I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the car. Fayo was far ahead of me and got into the car before me. She started the car and zoomed off.
After panting and finally normalizing our breath, she said,
“That was close.”
“What happened? Why did we run?”
“I saw my oga on the other side of the road.”
“Did you offend him that you’re running from him?”
“It’s like you’re mad. Weren’t you in the car when I called him and said I was ill?”
“Ohh. Somebody cannot forget again?”
“When you left your brain at home. Na wa.” She hissed.
“It’s you that know.” I giggled.
“Thank God we fled o. If not, they would have suspended me like you,if not fired sef.”
“Thank God for your life. I would have seen how you would afford a luxury apartment in Lekki.”
“Guy. I can’t suffer when you’re there now.”
“Me ke? You will move to Agege with me now, if that’s the case.”
“Which yeye Agege? After tomorrow, your life is gonna change baby girl. No more mainland. Not to talk of Agege sef.” She beamed.
“What’s happening tomorrow?” I was puzzled.
“Your own slowness deserves award. Tomorrow is the big day now. The body is now ready for the mission ahead. Tomorrow, we seduce Badmus.”
“Wait! What? I am seducing him tomorrow?” I screamed.
“Before nko? Is it next year you want to seduce him? My friend the earlier the better o.”
“Tomorrow is sudden now. I need to prepare myself.”
“Which stupid preparation? The only preparation you need is a hot body and you have that locked down already. So what is the wahala?”
“I need to be mentally prepared Fayo. I can’t just go there and seduce him at the gym now.”
“Gym ke? You’re bringing him home. By the time you wear sports bra and biker shorts, all you need to do is just go and show out at the gym. Badmus will definitely bring you home. All you need to do is invite him inside. Shikena.”
“I cannot even believe I am doing this.”
“You better believe it. It is going to happen. So better gather all the courage you have and be ready for him.”
“I don’t even have sports bra and biker shorts sef.” I excused myself.
“Not to worry. There’s a sports shop just before we get home. We’ll stop and pick one. We also have to go lingerie shopping.”
“For what again biko?”
“You think I will let you wear those old mama pants you have to seduce Badmus? Olorun maje.”
I laughed.
“We’re going to buy you sexy lace lingerie so that our seduction can be perfect.”
“Master planner Fayo. This is where they will see you o.”
“You think I’m doing all these things because I love you so much?”
“Why else are you doing it please?”
“Don’t deceive yourself o. I am working for my own benefit because I know that if you start dating Badmus, I will not suffer.”
“Wawu. Selfish much.”
“That one is your cup of tea.” She said as we arrived at a lingerie shop.
“Oya come down.”
I dragged myself out if the car and followed her inside the shop. We looked round and settled for a red lacy bra and red lacy thongs to match. As we were checking out, Fayo’s phone rang.
“Hello. Who’s this?” She said into the phone.
“Oh. You’re there already?” She paused.
“Ok. Just drop it with the security at the gate. I’ll pick it up.”
“Ok. Thank you.” She hung up.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“The person delivering our kayanmata.”
“You already ordered?”
“Yes now. We need it for tomorrow.” She rolled her eyes.
“So after all the mouth you made, you still paid for it.” I laughed.
“Be laughing there. You owe me 16k”
“How? Even if I am owing you, it’s 8k. Not 16k. Abi did you buy two?”
“No. You’re paying double. The end. Let’s go.”
“Na wa o. Are you a thief? Which one is double? Hian.” I picked up the shopping bag and walked out.
It was already almost 5pm as we arrived at the sports store. We went in and bought the sports bra and biker shorts. Fayo suggested we buy a size smaller so that all my ‘endowments’ would pop.
We arrived at the estate, picked up the kayanmata and headed straight home. Immediately we entered the house, I rushed to find food. I was so hungry after all the activities of the day. Fayo insisted that I eat only a little quantity of food, so that I wouldn’t be bloated the next day.
After eating an early dinner, I passed out and didn’t wake up until 3am. I woke up to the reality of my mission and things started taking a turn for the worse.

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