“See ehn Fayo, God made you for me.” I said into the phone.

I had closed work for the day and was heading home. I hadn’t seen or heard from Fayo since before I went to see Badmus. She wasn’t at her desk when I went back to the office. They said she was feeling ill and had gone home.

I went back to my office to continue my work. But as soon as work closed, I couldn’t wait to give her the gist, so I called her.

“I wish he had made me for someone who was smarter. You’re too slow.” She replied.

“Ehn, leave me like that. Unlike poles attract.” I laughed.

“This one that you’re calling me to praise me. I take it that my plan worked?”

“Yes it did o. Very well. He’s even picking me up tonight.”

“Ahh oshey. Do quick and come and give me gist abeg.” She said.

“No wahala. I dey come.”

I ended the call and gayly continued my ride home, whilst jamming to all the songs that were playing on the radio. Everything was right with the world. I had my man back, I had put Onome in her place, no new threats, things were definitely looking good.

I got home to meet Fayo relaxed on the couch.

“Ratchet TV as usual.” I commented as I entered the house.

“Aunty leave me abeg. How far?”

“I dey. Why did you close early?”

“Abeg I was tired joor. That fight, plus all the running around. My whole body aches.”

“It’s not only you o. At least all our struggle today wasn’t in vain.”

“Struggle that won’t have happened if you had behaved yourself.” She chided.

“Abegi! All that is in the past now. Thank God we’re in a good place.”

“So how did the thing with oga Badmus go?”

“Mehn, it was so easy. As soon as I entered the office, he welcomed me with shout. Then I started crying, he came to console me and boom! We started kissing. I gave it to him hot ehn. He was mesmerized. This has to be our best sex yet.” I said, beaming.

“I’m happy for you o. At least thank God we, sorry I, was able to fix it.” She said, feeling important. I indulged her. After all, she literally did the work for me.

“Take all the glory o. As if I didn’t do anything.” I replied in mock sobriety.

“Well apart from lamenting up and down, you did nothing.”

“Iwo lo mo. I am going to prepare for my date.”

“You better collect money and come and pay me for saving your life.”

“Yes ma.” I laughed as I walked into the room.

Soon enough, Badmus arrived and we went on our date. We had a great time as usual and he even gave me money, three hundred thousand naira. If there was a perfect example of having a man’s mumu button, this was it. The next morning, I woke up later than usual. Fayo was already almost ready for work.

“Aunty see how you’re dragging your feet. I woke you up when I woke up. You refused to wake up.” She said as I dragged myself to the bathroom. My body wanted more sleep.

“I was drained abeg. I needed that sleep.” I answered her.

“No work today? Abi you have resigned? This one that you are now oga at the top, controlling men of timbre and caliber.”

“It’s only one man o!” I said defensively.

“So you agree that you’re controlling him?” She asked.

“I didn’t say so.”

“Ok o. Since I don’t have immunity clause like you, let me start going to work. Before they hit me with query. Bye boo.”

“See you at the office.” I shouted in response as she shut the door.

Today I was going to take it easy. I took my time to brush my teeth, take a shower, pick out my clothes and wear my make up. There was no need to rush anywhere because even if I was late, I wasn’t going to get into any trouble. Bad as e bad, Onome will shout and remind me that she is control of the office then she will shut up.

By the time I was leaving the house at 8:30am, I hadn’t heard from Badmus and it was quite unusual. He normally called at 8am, on his way back from the gym.

“Maybe he’s a little busy.” I said to myself as I drove to work.

I sent him a text that read,

“Hey baby. How are you? I haven’t heard from you today. Just checking up. Kisses.”

I arrived the office at past 9am. For some weird reason, the security officials were extra nice to me. They helped me find a parking space and even directed me on how to park, which they normally never do, except for the bosses.

“It must be because of this car. Money does buy respect.” I said proudly to myself as I walked into the office.

I got to my department and something was different about it. Someone else was in Onome’s office. Worse still, someone else was sitting in my chair.

I walked to my desk and kept my things on the table.

“Becky, why are you in my chair?” I asked her.

