Badmus was nowhere to be found. I waited for almost an hour and still, nothing. Fayo dropped me off at the gym and went back home to get ready for work. She called at intervals to find out if he had arrived.

“Where could he be now?” She asked.

“I don’t know o. I’m just standing here doing nothing. I can’t work out because of my make up. All these yeye trainers have raped me with their eyes.”

“It’s the attraction oil. It’s working. Abi you will call him?”


“No o. Anyanwu. Of course Badmus. Call him and ask why he hasn’t come to the gym.”

“I can’t call him just like that now. We’re not that cool.”

“Still call him abeg. He won’t beat you when he sees you if you call him.”

As we were arguing about the situation, Badmus walked in. He looked like a yummy piece of Christmas chicken in his body hugging tee shirt and joggers. I wondered why I had been having cold feet about him. He was such a hunk and it was pretty hard to agree that he was over 40 years. He even looked better than that my yeye broke ex-boyfriend who was in his 20s.

“He has come. I’ll text you.” I hurriedly cut the call.

I took deep breaths as he walked towards me. Fayo had told me to be bold with my words and actions and I intended to take her advice.

“You look different.” Badmus said as he reached me.

“It’s a good thing I hope.” I smiled.

“Very good thing. How did you transform in less than two days?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t really know. God?” I muttered underneath my breath.

“I see. God does work in mysterious ways.” We laughed.

He picked up his dumbbells and started working out with them. Fayo had advised me to do my squats within Badmus’ eye reach. So that he could see my well shaped behind properly.

I took her advice and started squatting. I did it slowly so that Badmus could see all that he would be getting.

I wasn’t disappointed because I saw him staring at me from the mirror with lust in his eyes. I had to make the move and get him to come to the house before anything could happen.

After a few squats, my knees were aching a little. Especially because I was doing it slowly. It was time to shoot my shot. So I told him I was ready to go home.

“Ok. I’ll drop you off.” He offered.

I danced in my heart. There was no way he wasn’t going to get it. I cat walked out of the gym with all the men staring at me. We got into his Benz and drove off. This time, we gisted on the way. We talked about work, things he liked and the things I liked.

We got to the estate gate and he parked just in front. I was confused. Why didn’t he attempt to drive in? Why was he making it harder for me? So I mustered courage and offered,

“You want to come in for coffee?”

“Well, I have a few minutes to spare.” He said and drove towards the gate.

I wound down and greeted the security at the gate as we drove in. He parked in front of my block and we went upstairs.

“Welcome to my house.” I said as I opened the door. The room was dark because the blinds were closed. So I turned on the dim lights.

“Thank you. It’s small but cosy nonetheless.” He sat down.

“Thanks. I’ll get the coffee.” I walked inside and put some water in the kettle to boil.

I walked into the room and wore my attraction waist beads. Fayo said that once he saw it, he would be more drawn to me and seducing him would be much easier. I made sure they were directly on top my biker shorts so he could see them properly. I was about leaving the room when I remembered the rest of my kayanmata; my sugar lumps and intoxic.

I ran back into the room and brought them out. I took off my panties, inserted four of the lumps into my pussy and licked three of them. Then I rubbed a generous amount of the intoxic on my clit and wore my panties back.

I walked back to the living room to meet Badmus going through his phone. I walked to the TV and bent over to turn it on, giving Badmus a generous view of my butt and the waist beads. I was hundred percent sure he was drooling behind me. Just as I stood up he said,

“Your beads are beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I said.

I walked back to the kitchen to get the coffee. While at it, I gulped down two glasses of Hennessy. I figured that if I was tipsy, I’d be able to go through with the plan. When I came back with the coffee, I noticed he was still staring at the beads. From nowhere, I heard myself saying,

“You want to touch them?”

“Ermm. Touch what?” He said in shock.

“The beads. You’ve been staring at them since.” I smiled at him.

“I guess I’m just curious. I haven’t seen anyone wear them before.”

“Well, you can satisfy your curiosity.” I walked up to him.

He sat still as I stood in front of him. Then I took his hands and put them on the beads. He felt them up from the front to the back. When he realized he had been touching for too long and had moved to my butt, he took his hands off.

“Your coffee?” I handed it over to him.

“This is a lot. You want me to have bloodshot eyes?” He muttered.

“Well, there are more things in excess around.”

Badmus looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh come on. What else looks plentiful?” I asked again, gesturing to my breasts. Badmus couldn’t help it. His eyes glanced up at my cleavage and back to my face.

“There you go. Feel free to stare, sir. It’s too hard not to.”

“What are you doing, Teniola?” Badmus asked. He didn’t realize it yet, but his cock had started to grow. I took the coffee from him and put it on a stool.

