I successfully beat the useless traffic from Agege to Lekki and was at Fayo’s estate, arguing with the security at the gate. Fayo lives in one of these posh Lekki estates, where a two bedroom apartment costs two million naira per annum. A whole two million. My two bedroom apartment in Agege costs three hundred and fifty thousand naira. That is one million, six hundred and fifty thousand naira difference.

Money that if Fayo had saved for 4-5 years, she would have been able to start her own fashion studio. Fayo had asked me severally to get a flat there, even if it was one bedroom, but I vehemently refused.
“What is in this your estate that you won’t let me have peace? As I can’t afford it nko? I would say.
“My friend. My estate is ten thousand times better than all the estates in Agege put together. The apartments are serviced, 24 hours power supply, constant water, even Wi-fi dey sef. The roads are good and the security there is tight.” She would reply.
“Those over zealous security men that you people have. There is no day I visit you that they won’t first give me headache at the gate. All in the name of following due process. Let me hear word abeg.” I would scoff.
“Ehnn. They have to be alert now. Do they know if you want to come and rob me?”
“You’re not even serious.” I would laugh out loud.
It was the same thing when I got to Fayo’s estate gate.
“Madam. Where are you going with all these bags? Do you live here?” The security man sized me up and down.
“I am going to G1 Flat 9. To Miss Fayo’s flat. She said she would leave a message at the gate so I could easily be let in” I politely answered.
“Miss Fayo didn’t tell us anything. You have to call her and tell her to call the gate before we let you in.” He looked at me sternly.
This was one of Fayo’s bad habits. She is too forgetful. To think I called her to remind her about telling the people at the gate. I called and called her, but she didn’t pick. Her phone was probably in her room, on silent and she was probably in her living room, watching her ratchet TV show as usual. I was frustrated.
“Oga. But I know you now. I have seen you here many times. Please let me enter. I can leave the bags here and go and call Fayo.” I pleaded.
“Madam. I can’t do that. That will be against estate policy. Please call Miss Fayo.”
As I was still struggling to reach Fayo, a random thought came to my head. Nowadays security guards are Bachelor degree holders. See how that one was blowing grammar and using this small power they gave him to sit on my head. Estate policy kor.

While I was thinking, my phone rang. Who could be calling me this late? Was most definitely not my boyfriend. That one hadn’t called me in days. I looked at my phone. I didn’t have the number saved on my phone, but my TrueCaller app showed the name as Badmus Kolawole. Badmus ke? Who gave Badmus Kolawole my number? Why was he calling me at past 9pm? I hope this mumu girl has not gone to put me inside another trouble, because I will scratch all her eye balls out. I picked the phone.
“Hello. Am I on to Miss Teniola Ayorinde?”
“Yes. Good evening. Who is this please?” I had to feign ignorance, before the man starts wondering how I knew he was the one.
“Good evening. My name is Badmus Kolawole.”
“Badmus Kolawole? Sorry, Mr. Badmus Kolawole? Good evening sir. I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you.” I apologized.
“No problem. I didn’t expect you to know it was me. I apologize for calling so late, but I am calling in respect of your suspension today. I got wind of it, and I don’t think Miss Onome Aburu was right to suspend you just like that. So forget about it. You’re one of our finest staff and you deserve the benefit of the doubt. You can resume work tomorrow.” He said.
Resume work tomorrow ke? Oti o. Me that was beginning to enjoy my compulsory leave. He now wants to come and spoil show. Wait o, why was he even on my side sef? I mean Onome is his babe now, he should be supporting her. Which one was he now calling me to convince me to resume work?
“Are you still there?”
“Ermm yes sir. I am.”
“So what do you say? Ready to resume work tomorrow?”
“I’m sorry sir. I am not complaining about the suspension. If my immediate boss thinks I should be placed on suspension, I see no reason why I shouldn’t obey her. Besides, we already have our differences. If I disobey her orders, she would definitely pick on me and I wouldn’t want that” I said.
“Are you sure you want to taint your clean record? All because of Miss Onome?”
“I will be fine sir. It’s not a problem. Thank you so much for your concern.”
“Sure sure. I don’t usually do this, but you’re very valuable to the the company. Since I value my staff, I thought I would call you to let you know that the suspension doesn’t hold water. But if you insist on going on it, then, please go on.”
“Thank you sir. I am very grateful sir.” I replied.
“Not a problem. By the way, it’s wonderful how you justified your boss. Many people in this kind of situation would say all sorts of terrible things to drag her, but you didn’t. Well done. Have a good night, Miss Ayorinde. Some of us have work tomorrow.”
“Thank you sir. Good night sir.”
The line went off and I stood there in confusion. How did he even get my number? Did Onome give him my number just like that? What did he even stand to gain if I returned back to work? Abi are both of them just using my head to play?

A call from Fayo interrupted my thoughts.
“Babe. I’m super sorry. My phone was charging in the room and I was in the living room. No vex. Where are you now?”
“Standing at your estate gate, with your ‘estate policy’ security officers. Call the gate joor. I will surely kill you when I see you.” I hung up.
I waited for a few minutes for Fayo to call the gate so I could be let in. As soon as I was let in, I hurried to her flat to give her the gist about Badmus’ call.
I banged on Fayo’s door.
“Who is that one that wants to break my door?”
“Better open this door before the witches in my village change it for you. After keeping me outside for how many hours, you’re still here running your mouth.” I banged harder.
Fayo opened the door and went on her knees immediately.
“Iya, no vex. I know you want to kill me right now, but I have a valid excuse. I swear.”
I pushed her aside.
“Please shift let me pass. What is the valid excuse you have? Real Housewives abi?” I walked in with my bags. Fayo stood up, took one of the bags and said,
“Yes ke. Ratchet TV is life abeg. My baby girls never disappoint me. Especially Porsha.”
“Abeg keep quiet and give me water to drink. I have hot gist. Let my blood come down before I spill.” I sat down.
“Better get you fat behind up and go and get the water yourself. When you’re not a visitor.”
I hissed and made to stand up when Fayo held me back.
“Wait o. Before you go, you say you have gist abi? What happened? Spill abeg.” She held on to my wrist tightly.
“Leave me jare. You want me to die of dehydration because you want to hear gist abi?” I freed myself from her grip and walked towards the kitchen.
“Guy, no food for house? See as your kitchen dry” I shouted from the kitchen.
“Is that the water you went to drink? Leave my kitchen as it is abeg. Come and give me the gist.” she answered.
“You this girl. If gist doesn’t kill you, you will kill gist.” I helped myself to a glass of water.
My phone started ringing.
“Shut up and come and answer your call.”
I ran back to the living room to check who the caller was. It was a very pleasant surprise.

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