I woke up to the loud ring of my phone that morning and rolling my eyes, I silently cursed the person who was waking me up so early, especially when the sleep was entering gear five. It had rained throughout the night and the clouds were still dark, definitely heavy with more rain. I loved mornings like this because I had the chance to sleep in for much longer. Actually, there was no difference, it’s not like I ever had to wake up early for anything anyway.

I didn’t have a job, matter of fact, I didn’t need one. My husband made enough money to sponsor my lifestyle, so there was absolutely no need for me to toil or break my french tips in the name of earning a living. The only job I did, was make myself pretty for my husband so he could show me off to his friends. They would look at him with jealousy filled eyes and at me, with plenty of lust. My husband didn’t mind and neither did I, I loved being the centre of attention.

Speaking of my husband, we didn’t have such a great relationship. In fact, we only talked when I wanted money and he wanted sex. Initially, I had made effort to improve our relationship but when he wasn’t reciprocating, I gave up. I couldn’t kill myself now, could I? I was still with him because of all the money, definitely not the sex.

The sex was not…

My phone rang again, interrupting my thoughts. I sighed as I picked it up from my bedside drawer. I had a good mind to tell whoever it was off, even if it was my husband but as soon as I saw it was Fa’a calling, my heart melted. I quickly chastised myself for not picking up before and pressed the green button on my screen immediately.

“Good morning Fa’a.” I mouthed sweetly.

“Morning Wangi, how was your night?” He asked.

“Would have been better if I was in your arms.” I said boldly.

“I’m sorry, what?” He asked, obviously pretending not to have heard what I said.

“It was fine.” I replied.

The line went silent for a few seconds.

“Great. I was wondering if I could see you today? I want us to talk.” He told me.

“I hope there’s no problem?” I sounded concerned.

“Not really, we just need to clear the air on a few things.”

“Okay then. Is 8pm good for you?” I asked him.

“Yes, 8pm is fine. Meet me at Southern Sun, I’ll make a reservation.”

Excuse me??? Did he just say I should meet him? He didn’t even have the decency to offer to pick me up and wait for me to decline. Then I remembered that I had told him the day before not to pick me up.

“Na me fuck up.” I said to myself.

“I’ll be ready at 7:30 Faraji, pick me up.” It was more or less an instruction.

I didn’t let him say another word before I hung up. This Faraji had lost all his manners, the girl he was dating had probably given him a long rope, that’s why he thinks he can extend it to me, nonsense.

I lay in bed and started playing with my phone. Sleep had cleared from my eyes thanks to the call I had received and I was now wide awake. It took roughly twenty minutes to go through all the notifications on my phone and when I was done with that, I was bored. I was too lazy to drag myself out of bed and take a shower, so I lowered my back, lay down and let my mind travel back to the insane horniness that had hit me the previous night.

The cold air had sent chills down my spine and I was home alone, doing nothing but reminiscing about Fa’a and I. I missed him, him and his big cock.

My husband and I had good sex, for him, maybe great. Deyemi was an energetic lover. He made sure that I had at least one orgasm almost every time that we made love. I’m not sure if he was actually taking my satisfaction into consideration because to me it seemed more like a thing of pride for him.

But the major problem was that Deyemi’s cock is only 6 inches long, and not very thick. Why was that a problem? It was a problem because I had been used to taking Faraji’s large cock and I hadn’t adapted to his smaller one yet. I had a very strong, uncontrollable desire to suck and fuck a large cock again and seeing Faraji that Sunday night only heightened my need.

I needed his cock in my pussy, pounding away and making me beg him to let me cum. I needed him to take control of my body like he had done years before. Knowing Faraji, telling him I wanted only sex wasn’t going to cut it for him. Faraji is extremely emotional and he attaches emotions to everything, especially sex. So the only way to get him to fuck me, was to make him believe that I was still madly in love with him.

As I thought about Faraji and my insatiable need, I became horny again. I could feel my pussy get moist in between my legs and I couldn’t hold myself back from reaching for it. I flicked my clit, left, right as images of Fa’a on top my naked body flashed in my head, gosh it felt so good.

Lifting my fingers to my mouth, i licked the tips three times to get them wet and I returned them back to my pussy. This time, rubbing on my clit in circular motions. I rubbed and rubbed as I thought of Faraji’s long tongue devouring my glory hole. How deep his tongue would go and lick every corner of my walls before ramming his cock into me. My pussy clenched involuntarily at the thought of that and I could feel an orgasm building up but I stopped rubbing abruptly and dragged myself out of bed. I needed to put an end to the torture. So I made a firm resolve to get Faraji into my bed that night, either by hook or by crook.

The day went by slowly, too slow for my liking. I had planned the perfect seduction and I couldn’t wait to execute it. I had told the security man to take the night off, even the cook and house help too. I gave each of them ten thousand naira to facilitate their little break. No amount was too much to spend in a venture that had a lot of potential.

“Madam, only you go dey this house alone? You no go fear?” my cook seemed genuinely concerned.

