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The Magic Of Bliss And Bluesy- S1E13

I woke up to the loud ring of my phone that morning and rolling my eyes, I silently cursed the person who was waking me up so early, especially when the sleep was entering gear five. It had rained throughout the night and the clouds were still dark, definitely heavy with more rain. I loved mornings like this because I had the chance to sleep in for much longer. Actually, there was no difference, it’s not like I ever had to wake up early for anything anyway.

Then Magic Of Bliss And Bluesy- S1E12

The air conditioner was blowing at a cold sixteen degrees but heavy beads of sweat dropped down my face immediately Lenka demanded for an explanation. Had my bubble already burst? Did she hear me talking to Wangi? What was she going to say? Was she going to get furious and cancel our engagement? In truth, that would be a relief for me because everything was happening so fast. (more…)

The Magic Of Bliss And Bluesy- S1E9

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

It was almost 10pm when I got to Faraji’s house. I didn’t bother to drive in because I didn’t plan to stay too long. The gateman was sitting outside so I didn’t to knock for him to open the gate. He excused himself from the small group he was sitting with and came to open the gate for me. (more…)

The Magic Of Bliss And Bluesy- S1E7

The girls and I had settled in and were making our orders when Derin shouted Faraji’s name. I was wondering why she was calling his name till I turned around and saw him walking towards our table. I was extremely surprised because he didn’t say he was going to be here tonight. What am I even saying? We hadn’t talked the entire day so how could he have told me? (more…)

The Magic Of Bliss And Bluesy- S1E6

“Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.I was still recovering from the news of Wangi’s marriage when she excused herself and went outside to make a phone call. I was glad that she was giving me a little space because I was still trying to recover from the lie I had told. I told Wangi that there was nothing serious going on between I and a woman I had almost proposed to a day before. (more…)