Instead of finding Fowi, I found Demilade. Was the Lord trying to tell me something? Maybe he was saying Lade was the one for me. I mean, look at me trying to move on with my life and forget Lade, but instead, God was showing me his Instagram. For what biko?

After all said and done, the temptation of going to look through his Instagram was too hard to resist, so I fell and I regretted it. The first picture I came across was that of the stupid girl that calls herself his fiancée. Apparently, the day before was her birthday and he was there showering her with all the praises in the world and all this yeye followers were shouting couple goals in his comment section, including Sophie. Nobody knew couple goals when he was banging me hard on his office table o, mscheww.

The thing was making my blood boil ehen, because I had always been of the impression that they broke up because of the text I sent that day at Eko hotel. Now it was obvious that uncle Demilade had gone to beg her with every inch of his being and of course, she agreed to take him back. I mean, who wouldn’t? I scrolled down and looked at the remaining pictures on his page. I almost fell in love with him all over again, but Fowi was not worth giving up for even Lade. Or maybe I could double date? But nah, I already had my hands full with Fowi and even Lade’s father. There was no way I was adding Demilade to the equation. Lade that made my mother slap me in public and let’s not forget the beating and curfew I got from my father. Mbanu, after all, the bible says, affliction shall not visit us a second time. Demilade was an affliction and so, never again.

After all this talk, the amebo in me didn’t let me go and concentrate on finding Fowi. Instead, I proceeded to check out his fiancée’s instagram. I found out that her name was Christine and obviously, she abi her family was stinking rich. She was friends with all them rich kids of Lagos and she had pictures from all over the world featured on her page. I swear ehn, my eyes wanted to fall out. This one’s own was more than Sophie’s sef. From her Instagram page, it was obvious that she was pompous, constantly trying to show off her wealth and affluence in each picture.

After some time, I got tired of looking at Christine’s pictures and went back to the main thing that took me to Sophie’s page, Fowi. I went back to the list of Sophie’s followers but unfortunately, I didn’t find any handle that had Fowi in it. I started to think that he wasn’t using his real name on the gram, maybe a nickname or something. The only other option was to start looking at all the people one by one till I find out which one was Fowi. Guess what, Sophie had 11,500 followers and was following 3,285 people. What if Fowi was the last on the list of those she was following? I would now have to look through more than three thousand people’s instagram pages. Let’s not forget that when I see another fine boy, I would be forced to pay attention to his Instagram feed. Abeg, I might be desperate, but not this desperate. Besides Sophie hadn’t given me the Wifi password so I couldn’t be using my data for this type of mumu play. I wouldn’t not die if I didn’t see Fowi’s instagram feed.

I kept my phone on my bed side drawer and closed my eyes. Sleep refused to come and I hated days like this because I now had to think about my life by fire, by force. I picked out the area of my life I wanted to think about and I started thinking. I thought about how lucky I always got in finding the best men, first Lade now Olufowobi even Lade’s father sef, the angels were definitely on my side. Then I remembered how Demilade’s own ended up and something whispered in my ears,

“Karma is a bitch, bitch.”

This had to be the work of the devil and I wasn’t going to let him cause trouble for me again, that’s if there was any trouble to cause. I was far away from the only person who could cause my downfall, my mother and besides, I was a grown woman, so she couldn’t be dictating my life for me.

Finally finally, sleep came and I slept like a log of wood, to the extent that I didn’t hear my phone ring the first time. It rang two more times before I finally picked it up.

“Hello.” I said with my sleep infused voice.

“Hey, did I wake you up?” He said softly.

“Who’s this?” I asked.

“My name is Olufowobi. You gave me your number at play lounge this morning.”

My voice cleared immediately and I put on my tush accent. I looked at the time, it was past 8am.

“Hi Fowi, good morning.” I said.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did. You? Did you even get any sleep?”

“Well, a little.”

“I see.” I said.

“Thank God you’re just waking up, at least, you haven’t had breakfast.”

“Of course I haven’t. Why?”

“I was hoping you’d be kind enough to have breakfast with me.”

Ahan! Me I have not seen where people go on breakfast dates o. So somebody will just wake up early in the morning and start jumping up and down in the name of date. These Abuja people ehen, nothing they will not do.