“Don’t worry Atim, I’ll be fine. Just go and visit you mother and spend enough time with her. After tomorrow, you may not have another break for a long time.” I said.

“Okay ma, thank you ma.” She left my room.

At 5:30pm, all my employees had left the house except the gardener who was watering the flowers. He didn’t live in my compound so he would find his way when he was through.

I waxed myself smooth and made sure no strand of hair was left around my pussy. Thereafter, I proceeded to have a long bath, scrubbing every inch of my body with expensive body wash. I had to smell inviting enough if I wanted to easily trap Fa’a. After my shower, I applied make up on my face, contouring my cheekbones to perfection and making sure I was glowing as much as the sun. At 7pm, I was through with my make up and I went into my closet to pick out what to wear. It had to be something inviting, something daring, that complimented my bright red lips. I finally found a black body suit that had a few crisscrosses across the plunging neckline and an extremely low back that stopped at my hips.

I took on last look at myself in the mirror as I drenched myself in my bottles of perfume, I looked good enough to eat. I wore my six inch red bottoms, threw on a short silk robe, made my way down the stairs to the living room and poured myself a drink from the bar. Glass in hand, I went to to the gate and opened it, knowing Faraji would show up at any time, I didn’t want to be doing security job in six inch heels.

I was downing my second glass of whiskey when my phone rang, it was Faraji. I didn’t pick up the first time because I wasn’t moved to. I wanted to keep him waiting, even though I was ready for him. He called again almost immediately and I picked up at the last ring. He told me he was at my gate and asked me to come outside.

“Come in Faraji, the gate is open.” I said lazily.

As usual, I hung up before he could answer. I didn’t give him the chance to reply because frankly, I didn’t have time on my hands. I was too horny to start a back and forth argument with him on why he needed to come in first before we went out.

In about five minutes, there was a loud knock on my front door. I stood up and adjusted my robe to make sure my cleavage was in full view. I went to the door and opened it slowly, leaning on the edge with my side.

“Hi Fa’a.” I said seductively.

His big eyes opened up as he stared at me in shock. I knew he was trying to find words to say but he couldn’t express himself with me in front of him.

“You’re not ready.” He said quietly.

I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement but I couldn’t be concerned. I pulled his arm and dragged him inside while shutting the door.

“Come have a drink with me.” I led him into the living room.

He followed whilst making little efforts to protest.

“I already made an 8pm reservation,” He muttered, “we’ll be late.” He sank into the chair I pushed him into.

“Oh Fa’a, the reservation can wait.” I walked to the bar and grabbing a glass and my half bottle of whiskey, I walked back to him.

Backing him, I bent over to reach the low coffee table to pour him a drink. My small robe had rode up to give a nice view of my round butt cheeks. I stayed in that position for a while longer and even spread my legs slightly to give Faraji a nice view of my fat mound covered in the tiny material of my body suit. I was sure he was enjoying his view as he hadn’t moved or uttered a word.

I picked up the two glasses and straightening myself up, I handed him his glass and sat down bedside him on the sofa, not forgetting to undo the belt of my robe before that.

“So you said you wanted to talk to me about something?” I sipped my whiskey.

Faraji took a big gulp from his glass before he started talking.

“Yes, I wanted to talk about us.” He said.

“Us? What about us?” I ran my free hand through the curls in my hair as I bit my lip seductively. All the while, maintaining eye contact with Fa’a.

Fa’s took a deep breath and replied,

“Wangi, in as much as I really miss you, I don’t think anything can work between us. I just proposed to my girlfriend last night and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my engagement for anything in the world.” He said weakly.

“Not even for me?” I batted my lashes.

“You’re a married woman Wangi, I don’t think anything should be happening between us.” He muttered.

I placed my free hand on my chest and used my pink nails to trace circles around my cleavage.

“You don’t think so?” I asked him, maintaining eye contact.

He was obviously lost for words. His penis was already betraying him as I could see the rock hard cock, trying to break free from the thin material of his pants. His cock had almost risen into the giant dick I wanted so badly and I was excited. All I had to do was fuck him with my mouth and get that baby to full erection.

“Listen Wangi, I… I…” He was losing control because of the light strokes I was giving his cock.

“You what?” I asked innocently still maintaining eye contact, this time, increasing contact with his cock.

He looked down at his penis and I could see confusion in his eyes. He was definitely enjoying what I was doing to him but at the same time, angry at his cock for betraying him so easily.

I dropped my glass on the table and continued caressing it, whilst watching Faraji’s eyes roll into his head as my soft hand touched his cock through his pants.

“Wan…” he licked his lips and took a deep breath, trying hard to ignore the feeling of my hand.

“Wangi… you, umm your hand…” Fa’a tried to protest. I ignored him and dropping to my knees, I began to unzip his pants.

Grabbing the waist band of his pants, I smiled up at him and pulled them down around his legs.

“I know how much you’ve missed me so keep quiet and enjoy this.”

Grabbing his white underwear, I tugged them down over his hips. Licking my lips as I came face to face with my trophy cock.

