I looked out Fayo’s window to see who it was. It was Wayas. He was having an argument with a security official at the gate. I looked away and continued trying to park the car.
Fayo looked at me and looked at Wayas again.
“You’re not going to find out what’s happening?” She queried.
“Nope.” I looked at my rear mirror.
“Why?” She asked again.
“Because it’s none of my business…”
Before I knew it, Fayo was opening her door, so I added,
“Or yours either. Don’t go and cause more trouble.”
“Hian! How is going to find out what’s going wrong with my friend causing trouble?” She asked.
“Your friend ke? Since which year? You that hates Wayas.” I laughed.
“Haba now. A friend of yours is my friend…”
“Wayas is my ex, Fayo. Not my friend. We have no business with him.” I cut her short.
“I know na. But don’t you want to know what’s going on?”
“No. I don’t care.” I said.
“You’re lying. I know you want to gloat over him and this is the perfect opportunity to do so, so why are you hesitant?”
“I’m in no mood for drama Fayo. I am not going to find out what’s happening.”
“Ogbeni! Park this car well and come down let’s go and see what is happening.”
“Ohh God! This girl.” I said as Fayo came down from the car.
I finished parking and as I was coming out of the car, the security official and an aggrieved Wayas were heading towards us.
I came down and stood in front of the car with Fayo. They finally got to us and Wayas was shocked to see me.
“Sorry madam. Abeg you fit reverse back? This oga park im car for front. Una dey block am.” I heard the man say in his crude English.
Fayo burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of Wayas.
“Good evening Wayas.” I smiled.
“Go…o..d e…ven…ing.” Wayas stuttered. He was still trying to gain composure.
“Good evening o. Wayas the Yoruba demon!” Fayo greeted too.
I couldn’t help but laugh. Wayas was not only shocked at the car, but at my transformation as well. It gave me so much joy to see the calm and collected Wayas, unsettled because of new things he had found out about me.
Just then, a skinny girl with an almost flat chest and derrière showed up. She was clad in a small off shoulder blouse and a bodycon skirt. Her blouse was so thin that it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her perky nipples were pointing out, looking like a loaded toy gun, aimed at its victim.
“Baby. What’s happening?” She said as she stood near Wayas.
“Ohh! Are you the latest victim?” Fayo laughed again.
“I don’t understand” the girl replied looking confused.
“Please don’t mind my friend. She’s just teasing.” I said quickly.
“Ok then. What’s the hold up? Why haven’t we been able to drive out?” She directed her question to Wayas.
Before Wayas could reply, the security official who had been watching the drama replied,
“We dey try beg this Aunty to reverse back, so una go fit drive out. But e be like say this oga na their friend, so them don dey talk since.”
“Friend?” The girl looked at Wayas, then at Fayo and I.
“Friend ke? Which dirty friend? We are not friends o. In fact, your baby here, is my friend’s ex boyfriend.” Fayo quickly said.
“Fayokunmi!” I pulled her arm.
“Leave me let me talk joor.” She freed herself from my grip.
“Babe. Don’t mind her. She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” Wayas said.
“You’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re saying. Rada rada. Wo, aunty, if you know what is good for you, you better leave this one alone o. He is just a leech looking for whose blood to suck. Once you become dry, he will leave you and find the next victim.”
I placed my hand over Fayo’s mouth.
“I’m so sorry for the embarrassment. I’ll move my car.” I said.
I dragged Fayo to the passenger’s seat and she was still talking to the girl,
“Take my advice o. He will drain your bank account. His mother will soon fall sick and need plenty money for surgery. Dump his sorry ass before it’s too late.”
I finally succeeded in putting her in the car and shutting the door. I walked to my side of the car while making apology gestures to the lady.
I got into the car, reversed and drove off. Then I heard Fayo say,
“Ahhn! We’re not washing the car again?”
“Certainly not here. When you’ve completely embarrassed us.” I turned unto the link bridge.
“Embarrassed you how? By telling an innocent girl the truth so she doesn’t fall victim?” She asked me.
“Fayo. You have no business saying those kinds of things to that girl. You don’t know the kind of relationship they have. So how was it affecting you? Is she your sister?”
“So it’s now bad to look out for your fellow woman? Na wa o.”
“You were not looking out for her anything. Your plan was to disgrace Wayas. Now that I think of it sef, I can’t understand why the thing is paining you more than me. He broke up with me, not you. When he broke up with me sef, xdidn’t you tell me not to beat myself over it? Why are you now beating yourself over it?”
“Ohh! I’m so sorry best friend, for fighting your fight. Next time, I’ll keep my mouth shut.”
“No now. That’s not what I mean and you know it. The whole thing was just confusing to me. You said Wayas wasn’t worth it but you still used all your strength to discredit him. It’s contradictory in my head.”
“It’s fine Teni. I’m sorry I attacked Wayas on your behalf. It won’t happen again.”
“Na wa.” I sighed.
“See I’m not in the mood to go anywhere again. Let’s just go home.”
“Haba now. Is it because of what I said? Oya I’m sorry. No vex.”
Fayo didn’t reply.
“Fayokunmi now. Ejo. Don’t let that no good Wayas come between us today o.” I said.
She still didn’t reply.
“I will come down and kneel down for you on the road o. Better stop snubbing me.”
“I am waiting.” She finally said.
“Rubbish girl. So if I stop this car, come down and kneel down on the road, you will let me?”
“Hian! Before nko?”
“It’s not your fault.” We laughed.
We drove to a restaurant in Ikoyi and had an early dinner. Our only topic of discussion was how Onome was going to die after seeing me pull up in my Benz on Monday with a banging body. We played different scenarios and how she would react to it.
“But baby girl. We have to find the best dress for you to slay in o. No dulling. You must leave an unforgettable mark. She will forever remember that day.” Fayo said.
“No wahala. You’ll pick out the dress now. All I know is, Onome will not have peace in that office once I resume.”
“Do you think she knows about you and Badmus?” Fayo asked.
“Don’t know, don’t care.” I replied.
“That one is her cup of tea. She will sha hear it on Monday. In fact I will come and visit you sef. Just to see her reaction.
So on Monday morning, I put on my best dress, fixed my hair up and drove to my make up artist’s house. You heard me right, make up artist. You didn’t think I was going to make an impression with basic make up, did you?
I had called my make up artist the day before to book an early appointment with her and she was kind enough to oblige me. After getting my make up done, it was almost 8am. I drove straight to the office and boom, another wahala. Lord, this can’t be happening to me.

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