In a few minutes, Lade bid his friends farewell and told them he was taking me home. They all gave him the ‘we know what you people are going to do’ look. Lade and I gave them the ‘we don’t understand you people’ look. I don’t know if Lade was faking his own o, but me I was faking my own. I knew where we were going and what we were going to do, na wetin I kuku dey plan. When we got downstairs, the same bouncers hailed him again and he gave them some more money. In my mind I was just like ‘this is a generous one. Martina, hold him tight’.

I call myself Martina when I want to give myself a serious warning or something. I digress. We got to the car and Lade opened the door for me, as my stomach was hurting na, I don become invalid so I no fit do anything. He got into the car and we left the club.

I was quiet throughout our journey, because he didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t want to look like a chatterbox, plus my stomach was supposed to be hurting sef. I only held on to my stomach and gave little cries of pain so that my act would be believable. The next thing I heard was ‘Are you sure we shouldn’t be going to the hospital instead? It looks like you are in a lot of pain’. Hospital bawo? For ordinary stomach pain that I will take antacid for, abi he thought he was still in Britain? I told him not to worry, that I just needed to rest. So he said he didn’t know any hotels around except Four Points by Sheraton and Oriental Hotel. I told him I didn’t know any too since I wasn’t familiar with the area, so he said he should go to Four Points.

We arrived at Four Points in a few minutes and booked a room. I don’t know how much he paid for the room o, but it was big and luxurious. My father isn’t broke, but he wouldn’t give me money to come and spend a night in Four Points, except I graduated with a first class. This guy was paying thousands of naira for a room for someone he just met, but what is my own? It’s kuku not my money. I sat on the chair,  drank some water and started thinking of how to keep Lade throughout the night. If I keep up with this stomach ache nonsense, he will leave me there and tell me that I needed to rest and I may never see him again. Then it hit me, seduction was the way out, I had to leave a lasting impression so that he wouldn’t be able to forget me. While he was looking for whatever in the TV, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I took off my clothes, leaving just my bra, thongs, waist beads and heels on. I touched up my make up and cat walked out of the bathroom. Lade was stunned.

I rested against the wall, ran my hand through my hair, cocked my head to one side and flashed a gaze at Lade. I could sense a spark of passion run through his body. He stared at me for almost three minutes with so much lust in his eyes. His mouth finally opened and he asked ‘doesn’t your stomach hurt?’. I gave him a stronger gaze and replied ‘not anymore’. He stood up, walked towards me and grabbed my waist. We started kissing like it was our last day on earth, with so much hunger and lust. He spun me around so fast and held me close to him, my butt pressed against his crotch, and I ground myself against him. He was breathing so fast, like he just ran 800 metres. He lowered his head, and softly kissed my neck, before gently sucking on it. He placed one hand on my chest, cupped my breast and pinched my nipple hard. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be in control, he couldn’t do whatever he liked. I turned around and pushed him to the bed, climbed on top him and started kissing him again. His hands went to the hook of bra, let my breasts loose and started to suck on them like a hungry child. With every loud moan I let out, his hunger seemed to increase. I had to stop him after a few minutes before he bit off my nipple. I took off his shirt and it was my turn to be stunned. He had six complete packs and his chest was as smooth as silk, with no strand of hair. We kissed again before I moved for the kill, it was time to find out if Lade was actually a stallion. Ladies and gentlemen, my Nutella didn’t disappoint, his cock was eight inches long. I just told myself  ‘Ifunaya, you must die here, there is no turning back’. Just as I was about to take his cock into my mouth, his phone rang.

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