“Christine is coming to town for a few days.” Demilade annouced to everyone. I dropped my piece of chicken and looked at him.

I felt personally attacked. He had done everything to get Fowi to stop talking to me. From bad mouthing me to Fowi, to trying to convince me to leave Fowi alone. I knew in my mind that he was inviting her over to rub his relationship in my face.

“Christine finally agreed to come to Abuja.” Sophie squealed.

“That’s nice.” Tola said. “At least I’d have company when you all head to work.”

I looked at all of them and acted like I was confused. I didn’t want them getting the idea that I knew who Christine was, before they start probing about how I knew her. Sophie noticed my confusion and quickly enlightened me.

“Christine is Demilade’s girlfriend.” Sophie smiled.

“Fiancée, his fiancée.” Tola stressed as she looked me inthe eye.

It felt like she was trying to pass a message across, to let me know that her son was taken and I shouldn’t think of coming close to him. Who even wanted her son sef? Her son that has finished shining my congo and would probably suck me dry even if his so called fiancée was in the next room.

I didn’t want to be with an indecisive, vindictive man whether as a wife or a side chick. Those kind of men who don’t know what they want and think you’d be waiting around for them to decide. Biko, makate must sell and I didn’t have time to waste on such a man, rich or not.

Fowi was unusually quiet, like he wasn’t paying attention to the ongoing conversation. I looked at him intently for a bit, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. His expression was blank so I nudged him and whispered in his ear,

“Are you okay?”

He rose his head and smiled at me weakly.

“I’m fine, just a small headache.” He said.

Tola must have heard us as she asked him what was wrong with him. He repeated what he had told me and added that he had to go home.

“So soon?” Tola said disappointedly.

I didn’t even understand what Tola’s own was with Fowi sef, no be her pikin, so why was she all over him? Abi did she want to start banging him too?

Come to think of it sef, Babatunde had fucked me like he had been sex starved for ages. If he wasn’t getting any action from Tola, that means Tola too was a horny bitch. Maybe she wanted to get laid by Fowi so she was trying her best to get him in her bed.

Lord Jesus, see where my mind flew to already, *sighs*.

God safe me.

Fowi got up from the table and everyone else got up too, each of us asking if he was fine. Tola even suggested that he be taken to the hospital. Hospital kwa? For ordinary headache? What happened to paracetamol, or worse case scenerio, Ibuprofen. These rich people just like to blow things out of property for no reason. It’s definitely because they were looking for what to do with money, that’s why they wanted to waste fuel and hospital bills for a headache.

“Maybe you can buy drugs on your way home and see if you’ll get better.” I suggested.

It was at that moment I knew I fucked up.

“You are advising him to self medicate?” Tola looked at me in shock.

“It’s just paracetamol.” My mind had told me to keep quiet but I didn’t listen.

“It’s not just paracetamol dear, things are not as simple as they look.” She schooled me. “Is that how you were taught? To take paracetamol for every headache?”

This woman was getting on my nerves. She was indirectly dragging my mother, my father, my family and everyone who had ever taught me. Simple suggestion, she had to insult my whole family and ideology just like that.

I felt like calling my mother to report to her. Even though my mother and I were always at loggerheads, she always took my side in public. Nobody had the right to talk her children down except her. So imagine if she heard that pepeye Tola was bot only insulting her daughter but insulting her too, she would have taken the next available flight to Abuja to give her the beating of her life.

Since I couldn’t call my mother to report, as I had told her Sophie’s family was fantastic, I swallowed the insult. I asked Fowi if he needed me to go home with him but he declined my offer and told me he didn’t want to bother me.

“I’ll go with him.” Demilade quickly said.

These people were just raining on my parade. Something that I will go now and take care of him and get laid on top, they no let me see road, mschewww.

Instead of Fowi to now say he wanted me to go with him, he agreed to let Demilade go, rubbish and nonsense. I managed not to show my anger till he left so it would not look like I was desperate for him.

After he and Demilade had gone, I walked back to the table to continue my dinner. I had barely touched it after all and that juicy chicken couldn’t waste like that. I was just about to pick up my chicken when Tola and Sophie walked passed me. Tola looked at me in surprise and asked,

“Ahan, you’re eating?”

I marveled at the stupidity of her question. Did I look like I was breastfeeding her husband or son? Na wa.

I smiled and nodded my head at her. She smiled back and proceeded to climb the stairs. Sophie was about to sit with me at the table when Tola asked her to follow her upstairs and look for a dress. Sophie obliged and followed her behind.

My intuition told me that Tola was up to something because she was such a busy body so I decided to follow them behind. I tiptoed up the stairs and what happened next made me want to pull her by the hair.

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