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Issa Side Chick- S3E2

“So how are you Fowi?” I heard Tola ask Fowi.

“I’m fine aunty T, how is Lagos?” He asked her.

“My dear, Lagos is there jare, I am just tired of it, the traffic especially, you won’t believe I spend almost one hour getting to my showroom in Lekki from Ikoyi. It’s just a mess.” She lamented to him. More Tea

Issa Side Chick- S3E1


Your favorite girl is back with a new title, Ifunaya Martina Nwokedi, IJGB. You read that right. I have finally travelled outside this country and I’m sure you know that it means I am no longer your mate because my full baby girl mode has been activated.

Issa Side Chick- S2E22

I quickly ran up the stairs and forced my door open. I walked in and sat on my bed. There was no time to think, I had to do something and fast. Since Sophie and Demilade were out, the coast was clear to seduce Babatunde, but how was I going to do it? It’s not like the man and I were friends so seducing him wouldn’t be that easy. (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E19

“Can I come in?” He asked me.

I was standing in front of my room door and preventing him from entering. I looked at him from head to toe with mockery in my eyes.

“You want to finally throw my things out?” I asked him.

“Oh please, of what use would that be? I just want to talk.”

Issa Side Chick- S2E18

I rang the bell at the gate a few times before someone finally came to open the gate. I was about to walk in when the security guard walked out and shut the gate behind him. I was confused, is it that he didn’t recognize me? I highly doubted it because he was the same person that opened the gate for me the previous night. So what was his problem now? (more…)

Issa Side Chick- S2E17

“No no, it’s fine, I just didn’t think Fowi was going to start hanging out with someone like Naya.” He said.
“Someone like Naya?” Fowi gave a puzzled look.
“Well, someone who is way out of your league, you know class and all.” Lade said. (more…)