Lade not to contact me again. I hadn’t forgotten about it because I promised myself that I would make him pay and this was a perfect opportunity. I just had to figure a way to do it without him linking me to the woman from Lade’s office.

“Naya, are you ok?” I felt Sophie touch me.

“Yes yes, I am. Why?” I rose my head and asked.

“Because you have been staring at your food and picking it for a while now.”

“I have?” I asked open eyed.

“Yes you have. Don’t you like the food? If you don’t I can…”

“No no, I like it. Thank you.”

“Are you sure?” She asked me.

“Yes, thank you.” I answered.

“Ok then.” She continued eating her food.

Five minutes later, she suggested that we should go out that evening as it would give her the chance to show me a few places in town. Who was I to refuse? I was open to hitting town and finding the best men around.

“Alright then, let’s go get ready. Wear something really nice.” She said as she stood up to leave the dining area.

There lay the problem. I didn’t have anything ‘nice’ to wear. I packed only for my three weeks in camp and since I didn’t need to wear any fancy clothes in camp, I didn’t pack any and I couldn’t afford to wear rubbish and follow a girl like Sophie out.

Again, I was staring.

“Should I be worried about these your ‘stop and stare’ moments?” Sophie asked me.

“Pardon me. I was just thinking about what to wear.”

“Go to room and check out your clothes then. Don’t sit there and stare like you have a huge problem.” She walked out.

This girl must have thought that the fact that she was giving me a place to lay my head gave her the right to open her mouth and talk nonsense. Mscheww.

I stood up and went back to my room. I looked through my bag to see of I could find something by chance.

My bag was full of white t-shirts, shorts, my khaki, boots, sneakers and a few other clothes. The only thing that made small sense was one denim dress I bought from Yaba market. I decided to manage that one, after-all, half bread is better than none.

I took off the clothes I was wearing and wore the denim dress. Just as I was applying my make up, Sophie stepped in with two dresses with her face, fully beat.

“You haven’t dressed up yet?” She stood akimbo.

I was embarrassed that she thought that I hadn’t dressed up, meaning that my outfit was not worth it.

Before I could say a word, she continued,

“Which one should I wear?” She raised the two dresses up.

They were obviously new as the dangling tags were very visible. I too was lost for choice because they were both very beautiful dresses. After a few minutes of darting my eyes from one dress to the other, I finally picked one. It was a black sparkly dress with a deep neckline.

“Thank you.” She smiled gleefully. “Hurry up and wear your dress so we can go.” She turned to walk out.

“I’m ready. I just need to wear lipstick and we can go.” I searched my make up bag for lipstick.

“You’re ready? Like this?” She looked amazed.

“Yes.” I said. I looked at myself and looked back at her.

“You cannot follow me out like this.” She said matter of factly.


“Because…” she sighed. “You look like you just walked out of a dumpster. I can’t be seen on the streets of Abuja with you looking like this.”

See insult o! Nothing I’ll not see in this my life. So because her father has a few millions in his account now, she thinks she can just say nonsense and get away with it? Make I no lie sha, her father has a lot more than a few millions. A few billions is better description of her father’s bank account.

“But I have nothing else to wear. This is like the best thing I have here. I packed for only camp because I was supposed to go back home immediately after.” I said.

“We’ll talk about that later. We need to find you something to wear because you’re certainly not leaving this house like this.”

I took a deep breath and stared at her.

“Let’s go to my room, I’m sure we can find something for you there.” She said.

I stood up and followed her out of the room. We went to her room and went straight into her closet. Her closet looked like one of those ones that I used to see on Keeping up with the Kardashians. It was nothing short of beautiful. There were sections for each type of clothing.

One part for denim pieces, another for dresses, one for tops, one for skirts, then another for regular pant trousers. She had t shirts folded neatly in a corner and there was a huge mirror there too. Let’s not even go to the section where shoes and bags were kept.

I stood in the middle of the room and looked around as she stood in front of the wardrobe where her dresses were hung. She looked at all the dresses for some time before finally picking one. It was an orange number. A bandage dress that had cut outs at the side and a plunging neckline.

“This is like the only thing that would fit you and your big breasts.” She laughed and stretched the dress at me. “Try it.” She said.

I took off my denim dress and wore Sophie’s dress. It fitted like a glove. I walked to the huge mirror and admired myself.

“But this girl, you fine o!” I said to myself.

“I must admit, the dress doesn’t even look this great on me. It was like it was made precisely for you.” Sophie said.

I smiled.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Welcome to Abuja. This is the right way to step out in this town. That way, people will know that you’re not their mate.”

I laughed. When this Sophie’s head touches, she says the best things. Other times, rubbish will just be coming out of her mouth.

Sophie put on her own dress and proceeded to pick matching shoes. She asked me if I had any shoes that would fit the dress and I replied in the negative. How was she expecting me to have matching shoes biko? Will somebody that doesn’t have dress have shoe?

She asked me my shoe size and I told her. Luckily for me, we were the same size so she looked through her shoe collection and gave me shoes that fitted my dress.

“Lastly, the purse.” She walked to where her bags were.

She picked a blue one to compliment her shoes and again asked me if I had a purse. Before I could even say a word, she blurted out,

“I’m sure you don’t. I forgot that you didn’t exactly come to Abuja with nice clothes, talk less of purses.”

This thing was beginning to annoy me. Why was she insulting me at the slightest opportunity? I kuku didn’t blame her. It was my father I blamed because if he was making the same amount of money as Babatunde Akin-Cole, nobody would talk to me like that. I looked at her as she continued looking through her purses.

“This purse complements your shoes nicely. You should carry it.” She handed me a purse.

I muttered a thank you as she walked out of the closet. I followed behind and sank in a chair as she went back to her vanity table. She put finishing touches to her make up while I waited. I hadn’t applied any lipstick and I didn’t want to ask her before you insulted me again, so I excused myself and went back to my room.

Before I could even apply the lipstick, the intercom rang. I ran to pick it up and it was Sophie. She told me that she was all ready and asked me to meet her downstairs immediately I was done.

I applied my lipstick and left the room in a hurry so that madam Sophie would not say I was the one wasting time. By the time I got down, she was already walking to the door, so I joined her and we left the house together.

As we stepped out, I was wondering what car we would go in. Luckily, she didn’t keep me wondering too much as she pressed the car remote she had in her hands. The head and rear lights of the Mercedes Benz E350 blinked as Sophie walked to the driver’s side. I followed suite and went to the passenger’s side.

We hit the road and Sophie told me that we were heading to Play Lounge in Wuse. I just smiled and said ok, like I knew where the was. It didn’t take us up to thirty minutes to get there because there was no traffic on the road.

She parked the car and we both stepped out. After adjusting the creases on our dresses, we took a few selfies and proceeded to enter. As we did, luck shone yet again.

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