“It’s the new madam that said I should move here.”

“New madam?”

“Yes o. She resumed this morning.”

“How can we have a new madam? What happened to Onome?”

“Hmmm! It’s like they have sacked her o.” Becky whispered.

“Sack ke?! Why?”

“I don’t know o. She came to work and met the new madam in her office. Onome asked her why she was in her office and that one told her to go to one of the executive’s office. She went and came back in tears, carried her bag and left.”

“What?!” I was shocked. I know I had wanted Onome out of my way, but I didn’t want Badmus to sack her. He could have just demoted her.

“The new madam wants to see you sha. She said you should see her immediately you arrive.” Becky informed me and continued working on her laptop.

New madam ke? If Badmus had fired Onome, why didn’t he just give me her position? Which one was new madam again? Abi was he sleeping with this one too?

I walked to the office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” I heard her say.

“Good morning.” I said as I entered the office.

“Morning.” She stared at me, trying to place my face.

“My name is Teniola. You asked for me to see you immediately I arrive.”

“Oh yes! Teniola Ayorinde. Right?”


“Ok. You’re needed at Mr Badmus Kolawole’s office.”

“Alright. I’d go there right away.”

“Please do.” The woman said.

I walked out of her office and headed to Badmus’ office. Something was not right. First, he fires Onome, then he gives someone her job, a job that should have been mine and then he sends for me through the new boss. Why didn’t he just call me? Something smelt very fishy and I couldn’t wait to find out.

I entered his office and met his secretary.

“Good morning. Mr Kolawole sent for me.”

“You can go inside.” She said, without looking up from the book she was writing in.

“Badmus. What’s going on?” I asked as I entered the office.

“I didn’t know you were allowed to address your superiors on a first name basis.” It was his wife.

She was clad in a red suit and was sitting on Badmus’ chair. What was happening?

“Good morning ma.” I stuttered.

“Good morning Teniola.” She smiled.

“I was told Mr Kolawole sent for me.” I said.

“Oh sorry. They must have made a mistake. It’s Mrs Kolawole as in me, who sent for you.”

“Oh! Ok?”

“Yes. Please sit down. You definitely can’t receive the news I have for you while standing because your cheap shoes will hurt your feet.”

“Thank you ma.” I sat down.

“Quick question, what is the one thing you and I have in common?” She asked me.

“I don’t understand ma.”

“Good Lord! I thought Onome was the dumb one.”

I was confused. One minute, she was talking about me and her, next thing she was saying Onome.

“We have nothing in common ma.” I answered.

“Well we’re not supposed to have anything in common. Not age, social status or even marriage. But you had to make sure that we had something in common, by all means.”

“I don’t understand what you mean ma.”

“How did my husband notice you again? He has a thing for smart women, so how he is dating you and Onome is a mystery I am yet to unravel.”

I was shocked. She knew her husband was sleeping with Onome and I? How did she even find out. I looked her in the eye. Shock visible on my face.

“You’re surprised I know?” She laughed.

I didn’t say anything.

“Listen my darling, it’s my duty to know what goes on with my husband. His businesses, his friends, even the gullible sluts he sleeps with. Sluts like you. So don’t be surprised that I know.” She smiled.

“I usually don’t do this, but I’m intrigued by you and your antics. I mean I know that my husband is a dog, but of all the women he has been with, you’re the only one who has ever wrapped him round your finger. He has spent so much money on you in less than one month. He even bought you a luxury car and I bet that if I hadn’t blown your tiny bubble, he would have gotten you a house by next week. I just want to know how you did it.”

Was she seriously expecting me to answer that question?

“Didn’t you hear me?” She asked.

“I did ma.” I said with a shaky voice.

“Listen to me. The fact that you’re having this conversation with me is such a huge privilege. I mean, who gets to chit chat with the boss before they get fired?”

Did she just say the boss? How was she the boss? She was just his wife. How come she was even in his office sef? Where was he? Wait! I was getting fired? This could not be happening to me.