“I’m offering you a nice, long look at my magnificent tits.” I took off my sports bra to reveal my nice red lacy bra. I pulled the fabric down below each of my tits revealing both nipples. Badmus’ gaze was held by them alone. I was dripping wet thanks to my sugar lumps and my panties were now stained. I closed the gap between Badmus and I pulling him up into a sloppy kiss. It was as if the alcohol and kayanmata gave me a lot of confidence. My tongue dove straight into his mouth as he tried to speak.

My tongue began wrestling with my boss’ tongue. Badmus couldn’t think, he had just realized that he had a hard-on when I showed him my breasts before attacking him. Now he was enjoying our frenching. I grabbed his hands and guided them to my butt. He gave my cheeks a squeeze, something I knew he wanted to do from the first time he saw me squatting at the gym.

Badmus regained his senses, finally realizing what it was we were doing. He was French kissing me, his employee, bare-chested while holding my ripe behind.

“Teni! Stop! What the hell are you doing?” he said pushing me away.

“I think you mean, what we are doing?” I said trying to drag him into another kiss. I was too horny to think or even stop what we were doing.

“No! Teniola, what has gotten into you?”

“Look, I’m a slut, one who wants to fuck her boss. Look at yourself, Badmus. You are rock hard. You obviously want me. You want my body. Don’t play the denial card because that will not work with me. You can’t resist me.” I heard myself say.

Badmus’ mouth was wide open and he took my tongue back into his mouth as I pulled his head down to me. I moaned my appreciation for his acceptance. My other hand reached down and stroked his cock through his joggers.

Our breathing became ragged as the kiss became more demanding, mashing our lips together. I felt my nipples harden as they bore into his chest. His hands dropped to my ass again, grabbing and pulling it, causing my mound to grind against my hand and his cock.

I removed my hand from his dick and wrapped both my arms around his back. Badmus began to hump his swollen cock up and down against my groin.

At this point, Badmus lost all control of himself as he ground our parted lips and tongues together, his head bobbing wildly, as we became totally consumed by the kiss.

I had him right where I wanted him. My conquest had begun, and now the next stage of seduction would begin. I pulled away from him, happy to see his eyes closed and searching for my mouth.

“Now it’s time I taste you cock. Sir.” I dropped to my knees.

My pussy dripped fluids to the my thighs at the last word from my mouth. I pulled his joggers down and his big hard cock slapped my chin. No wonder Onome wanted to die on his matter. She was not only getting money, but great sex too.

“Your wife and Onome are lucky or I should say they were.” I grabbed and began stroking his dick.

“Onome?” He was surprised that I knew about them.

“Don’t play dumb. I know what’s up with both of you. But I’m sure this is the end.”

Even though my touch was electric to him, at the mention of his wife and Onome, Badmus protested, weakly.

“No, Teni, you can’t do this. We can’t do this. Stop…” Badmus was running out of breath. His eyes became transfixed on my big bare tits.

“That’s not what your cock says.” I slowly sucked him into my mouth.

I traced each ridge and bulge with my tongue. I had had a lot of practice with Wayas and I was ready to give Badmus the time of his life. His cock pushed deeper and deeper until he pressed against the back of my mouth.

I opened my throat and let him slide deeper. His entire cock disappeared into my mouth. I held him there massaging him with my throat muscles and rubbing my tongue along the underside of his shaft.

Badmus stood there in shock. I, Teni, the timid office girl was sucking his cock. His girlfriend’s subordinate! I maintained eye contact with him and it was obvious that I was doing things to him that had his head spinning. He looked at me desperately and I knew he had to cum so badly. It didn’t matter anymore that I was his employee. He was going to cum in my mouth. I disengaged my lips from his crown to speak her mind.

“You like the way I suck your cock, sir? I’m a much better cock-sucker than Onome, aren’t I?” Calling him sir turned me on and made my pussy drip of cum.

I clamped my lips around his bulging head and licked it with my tongue as I sucked on it.

Keeping my eyes locked with his as I lowered my lips down his shaft. Badmus’ cock continued to disappear into my mouth until the tip pressed against the back of my throat. I pushed my tongue down the underside of his shaft and let his cock slide into my throat until the entire length disappeared into my mouth.

I continued to use my orals skill on my boss’ throbbing cock, glancing up at his eyes with a hungry look in my gaze. I pulled his cock from my mouth followed by several long strands of drool.

“Onome was a lucky woman.” I kissed the head of his cock in between my sentences. “But not anymore!” I kissed.

“This cock belongs to me now.” I kissed.

“And everything,” I kissed.

“That comes with it.” I kissed.

I moved back to Badmus and sucked his cock into my mouth. I slipped a hand into my shorts and rubbed my pussy. I was sticky because of the intoxic. More cum dripped down and soaked my panties.

I could sense his impending explosion. I would have made it last much longer, held him on edge until he couldn’t stand it anymore. I loved the feel of a cock in my mouth. But my pussy was begging for attention. I needed to be fucked like a slut and my boss was just the man for the job. I disengaged my mouth from his cock once more and stood up.

“Look at the mess you’ve helped make.” I pointed down to my shorts that were soaked in pussy juice.

