“You’re sure it’s ok? You want this one?” Badmus said.
I was still in shock that Badmus was buying me a car after just three weeks of dating. He didn’t just take me to any car shop, it was a Mercedes car shop. “Hey. Are you ok?” He shook me.
“Yes yes. I’m just looking round and admiring the other cars.” I said.
“That means you don’t like this one?”
“It looks good.”
“That’s not what I want to hear. I want you to be excited about this.” He looked straight into my eyes.
“Babe. Anything is fine with me. It’s amazing that you even want to get me a car.”
“Tee. You deserve it. Since you’re resuming work on Monday, take it as my apology gift to you for the suspension. So feel free to pick any one of your choice. I’ll pay for it.” Badmus said reassuringly.
Before nko? Is it me that will pay before? Shebi I was on my own, only him came and said he wants to buy me car. Now he is reassuring me, as if I was supposed to pay for it before.
At this point, I wished he had given me a heads up about our visit to the car shop. At least I would have asked Fayo about it and knowing that one, she will pick the flashiest of all.
I looked around one more time. I was still confused. All I knew was that, my car had to be bigger and better than Onome’s and Fayo’s. They had to know that my man was up to the task. Fayo drove a Toyota Camry 2012, while Onome drove a Toyota Rav4 2013, so any car I was picking had to be a 2013 model and above.
“I want an SUV.” I told the dealer.
“See that one over there.” He pointed to the other side of the showroom.
“Which one?” I looked around.
“The white one.” The man said.
“Let’s see it.” Badmus said.
We walked to the car and it was love at first sight.
“This is it! This is the one I want.” I said gleefully.
It was the perfect car to finish my revenge on Onome. Even Fayo was going to be jealous.
“What’s the name of the car?” I asked.
“It’s a ML350.” Badmus answered.
“2014.” The dealer added.
“We’ll take it.” I said immediately.
“Ok then. Let’s go inside and discuss payment.” The dealer said as he led us into his office.
“So how much is it?” Badmus asked as we sat opposite the man.
“9.5 million.” He said.
“9.5 million? That expensive?” I expressed my shock.
“Yes madam. We sell the best cars in the country. Every penny it worth it.”
“But 9.5 million is a lot of money.” I don’t know what I was thinking picking that car. I mean I knew Mercedes Benz was a luxury brand and the cars were expensive, but I didn’t think it was so expensive. After all, everyone owned one these days.
“Tee. Don’t worry about it.” Badmus smiled at me.
“What’s your account number? I’ll make a transfer.” He said to the man.
“0765918242. Metropolitan Cars. Access Bank.”
I sat down there still in shock. If Badmus has almost 10 million to dash me just like that, imagine the amount of money sitting in his bank account. No wonder aunty Onome was enjoying life. Badmus was indeed a generous man.
In a few minutes, Badmus was done with the transfer.
“I’ve credited your account. You’ll get an alert in a bit.”
“Ok then. Thank you.”
After about five minutes, the man confirmed that his account had been credited. Then he excused himself to get the car ready for me.
It was like a dream. Me, Teniola Ayorinde, from jumping bus specialist to car owner, not just any car, a Mercedes Benz ML 350. In three weeks.
Side note: Anybody who tells you great sex doesn’t keep a man is lying. The person is an enemy of progress and doesn’t want you to prosper. Eject him/her from your life. James 4:7, “Resist the devil and he will flee.” I digress.
The dealer came back in and handed the car key and papers to me and said,
“Everything is set. Congratulations.”
“Thank you.” I said.
Badmus shook the man’s hand and thanked him. There and then, I jumped on Badmus and kissed him.
“Thank you so much babe. You’re the best.”
“You deserve everything I give you Tee.”
We walked out to my car and Badmus said,
“You’ll drive it abi? I’ll drive behind you. We’ll stop at Total and buy fuel.”
“Of course.” I opened the car and got in.
I admired the interior of the car and even pinched myself to ascertain I wasn’t dreaming, before I started the car.
We were soon on our way back to the house. Immediately we got to the estate gate, Badmus flagged me down to stop. I parked in front of the estate.
“Babe. I’d have loved to stay with you and celebrate your new car, but I have to run. I just got a call from the house.” He said sadly.
“Do you really have to go?” I looked at him, disappointment written on my face.
“Yes babe. I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you.” He said.
“Ok then. I hope there’s no problem.”
“I hope so too. I’ll call you later. Good?”
“Ohh. And congratulations on your new car.” He laughed.
I blew kisses at him as he reversed and sped off.
I moved closer to the gate and blew my horn. They refused to open the gate. One came to the car to see who it was. He looked through the glass and was shocked to see that it was me. He ran back to the gate and conversed with the others for a few seconds before one of them came to open the gate.
As I drove past, they gathered round and wove to me. I smiled and wove back. See what happens when you become a big girl? Everyone wants to be your friend. This was a clear example of the biblical verse, “The rejected stone became the cornerstone.”
I parked my car, put on my hazard lights and raced upstairs to give Fayo the good news. As I pushed open the door, I saw her emerging from the kitchen.
“You finally show up. Where have you been?” She asked.
“I will answer your question after I show you something.” I said in excitement.
“What is it now?” She rolled her eyes.
“Come joor.” I dragged her to the balcony.
“Oya, kilo n ṣẹlẹ?” She asked as we got outside.
“See that car with the hazard lights on?” I pointed down.
“Ehen? So because somebody left his hazard lights on, I will not drink water and drop cup? Se o ya were?” She asked in anger.
“Shut up and let me finish.” I fired back.
“Oya what do you want to say? That it’s your car?”
“Yes it is.” I said excitedly.
“Who dash monkey banana?” Fayo laughed.
“You don’t believe me?”
“Why will I believe you? How can that be your car?”
“But it is. Badmus just got it for me.” I showed her the keys.
“It’s a lie joor. Badmus bought you this car? I don’t believe it!”
“Oya wait now.” I pressed the button on my key. The car made a sound and the lights flashed twice. I did it two more times to clear Fayo’s doubt.
Before I could say Jack, Fayo was downstairs. I ran downstairs to meet her.
“It’s a lie! Ore mi ti de! Ahh! They will know!” She screamed as she ran round the car.
I laughed and followed behind her. When we had gone round the car twice, she turned and hugged me.
“Congratulations baby girl. I’m so happy for you.” She said.
“Thanks love. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
“Before nko? I couldn’t let soap enter your eyes when you were in an ocean. We need to wash this car o.”
“Of course now. Don’t worry, I’ll take you out. We’ll paint Lekki red.” We high fived.
I locked the car and we proceeded back upstairs.
“Onome will kill herself when she sees you driving in on Monday!” Fayo said.
“That one? I will kill her softly. I will show her that a Warri girl cannot come into my city and be queen. Lagos belongs to me first before her. She will know!”
“Ore mi! See Teni of yesterday o! Three weeks ago, you’d have shivered at the sound of her name.”
“Baby girl. Change is constant. You don’t expect me to remain the same after rolling with a man like Badmus.”
“If you had remained the same, I would have taken you for deliverance in MFM.” We laughed.
We went inside and prepared for our outing. In one hour, we were ready to go.
“Are you driving?” I asked Fayo.
“Driving ke? Fun kini? We’re going in our new car. Jeka lo.” She said.
We got into the car and drove to a bar in Lekki phase 1. Just as I was trying to park the car, Fayo’s eyes caught someone. She said,
“Teni! Look!”

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