I woke up pretty late because I didn’t sleep early. I planned to get to Lade’s office around 2pm which is normally lunch hour in most offices. This way, most of his staff wouldn’t be in the office to hear me scream when he fucks the life out of me. I called my make up artist and told her to show up at 10am because knowing her, she’ll probably be an hour late but at least,

I’d still have enough time to get my face properly beat. I took a shower, went out to find food and to my surprise, aunty MUA came only 30 minutes late. We started the make up and I kept complaining about everything she was doing, eyebrows, eyeshadow, everything. She just kept her cool because she knew I was an extremely difficult person but I would always end up loving the make up after all my noise. After we had done and redone the make up, we were done at 12pm and I loved it because she gave me the effect I was going for. I wore my best lingerie, put on my clothes, fixed my hair up and I was ready to go. I looked good enough to eat, if I do say so myself. I requested my Uber and was on my way to Lade’s office in Victoria Island in a few minutes.

I arrived Lade’s office at about 2:15pm. Trust Lagos traffic to display it’s madness when you need to get somewhere quickly. I walked straight to the reception and requested to see Lade. The receptionist, a woman, who looked like she was bearing the pain of the whole world, finished accessing me and said ‘Do you have an appointment?’ ‘No. It’s a surprise visit’ I replied. ‘Sorry you can’t see him without an appointment’, she blurted out. ‘Please call his office and tell him Naya wants to see him’ I replied again. She gave me one bad eye and yelled ‘See this girl o. What makes you think you’re so special that you can just walk into the MD’s office like that?’. This woman was getting on my nerves but I couldn’t lose my cool before she will see opportunity and throw me out of the office. I quietly stepped back, called Lade and told him what was going on. Next thing I knew, mama was apologizing and saying she didn’t know he was expecting me. I ignored her and walked to the office she directed me to. When I got to the door, I adjusted my clothes and went in.

His office was so huge, tastefully furnished with sofas, a huge mahogany table and swivel chairs. I turned around, locked the door and walked seductively to his side of the table. I rested my behind on the table, just in front of him and said ‘Hi Lade’. I rested in such a way that my cleavage was directly staring at his face, my huge jugs were clearly very visible to him. ‘Hi… I didn’t know you were coming today’ He said. You could tell that he was in shock. I leaned forward until I could whisper in his ear. ‘This the lunch I promised. First you unwrap me, then you get to fuck me…’ I then licked his ear. He backed off quickly and said ‘Are you serious?’ He was stunned. ‘No jokes. Don’t you want me?’ I said as I went back to my former position. This time, hiking my skirt up so he could see my thighs. ‘I, I, uh, well’ he stammered and swallowed as I waited patiently. ‘Yes’ he said in a quiet but firm voice, ‘But this is an office. Someone could walk in’ he added. ‘Aren’t you the boss? No one would just barge in on you. Besides the door is locked’ I shot back.

Before he could say another word, I leaned forward again and kissed him on the lips. His hands were  doing nothing on his table, so I put them around me and continued kissing him. He kissed me back with so much passion and I moaned a little. I stood up, sat on his laps and continued kissing. My nipples were hard, and rubbing against his chest, and I could feel his erection pushing against me.  One hand was on butt, the other wrapped in my hair, and I held him tight. After about 5 minutes, he lifted me and put me on the table. Then he stood up and continued kissing while trying to unbutton his shirt. My tongue was a welcome invader in his mouth. He finished unbuttoning his shirt and we broke our contact briefly so he could take it off. Then I unbuckled his belt so he could free his inner shirt and take it off too. The torso I fell in love with stared me in the face and I could feel myself getting wet down there. I started to kiss his chest and then his nipples, whilst running my hands all over his back. I then unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his briefs down. His hard cock stared at me in the face and I licked my lips. I stood up from the table, turned around and pushed him to sit on the table. I sat in his chair, put my head down and started to lick the tip of his cock, running my tongue along his length. He stared at me with a lot of lust in his eyes and before he could say Jack, I had him in my mouth. I moved up and down, enjoying the taste of his long cock. He put his hands on my head, and tried to guide me on the speed he liked. He seemed to like it fast so I gave him what he wanted and increased my pace. Breathing through my nose, I managed to take a lot of him in my mouth, sucking and licking simultaneously. You could tell he had lost his mind as he was moaning and talking gibberish. My plan was working already. I kept at it for about 20 minutes, and I could tell he was ready to cum. He tensed up and I managed to get most of him in my mouth as he sent long streams of cum down my throat, moaning out. I swallowed his load, enjoying his flavour and his obvious enjoyment.

When he was finished, I stood and joined him on the table, licking my lips. I leaned forward and kissed him. My hands were in his hair, and my nipples were hard, rubbing against his chest. Breaking the kiss, I took off my blouse, leaving my breasts straining against my thin lace bra. Lade stared at my breasts for a few seconds, then he took off the bra and let it drop to the floor. He put his hands on my breasts and moved them around. It felt so good. ‘Please daddy, I want you to kiss my breasts, suck my nipples.’ Calling him daddy didn’t fail me. He seemed excited that I let him take charge. His head swooped down and he gently kissed my nipples, then he put a hard nipple in his mouth and sucked long and hard. I put my head back and moaned. ‘Fuck, that’s good. You’re making me so wet’ I kissed him again and lead his hand down, inside my panties. His fingers begin to rub against my mound as they touched my soaking pussy. “See daddy? You’re making me so horny. So wet.” I took his damp hand to my mouth and sucked my own juices off of his fingers, looking him straight in the eye. He hiked my skirt to my waist, spreading my legs wide open. He started rubbing my clit in slow circular motions and before I knew, his fingers were deep inside me. I moaned loudly and used my hand to direct him on the pace I wanted. He followed my lead and did just as I directed him to do. We kept at it for a little while before I stopped him. ‘I want you so bad Lade, I want your cock deep in my pussy, filling me up.’ I said seductively. I leaned close and whispered his ear ‘I want you to make me scream your name’. I stood up and quickly took the rest of my clothes off. I looked down at his penis and saw that it had risen again. I climbed back to the table and straddled him as he lay back on his table. He rubbed his cock against my damp slit and puts it inside.

His breathing quickened and I closed my eyes as I sat down comfortably. He was massive, and he filled me up nicely and I hissed a “Yessss” as my walls clenched around his member. Oh, he felt so good.  I raised my hips slowly, letting us both feel the movement of his wonderful cock inside me. I rocked slowly, enjoying the rhythm, and he moved his hips with mine, his hands holding onto my butt tightly and jiggling it up and down. He moaned and gasped as I started to scream. ‘Yes, oh yes!’ I exclaimed. ‘Please fuck me harder Lade.’ He blurted out ‘Yes baby. Who’s your daddy?’. ‘You’re my daddy baby’ I replied.  I could feel the tension rising inside of me as he pounded away. “ Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me, fill me with your cock! I need you so bad, please baby! Oh yes!” The table was literally shaking underneath us, but I barely noticed as I start to cum, and cum hard. ‘YES! YES! YES! OH….FUUUCCKKKK..…”

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  1. Errm, questions- he kissed you with his “load” in your and down your throat ?
    It’s prolly 3:30pm now- how you walking out with your smothered face beat –
    Just wondering 😓🙊

  2. This is amazing you finally got your daddy Yo 😜 Please can you recommend other cites where I can find interesting things like this to read.

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