“Hello old friend.” I muttered and looked up at Fa’a who looked helpless.

He watched my lips part and my dainty tongue dart out licking the tip and causing his legs to tremble. I slid the soft silky head between my lips, keeping my teeth well back for now. I felt his cock stiffen even more as the wet moistness of my mouth engulfed it.

Faraji watched as my lips covered his cock and in a split second, his hands reached down, cupping my head and grabbing fistfuls of my hair as his hips started to move, shoving more of his huge cock in and catching me by surprise, one from which I recovered quickly.

“Suck my cock, make me cum in your mouth.” I heard Faraji groan much to my excitement. This was the sexual god I knew, I had unleashed him.

My pussy was instantly wet as I heard Faraji talk dirty to me. Gosh! I had missed this, I had missed him.

I intensified my sucking and head movement as I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth. I began deep throating, just the way he liked it and I could hear his groans as his cock erupted in my mouth. It caught me by surprise as Faraji never came so quickly in the past. As a matter of fact, I almost choked on the amount of cum that hit the back of my throat but I recovered quickly and gulped it down in ecstasy, whimpering and sucking him dry.

When he had shot all his cum down my throat, he let go of my head and lifted me up, causing my robe to slip down my arms. He kicked his pants away and now clad in only my body suit, he pulled me to the closest wall. When I had rested my back, he wasted no time on pushing his tongue into my mouth. We kissed with desire, hunger, lust and passion.

My hand slid down his torso and rested on his shaft. I stroked it hard enough to feel it growing again. My heart was palpitating with sexual excitement as I stroked his rock hard length.

We broke out of the kiss and he slid his hands down to my breasts. He felt it through the lace material of my body suit. I stopped stroking his cock and quickly slid the straps of the bodysuit down my arms and returned back to stroking. Faraji tugged at the bodysuit till it exposed my breasts in their full glory. He looked at them with longing before lowering his head and putting his mouth on one nipple. He kissed it lightly and started to suck while flicking the other between his fingers. It felt so good and I let out soft moans in approval of the pleasure he was giving me.

His hand moved from flicking my nipple and slid down my stomach firmly. I gulped excitedly, knowing fully well that we were at the point of no return, as his strong fingers deftly stroked the lace covered mound of my waxed pussy. An electric charge surged through my body as his magic like touch increased my arousal.

He moved the material away from my mound, posing my naked pussy to the elements and his majestic fingertips. One of his fingers slid along the length of my smooth slit as two other fingers tenderly tickled my labia. His middle finger slid inside my pussy, causing me to gasp as his finger rotated inside me. His thumb was pressing down on my clitoris as he manipulated my pussy like an expert.

I felt my hips rotating and moving slowly, pressing my pussy against his masterful fingers. He was working my pussy expertly, making me crave his hard length deep inside my so far faithful pussy. I knew he would be inside me in minutes, making my unfaithfulness inevitable. I’d never wanted a cock so much as the one I was stroking sensually.

My breathing more of a snorting and panting as I smirked arrogantly,

“Fuck me!”

My bodysuit was already pulled to one side like some lust crazed slut about to partake in a one night stand. I let go of his hard cock. Nestling between my very wet pussylips, he crouched slightly, then pushed upwards. I caught my breath as his cock eased its way inside my tight hot pussy. I had finally gotten what I wanted, what I craved, what I missed. We both began to rock our hips gently as his hard cock stretched my cunt open. I was panting almost delirious with desire, as his wonderful cock slid in and out of cheating hole.

His lips grazed my nipple as he took my left nipple between his teeth. Gently nibbling on the erect flesh, he closed his lips around my nipple and began to suck delicately. My orgasm was only seconds away as I increased the pace.

“Fuck me!” I panted “I’m cuming!” I said, pushing my mound against his pubic bone.

One of the most memorable orgasms surged through me as I thrived on my unfaithful desires.

“Take my cock!” Faraji snarled, only adding to my arousal.

“Please come on my face!” I pleaded.

“Will you swallow my cum again?” He asked, his face flushed with sexual menace.

“I’ll lick it up till your cock is clean.” I panted like a lust crazed porn star.

My ex-boyfriend withdrew his cock, placing his left hand over the domed head.

I knelt before him instantly, placing the underside of his cock on my bottom lip, just in time for the first powerful spurt of cum to splash inside my mouth.

About five powerful shots of cum shot inside my mouth, followed by at least a dozen convulsions as his cock emptied completely into my mouth. My tongue circled his sensitive glands as I cleaned every drop of cum off his cock as promised. I maintained eye contact as my tongue swirled around his dick and domed head. He looked down at me and a small smile crossed his lips, my tongue still pleasuring him with my tits and pussy still on display.

“I’m going to need this cock regularly!” I sniggered and gently grazed my teeth along his receding length.

I wasn’t done with Faraji yet as I intended to ride him with all the strength I had left. Just as I pulled Fa’a up, we heard a sound, one that sent cold chills down our spines, it was definitely all over.

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