My name is Onome Aburu. I’m 27 years old, young, hot and beautiful. I’m the woman you want and the woman your girlfriend can never be. I wear the best clothes, drive to best cars, take luxury vacations, you name it. Money is not a problem for me. My brain works smart, and well, my body too. I work at one of the biggest insurance companies in Lagos, as head of HR. Thank God for grace sha, and Badmus, my number one man.
Badmus is one of the four executives at my company. He’s possibly the richest amongst them. When I say rich, I mean filthy rich. Scratch that, he is wealthy. Badmus is so rich that he can afford to own two G wagons, a Range Rover, a Porsche Panamera amongst others, and still drive a muscle to work. He doesn’t like to show that he is wealthy, so I have made it my duty to show off the wealth for him. I know you’re wondering who exactly I am to Badmus, that I would be helping him live large. Well, for those of you who haven’t already figured out what’s between Badmus and I, I’ll tell you. I’m Badmus’ side chick. My brain works in the office and my body works on Badmus’ bed. That’s why I said my brain and my body work smart.

My life is just as I dreamed it would be. Well, almost as perfect. I have just one problem, a very big one at that. Her name is Teniola Ayorinde. She’s my subordinate at the office. She’s everything i’m not. She’s fat, abi what do these new generation fat people call themselves, ehnn, thick. Her dress sense is ZERO, always looking tacky.

I know you’re wondering why she’s my problem, I mean, I’m better than her now. Well I’ll tell you. My problem is that her brain is better than mine. She works smarter, harder, even faster. All the things I go to boast about at management meetings is thanks to her brain work. Even before I got promoted, Teniola had always enjoyed rubbing her intelligence in my face. We would be given the same task to perform, Teniola must finish first, and do twice more than I’d do. She always had a way of making me look like the dumb one.

So when the boss resigned and his chair was vacant, I knew Teniola was the only person eligible for the position and I couldn’t let her be my boss. My life would have practically been over. As God would have it, Badmus had just noticed me and was smitten over me. He did everything possible to get into my pants. Sent me expensive gifts, took me to lunch, even paid for flight tickets. Anyone who saw the way he acted towards me wouldn’t know that he had a wife at home. His wife is a beautiful woman too- not as beautiful as me of course. She’s hardly in the country, always jumping from one country to the other.

So I figured I’d become his side chick, and get him to give me the promotion instead of Teniola. Taking the promotion from Teniola was easier than taking candy from a baby. Immediately I asked Badmus, he agreed, and the next day, I got my promotion letter. Teniola was devastated, because she had hoped she would get promoted. From that day, I rubbed my new status in her face at every chance I got. She had to be reminded every time that I was in charge. I could have gotten her fired a long time ago, but seeing anger and sadness in her eyes every time I frustrated her just made me happy. I decided to keep her around until today.

For some reason, annoying her was beginning to bore me so I decided I needed a break from her. So this morning, she came late to work, I conjured some story about how she was a perpetual late comer and suspended her for three weeks. Yes, because in this kingdom, I am the queen, Teniola is the subject and what I say is law. Bye bye Teniola Ayorinde. See you soon.

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