“What about this one?” The man asked us.
“Do you like this one?” He gestured to it.
“It’s not bad.” I shrugged. Anything was fine with me. I was still in shock at the drastic turn around of events.

Oops! Sorry I’m giving you half and half gist.
A little back story: Some three weeks ago, my boss, Onome Aburu sent me on suspension because I came late to work a few times. I promised her I would revenge and I sure did. I moved to Fayo’s house in Lekki and she practically carried the whole revenge thing on her head. She planned the perfect revenge for me and I must say, it’s the best thing she’s done for me.
I successfully seduced Badmus Kolawole, an executive at the company I work and also Onome’s married boyfriend. The sex was out of this world.
After about four rounds of hot steamy sex, we were so exhausted that we fell asleep on the floor. I woke up first and saw a naked Badmus sleeping peacefully beside me. The whole living room smelled of sex. I looked at the time and it was already past 3pm.
I looked at myself, then Badmus, then myself again and chuckled. We had spent the entire day having sex and had even lost track of time.
“Hey. Wake up.” I tapped him lightly.
He opened his eyes and looked around. I knew he was replaying the whole day in his head. He sat up, leaned in and kissed me.
“What time is it?” He asked.
“Almost 3:30pm.”
“Shit. I was supposed to have a board meeting at 12.”
“Wow. I’m so sorry.” I apologized.
“No. It’s fine. I’ll get filled in when I get to the office.”
“You’re still going to the office?”
“Yes I am. I can’t not show up. I’m an executive at the company. I have to go. Even if it’s one hour to closing time.”
“But I don’t want you to go.” I held unto him.
I wonder where I got all that liver from. Maybe it was his affection towards me that gave me the boldness.
“I wish I could stay Tee. But I have to go.” He stroked my hair.
Tee. I already had nickname? This is a journey of no return.
I decided to try the next stupid thing that came to my head. I sulked and looked away. I wanted to know how much effect I had on him and whether he was totally smitten by me. He kept stroking my hair as he tried to pull me back.
“Tee. Don’t be like this. Ok. I’ll come back and take you to dinner. Good enough?”
Point scored. I danced in my head. One half of my head told me to keep sulking and the other half told me not to push it. Of course I went with my better judgment.
“That’s fine by me.” I smiled and hugged him.
He kissed me on my forehead and stood up.
“Do you want to take a shower? You smell like sex.” I laughed.
“Great sex.” He added.
We both laughed.
“How does sex even smell?” He asked as he wore his clothes.
“Like you.” I laughed again.
“And you too.” He pinched my nose.
I stood up and went into the room to put on a robe. The robe was small and my butt cheeks were very visible. I walked back out and saw that he was ready to go. He looked at me as I emerged and asked,
“Are you trying to seduce me all over again?”
“What do you think?” I teased as I walked to him.
“I think you want me to take off my clothes again. But I won’t fall into this temptation.” He sized me from head to toe.
I laughed and said,
“Since you don’t want to fall into temptation, you need to get going.” I pulled him to the door.
“No problem. But I’ll be back.” He opened the door.
“I’m always here.” I smiled.
“8pm good?”
“Yes. Sure. Off you go.” I said.
He kissed me and went on his way. I walked back into the house and went straight to shower. When I was done, I decided to call Fayo and update her on my escapade.
I picked up my phone and saw that she had already called a few times. I dialed her number.
“Finally.” She shouted.
“Baby girl.” I laughed.
“What happened? Since 8am. I was worried.”
“What do you think happened? Were you expecting me to call you as I was giving Badmus?” I asked.
“Oshey! You did it?” She shouted in excitement.
“Do I look like a slacker? Of course I did.”
“Baddest! I can’t wait to hear all the details.”
“Finish your work and come home first. I’ll serve you the gist, hot and spicy.”
“Guy! I’m shutting down my system and flying into my car. I’ll be home before you say Jack.”
“I dey wait.” I hung up.
Before I knew it, Fayo was banging on the door.
“Break it o.” I said as I opened the door.
She dashed in and dragged me with her to the couch.
“Oya. Start talking.” She tapped me.
“Fayo calm down. I am not running away.”
“If I slap you. Because you have opened leg for Badmus now, you’re doing anyhow. My friend talk joor.”
I gave her the whole gist and she kept making different sounds in exclamation.
“And I thought I was the bad one! I have seen my senior! So you said all those things to him?” She exclaimed.
“Yes now. I felt like I was acting porn. I can’t even believe myself till now.”
“Wonderful! You have finished Onome now. After this one, there is nothing else to do. Because you have tied Badmus in black nylon and put him inside bottle. There is no going back now.”
We both laughed.
“I even wanted to ask, you sure say the kayanmata no be jazz? Because the way he was all over me when he woke up ehnn. He even said he is coming to take me out this evening. At 8.”
“He’s coming to take you out? And you’re still sitting here? Let’s go and look for cloth joor.”
She dragged me to the room.