“You’re just gonna have to fuck me.” I put my hands on my hips and waited for him to take action. But he had another guilt trip.

“Teni, we can’t do this. You’re my employee. I shouldn’t even be here.” He said with his hard-on dangling in front of me.

“Oh yes you can! And you will! Wait till you feel my pussy wrapped around your cock, you’ll never straff Onome again.” I put my hands on his cock leaning in close to him.

“What’s that supposed to mean? If we fuck, then you won’t let me fuck Onome again?” He said, trying to take control of the situation.

“I’m happy you realize that I need to give permission for that to happen. I’ll let you fuck her. But you won’t want to. Once you’ve been in heaven, everywhere else will feel like hell. Even your wife’s pussy.” I smiled wickedly.

I really was going to fuck my boss and nothing was going to hold me back. I had overcome my fear and I was ready to take whatever was coming.

I reached to my back and unhooked my bra, tossing it aside, i was now completely topless. “Look at my tits, sir. they are much bigger and better than Onome’s. Aren’t they? Why don’t you squeeze them? There’s no harm in that.” I tempted him.

I grabbed both his hands and put them on my DDs. He couldn’t help but squeeze them. He played with them, teasing the nipples. I moaned my gratitude.

“You can taste them too.” I suggested.

Badmus wasted no time, descending to my nipples. Engulfing each areola into his mouth one at a time. He was surely enjoying it. My nipples were hard and easy to flick with his tongue. I reached under his arms and fondled his hard cock with my hand. I had him now, and I wasn’t going to waste any more time.

“Stop! Stop! Don’t you have to go to work?” I said as I pushed him aside. I wanted to see him beg to fuck me.

“Not like this.” He gestured at his cock.

“That’s true. We need to do something about that.” I smiled.

I hopped up on the dining table nearby but not before pulling my shorts down. I pulled my panties to the side, revealing my neatly trimmed cunt.

“Let’s get that down sir. Fuck me harder than you ever fucked your wife or Onome.”

Grabbing my legs, he lined up his cock-head with my pussy. Once they made contact, I wasted no time in wrapping her legs around his back and pulling him inside me.

Badmus watched in amazement as it disappeared into my body. He looked like he was in a different world. He looked ecstatic as the heat of my pussy enveloped his hard cock and squeezed it gently. The kayanmata was definitely working.

I felt his cock drill through my steamy passage until it had completely disappeared into the opening between my legs.

“Sir, your cock feels so good inside me. I just want to sit here and feel it for a few seconds. Then we’re going to fuck.” I added with a devious smile.

“Your walls feel like no other. I don’t think I ever want to come out.” He said moaned with deep pleasure.

I began to move in gentle gyrations swirling his meat around inside me. I pinched my hard nipples and looked up into his eyes. He moved with me grinding his cock around inside my belly. At least, Wayas was good for something. He had trained me to be the best freak in the sheets.

Gradually, I lifted up and pushed back down on his cock continuing to move my ass in bumps and grinds, grabbing onto Badmus’ shoulders for balance. My tits swayed back and forth in front of his chest.

I fucked him slowly tilting my ass up until only the tip of his cock was inside me, then slowly lowering my pussy all the way onto his length all from the table. I was a well-educated closet slut. I noticed Badmus looking at my tits still as he took hold of my legs and began to match my fucking rhythms.

He took a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the hard tip. Everything was surreal as if it was happening to someone I was watching. I felt his cock tingle and throb to the point of bursting, but I knew just how to control it without letting him release.

Soon, our bodies were locked together in a dance of passion moving as one. I kissed Badmus on the lips and shoved my tongue into his mouth. Our movements quickened, our mutual thrusts were more desperate. His cock glided effortlessly through my quivering sheath. It was about that time.

“Oooohhhh! Oh god! I’m almost there, baby. Make me cum lover… make… me…CUMMMMMM.” I screamed as I came hard on my boss’s cock.

With a satisfied smile, I looked into his eyes and started humping against him again.

“Yes! That feels so good. Ughh! Fuck me like that! Push your big fat fucking cock up my tight little cunt.UGGHHHH! I want you to fuck me like this forever!” I said through gritted teeth.

I looked him in the eyes, looking deep into his soul. Lust had taken over, lust for me and my hot body. All of a sudden, he stopped pounding, like an alarm went off in his head.

“Teni, let me pull out! You’re unprotected!” he tried to disengage, but I tightened my legs around him, controlling the action now.

“Don’t worry about that. Cum in my pink pussy.” I milked Badmus’ cock with my cunt muscles, doing things to his cock that neither his wife nor Onome had ever done. He gave up and started pounding me again. The pussy was too good to resist.

“Fuck me harder! Cum inside your little employee. Fill my pussy with your huge cock! You like that pussy wrapped around your cock, don’t you? Don’t you?”

“YEAAHHHHHSSSSSS….. It feels so fucking good!” He yelled. He was cumming.

This was the beginning of the end.

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