“Oh I know you’re wondering why I called myself the boss. He didn’t tell you? Badmus is a staff, just like you. He works for me. The shares he controls, belong to me. The money he spends on you, all mine. Everything he has, belongs to me. I’m the rich one, not him. So technically, I’ve been the one with the sugar all this time. I’ve been the one taking care of you. You really should find ways to show me appreciation.”

I stared at her in shock. She had to be joking.

“You’re fired Miss Ayorinde!” She said in a flash. She was no longer smiling. She had the meanest look ever.

“If I see, smell or hear about you here or in any company I have links to, you’d be dead meat. Now get out!” She said.

“Please ma. I’m very sorry. Please forgive me. It will never happen again. Please. I need this job.” I knelt down.

“Of course it won’t happen again because Badmus can’t even afford to lavish money anymore so it can’t happen. Leave my office please.”

“Please ma.” I pleaded.

“Do you want me to call security?” She asked.

“No no ma.”

“Then get up and get out.”

I stood up slowly and turned to leave to office. I looked back at her one last time, pleading with my eyes. She looked at me sternly as I finally left.

My entire body was shaking. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was out of job now all because of my obsession with revenge. This was Fayo’s fault. If she had not insisted on me seducing Badmus, none of this would have happened.

I walked straight to her office to tell her what had happened and to give her a piece of my mind.

“Where is Fayo?” I asked as I entered her office.

“She is not around. Oga sent her on an errand.” Her colleague said.

I hissed and walked out. I would go home and wait for her. I went back to my office, picked up my things and was walking out when I heard my name.

“Miss Ayorinde.”

I turned back to see who it was. It was the new boss.


“Please come into my office for a moment.”

What did they want from me again? Hadn’t they done enough? I went back into the office.


“Yes please. Your termination letter.” She smiled as she handed the letter over to me.

Such meanness. Why would firing someone give you so much joy? I snatched the letter from her and stormed out.

“Have a nice life.” I heard her say.

As I drove home, I thought about how normal my life had been three weeks before. How I would rush to the bus stop at 4am to get a bus. How I was fine being unnoticed. Three weeks later, I was a totally different person. I couldn’t recognize myself. My body was different, my attitude had changed, I was now sleeping with a married man. I had lost my job all because of a useless war. I should have just listened to my conscience the night before I slept with Badmus, but ojukokoro didn’t let me see well.

“Well at least I still have this Benz. I can sell it and make some money.” I said to myself.

I had just gotten to my estate junction when all of a sudden, a black car with tinted glasses came out of nowhere and blocked my way. I wound down, looked outside, pressed my horn hard and screamed, “Remove this rubbish from my front now let me pass.”

Three hefty men came out of the car. They were wearing black shirts and trousers with dark glasses to match. They walked towards me.

My first instinct was to get out of the car and start running. Only for me to turn back and see two other guys standing beside my car.

The three guys in front finally got my car and dragged me out.

“Please I beg you. Don’t kill me. Take the car if you want. Don’t kill me.”

One of them took his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

“Hello.” He said into the phone.

“Yes ma.” He answered.

“Take.” He said as he handed me the phone.

With trembling hands, I took the phone from him.

“He..ll..o.” I stuttered.

“My darling Teniola, you didn’t think I was going to let you keep that car, did you? Hand the keys over to the boys. Now!” She ended the call.

It was Badmus’ wife.

“The key is in the ignition.” I was still trembling.

One of them went to the car and retrieved the keys. He came back and showed the others.

“Please let me go now. Please.” I pleaded.

“One last thing.” One of them said.

Before I knew it, they emptied contents of a bottle on my face. I felt a burning sensation on my face and some parts of my neck, where the liquid had dropped. I knew it was acid.

“My face!” I screamed.

“Teni wake up!” I heard Badmus shouting.

I jumped up still screaming and touching my face.

“My face! My face! They burnt my face!”

“Calm down! Nobody burnt your face. You’re here with me. You’re having a bad dream.” He shook me.

I opened my eyes. Badmus was there with me. We were both sitting naked in Fayo’s living room. My whole body was wet with sweat as I asked Badmus to bring me water. It was now clear, I had been in a dream. A terrible one.

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