“Are you still there?” He asked, interrupting me from my thoughts.

“Yes I am. Sorry, my head traveled.” I chuckled.

“It’s fine. So, breakfast?”

“Yea, sure. Although you have to give me some time to get ready.”

“Yes madam.” He said. “So I’ll pick you up in an hour?”

“Make it two.” I said.

“Ok princess. Take your time.”

“See you soon.” I said.

“Wait wait,” he said before I could hang up.


“I just wanted to know what you like and where in particular you would like to go.” He said.

I was quiet for a minute. I had absolutely no idea of the place to choose.

“I don’t know Fowi, anywhere is fine.” I said.

“Anywhere is not fine, but just leave that part to me, I’d figure it out. I guarantee that you’d be very impressed.” He said.

“Ok. We’ll see” I let out a small laugh.

“You’re on. Bye.” He hung up.

Such a gentleman he was, all the other men I knew would just take you to one restaurant, not thinking about whether you would like the place or not. Selfish males, all of them. However, there was something different about Fowi, his tone, the things he said, he was almost perfect.

I got out of bed to take a shower and clean up and as I was brushing my teeth, the intercom rang.

“Hello.” I said as I picked up.

“Good morning ma. Breakfast is ready.” It must have been the cook.

“Good morning. Thanks but I’d be skipping breakfast.” I said.

“Hope nothing ma.”

“Nothing at all. I just won’t be having breakfast.” I hung up.

After taking a bath, I searched through my bag to see if I could find a befitting outfit. Of course there was nothing, only my denim dress. Instead of me to go back to my father’s house, I am here, squatting with someone and going on breakfast date. There and then, I decided I was going to go back to Lagos on Tuesday, get all my things and come back to Abuja on Thursday or Friday.

I wore my dress and got started on my make up. Just then, Sophie entered the room and standing by the door she said,

“They said you refused to have breakfast. Any problem?”

When she noticed that I was getting dressed, she shut the door and walked towards me.

“Where are you going this early?” She asked.

“Well, Fowi asked me to breakfast, so I am getting ready.”

“Fowi? Asked you to breakfast? Fowi that has lunch as his first meal of the day asked you to breakfast? I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t know about that o. He called me this morning and asked if I wanted to have breakfast with him and I said yes.”

“Wow! Except Fowi has changed o, because this is not the Fowi I know.”

“Well, maybe he has.”

This Sophie’s ITK was becoming very annoying.

“So what are you wearing?” She asked excitedly.

“This dress.” I looked at myself then back at her.

“This dress?”

“Yes. Is something wrong with it?” I was clearly offended. I was tired of her belittling me every time.

“Is this the only dress you have?” She didn’t get the drift.

“Obviously Sophie. Did you expect me to pack my entire wardrobe for NYSC camp?” I asked her sternly.

She looked at me and noticed I was getting furious.

“I’m sorry, I was trying to help.”

I completely ignored her and continued drawing my brow till she shook my shoulder.

“I have apologized now.”

“I have heard you madam. Can I focus on my brows now? Fowi would be here soon.

She smiled and left the room. Few moments later, she came back with a pair of mules.

“This should complement your dress.” She stretched them at me.

They were burnt orange in color and looked very beautiful. I hesitated to take them from her, before her brain will touch again.

“Take joor.” She put them on the dressing table.

I looked at her, she smiled at me so I smiled back, put the shoes on the ground and wore it.

“See, I told you, you look great.”

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“You’re welcome.” She said. “Try not to wear too much make up. It’s a breakfast date not dinner. If you wear too much makeup, Olu will think you’re throwing yourself at him.”

“Thank you madam relationship specialist.” I said

She laughed.

“I’m going to have breakfast abeg. My stomach is already singing songs of war.” She walked out of my room.

After all my struggle to get the perfect make up, I was ready. It was almost 10am and Fowi had not arrived or called to say anything. I was beginning to wonder what could have happened. He definitely wasn’t expecting me to wait for him because he was too much of a gentleman to do that.

I decided to go and gist with Sophie before Fowi graced me with his presence. I checked her room but she was not there. So I went downstairs to the dining table and it was clear, she had already finished breakfast.

“Where could she be?” I asked myself.

So I walked straight ahead and what I saw set a lot of emotions loose inside of me.

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