We picked out a red lace dress that accentuated my curves. Fayo helped me with my make up, but not before I applied my attraction oil. By the time we were done, it was past 8pm. I heard my phone ring. It was Badmus.
“Hey.” I said.
“Hey you. I’m at your gate.”
“Ohh sorry. Hold on.”
I turned to Fayo.
“Fayo call the gate and tell them to let Badmus in.”
“They’ll let you in. I’ll meet you downstairs.” I said into the phone and cut the call.
“Meet him downstairs ke? Can’t he come upstairs?” Fayo asked.
“What is he coming upstairs for? Somebody that straffed me in your living room will now come and face you, knowing fully well that I would have given you gist. You want him to die of embarrassment? Not forgetting that we both work for him. Abeg don’t spoil anything for me o.”
“Ehen! You that didn’t want to do before. Now you’re protecting his interest. What am I not going to see in this my life?” Fayo laughed and exclaimed.
“Leave me abeg. I am going.” I walked to the door.
“Bye bye o. If you like go and give him head in the restaurant. Since you are now doing like a nympho up and down.” She laughed.
“I will deal with you later.” I shut the door and went downstairs.
Badmus was waiting for me in his Range Rover. I got into the car and hugged him.
“You look stunning.” He said.
“Thank you.” I smiled.
We drove out and headed to Casper and Gambini’s to have dinner. Badmus was a gentle man through out our date. He held the door open for me, waited for me to take a seat, made sure I placed my order first and all of that. All through dinner, he dropped his phone and didn’t chat with it. He gave me one hundred percent of his attention.
The next three weeks were pure bliss. Badmus was at my house every other morning. He would sit with me and talk for hours before heading to work. Some days we would have sex, mind blowing sex. On other days, we would just have heart-felt conversations. He told me about his family, friends, his job, future plans, everything. We also talked about my dreams and aspirations, my family, Fayo, Agege, all that concerned me.
If I called him during the day, he would come running to me. After work, he’d come back if he could, if not, he’d call or text for hours. He was acting like a love struck puppy. My love struck puppy.
“You’re always at home. Don’t you have anywhere to go?” He asked me one day.
“I really don’t know places on the island. Besides, the island is expensive. It’s not a place for me to be jumping up and down.” I replied.
Please note, I made that statement with the purest of thoughts. Not because I wanted to imply I was broke and wanted him to give me money. Before you people come and say that I was using style to ask for money.
“That’s why you don’t go out? Because the island is expensive?” He laughed.
“Don’t laugh joor. I’m serious. I’ll now have to be taking taxi up and down because buses can’t get to some places. I’d rather just sit at home.”
“Ok. I think you need to go out. Do anything fun. Buy new clothes, do your hair, eat, see a movie, anything. Just go out and have fun. While you’re doing that, I don’t want to hear that you entered bus. Public transport is not for my woman.” He said as he kissed me.
Right on the spot, I got an alert of four hundred thousand naira. I was shocked.
“That should be enough for the week. But if you need some more, just let me know.” He said.
I jumped on him and kissed him.
“How did you even get my account number?”
“I have my ways babe. Don’t worry. I have to go now.” He said.
I bid him farewell and he left.
When Fayo came back and I gave her gist, she whined my life.
“Osheyy! He is now calling you my woman. Teniscoco, you have husband o. You are now Teniola Kolawole, Iyawo Badmus.” She laughed.
“I don’t blame you I said. It’s kuku me that gave you gist.”
“Oya sorry now. No vex. When am I getting my alert?”
“Which alert?” I asked knowingly.
“Hian! My alert now. From the money Badmus gave us.”
“Us kwa? When did that one start? Are you the one he is screwing left, right and centre?”
“Wo! Teni! Don’t let me forget my hand on your face o. I am expecting 100k today. It’s kuku me that convinced you to date him. So you better not be unfortunate. Before I match to Onome and report you.”
“Ahnn! Small play. Na wa for you o. What will you gain if you go and run your mouth sef? Nothing. So better shut up. I will transfer the money.”
“Now you’re talking like somebody that has sense. Good girl.” She smiled.
“Oshisco plc.” We laughed.
One Saturday morning, my phone rang and it was Badmus.
“Morning love.” He said.
“Good morning babe.” I responded.
“Are you busy?”
“No. Just lazing about.”
“Great then. I’m at your gate. I have a surprise for you.”
“Really?” I shouted in excitement.
“Yes. Come down stairs.”
I ran out of the house as fast as my legs could carry me. Badmus came down from his car and hugged me.
“Where’s the surprise?” I looked at his hands and into the car. There was nothing I hadn’t seen before.
“Calm down. You’ll get it in a bit. Get into the car.” He said.
“I can’t go out in just tiny shorts. I’m not even wearing a bra.” I said.
“Not to worry. It’s nowhere serious.” He said as he opened the door.
I got into the car and you won’t believe where I was in the twinkle of an eye.

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