My heart started pounding heavily immediately we heard the gate open. This was definitely the end for me. I was naked in another man’s house, fornicating with his wife, a woman who had dumped me years ago.

God! Faraji, why don’t you listen? Derin warned you about this.

We stood up abruptly and Wangi quickly gathered my clothes together and gave them to me before wearing her robe. She pointed to a door just next to the dining area and instructed me to hide in there. I ran quickly to the door, opened it and went in.

I wore my trousers immediately and sat still on the toilet seat for a few minutes before trying to take my phone out of my trouser pocket. I slipped my hand into the pocket but I felt nothing, the phone wasn’t there. Somehow, it had mysteriously disappeared and I was extremely confused. I was very sure I had it there before I had sex with Wangi so I wondered where it could be.

I checked my second pocket and my shirt pocket but I didn’t find it. Then it dawned on me that it had probably fallen out of my pocket considering all that passion and energy Wangi and I had. Immediately I realized it, fear gripped me. I had heard stories of men in situations like this who almost made it out alive till their loud ringing phones betrayed them. I was not going to go down that way, God forbid!

I pondered on whether to risk going out of the toilet to retrieve it or sit my bum down and wait for the worst to happen. What if Wangi’s husband was already in the living room? How was I going to explain myself? No o, I rather stay here and wait the drama out.

Then it occurred to me that Lenka or Derin might call my phone and it would ring out and by the time her husband finds me hiding in his guest bathroom, that would be the death of me. Either ways, I was still going to die.

Something must kill a man.

I mustered courage and placing my hand on the door handle, I opened the door slowly. I peeped out to see if there was anyone in sight and luckily, there was no one. I knew I had find it extremely fast because Wangi could walk in at any moment with her husband.

I pushed the door a little more and got on knees. I decided I was going to crawl instead of walk, before my own shadow betrays me and hands me over to be killed.

I crawled out as quietly as possible, using my eyes to search for the phone as I moved to the living room. My eyes darted to every corner but I didn’t see it.

God, is this how I am going to die? Because of this bloody iPhone ring tone? Heii!

I was contemplating giving up and going back to my hiding place my I caught sight of the phone from the corner of my eye.

Insert Excess Love- Mercy Chinwo.

I quickly made my way to where it was and dragged it from where it was under the chair. In a split second, I heard the door open. If I tell you I know how I made it back to that toilet before whoever it was entered the house, I will be lying. If you think I teleported myself back, then my dear, you may be correct because there’s no other way to explain.

I sat on the toilet seat and I was breathing rapidly, hoping that no one heard the loud bang I had made with the toilet door in a hurry.

Dear God, if I make it out of here alive, I’ll marry Lenka gladly and never cheat on her again.

My phone screen lit up because someone was calling, it was Derin. Then it clicked, the phone was on silent all this while. So all that ultimate search I risked my life doing was for nothing?


I didn’t answer the phone because I didn’t want anything to give me away. Wangi had entered the living room with whoever so I had to be as quiet as possible till I was sure the coast was clear. I wasn’t ready to put my life on the line because Derin wanted to do amebo.

My eyes darted to all the corners of the toilet as I sat there.

Such beautiful wall tiles.

I had to be a bloody idiot to be admiring wall tiles at such a critical moment. Look at me, my girlfriend sorry, fiancée was probably somewhere singing my praises for pulling such a huge proposal stunt on her and here I was, admiring another man’s toilet tiles while hiding from him.

I shook my head slowly as I looked down. Then I noticed that I could see outside the toilet through the space between the door and the floor. Meaning that someone outside would easily see my feet.

Jesus Christ!

I almost screamed out loud. I was no christian, but I was so overwhelmed that the words escaped my lips in a spilt second. I quietly put all my belongings in the sink bowl and climbed up to sit on the water tank of the toilet. I rested my feet on the toilet seat as I made myself comfortable. No way was I getting caught.

I reached for my phone in the sink bowl and somehow, it fell out of my hand and hit the floor, making quite a noise.

I closed my eyes tight praying that I had not attracted any attention to myself. When nobody had opened the door a few seconds later, I opened my eyes slowly and came down from my throne to pick my phone up.

I bent to pick it up and remained in the same position examining the crack on the screen. Before I could get up, the door was flung open.

Ye! Ye! Ye!

I rose my head gradually, ready to meet my doom, only for my eyes to meet Wangi’s.

“You can come out now.” She said.

I wasn’t sure I heard her right. Did she just say I could come out? Meaning that the coast was clear and I had actually come of this situation alive? Wow, it was too good to be true.

I straightened myself up and looked over Wangi’s neck to make sure that there was no impending doom, lying in wait for me. Wangi must have understood what I was concerned about so she proceeded to explain.

“The driver took one of the cars to the mechanic and I totally forgot about it.” She said. “He’s the one that opened the gate and I had to check to make sure the car was properly fixed.” She explained.

I heaved a sigh of relief. So I had my heart in my mouth the whole time because of a driver who didn’t deem it fit to bring the car back to the house before it was dark? Wonder what? Wonderful!

I picked up my shirt from the sink bowl and wore it as I walked past Wangi. I headed straight to the door because I didn’t need to be told that something worse could happen. I had escaped by a hare’s breath and I wasn’t going to risk anything for my penis again.

“Where are you going?” Wangi was walking behind me.

“Back to my house.” I said as I got to the door.

“B..u..t, we’re not done here.” I heard her cry.

With my hand on the door knob, I turned slowly and looked her in the eyes. This girl had to be completely out of her mind for her to think I would stay after what I had just passed through.

“I think we’re done Wangi. I have a fian…”

As I was explaining myself, she took off her robe and stood before me stark naked. I looked at her rock hard nipples and my cock was starting to get hard again.

Focus idiot, focus!

I tried hard, honestly I tried, but there were so many things calling my name. Her nipples, the curves below her waist, the sweet citrus scent of her supple skin, her beautiful face, God!

The temptation was too much to resist, so I did something that surprised me the most.

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  1. Loooooooooool…….i actually wished her husband had caught them so he wuld have sense. Cuz he looks like someone that won’t make the right move until everyone involved is hurt.

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