We settled in the VIP section and were led to a table. This was the first time I was getting to VIP without a man. If na only me come, I for no even smell VIP. Well except some guy sees me in the regular section and decides to take me to VIP. Why was I even excited sef? I only got into VIP because I know Sophie, so what’s the difference between following Sophie and following a man biko?

Sha sha, Sophie asked me if I wanted to smoke shisha because she wanted to order for one but I declined. If there’s anything I fear after natural death, it’s death by cancer, especially cancer of the lungs, so therefore, I no dey use my lungs play.

I looked around and observed the place, it was obviously full of rich people. Even small small boys were popping bottles there. If you think there’s money in Lagos, enter Abuja. The people there act like they pluck the money from trees with the way they spend it anyhow. Half of them were probably government officials’ children because there was no other explanation for it. With what I had seen, all I knew was I was going to follow one of those boys and get my share of the national cake too.

As I was enjoying my own company, this beautiful man walks up to our table. Beautiful because this one was more than handsome mehn. He looked even better than Demilade. He was dressed very casually in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Me I was there adjusting myself, thinking he was coming to toast me because I mean, who will see me and not want to talk to me? I turned to smile at him, only for him to completely ignore me and face Sophie. Like how? Why would they see me and Sophie and pick Sophie? Somebody that is not even as beautiful as I am, no breast, no ass, only skin and bones.

They spoke quietly for a bit before Sophie turned to me and said on top of her voice,

“Naya, I want you to meet my family friend, his name is Olufowobi.” She turned to him and said, “Uncle, meet my friend, Naya. She’s serving here in Abuja.”

“It’s nice to meet you Naya, you can call me Fowi.” He said.

The music was so loud that I didn’t hear what he said. When he noticed that I didn’t hear him, he reintroduced himself, this time, he was loud enough for me to hear.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I shouted.

He took my hand in his hand and kissed it. Rich kid plus gentleman on top, wonderful! This Abuja, I die here. Apart from Babatunde Badmus, I was going to get this one too, by hook or by crook.

He smiled and sat down beside me. In a few minutes, another guy came to the join us and he had company, some skinny girl who was to busy with her phone to even notice any other person. Fowi introduced him to us as Adetola and he in turn introduced the girl as his girlfriend, Ibinabo. The girl looked up from her phone and acknowledged us before finally opening her mouth to talk to her boyfriend.

“Babe, aren’t we getting a table? This one seems… crowded.” She eyed Sophie and I.

This girl must be mad o, calling Sophie and I crowd. If not that the boy was kuku ugly, I would have added him to my Abuja mugus list. Another reason sef was that I already had my eyes on Fowi, an obviously better looking man. I definitely wasn’t going to trade Danish cookies for cabin biscuit. Aunty can keep her man, with her local name. Who even names their child Ibinabo for Christ sake? In this day and age.

That’s how the guy now cleared her doubt and sat down with us, completely ignoring her. Aunty ode now reluctantly sat down and continued pressing her phone.

The waiter soon came to us to ask us what we wanted. Fowi asked each of what we wanted to drink. As a sharp girl, I waited for Sophie to order before ordering.

So when Fowi asked me, I just told him I’d drink what Sophie was drinking. I didn’t want to order a cheaper one so that he would not think I was a bush girl who didn’t know what’s up, neither did I order a more expensive one, before they will say I am living above my means. I figured that since Sophie was his family friend and her own order was okay by him, then it was okay for me to have same too.

Soon enough, the waiter came back with our orders and the night slowly progressed. Fowi tried to talk to me but the music kept drowning his voice so we just stopped trying to communicate.

At 3am, Sophie beckoned on me for us to leave. We stood up and said our goodbyes to Fowi and his friends and proceeded to leave. It was paining me that we had to leave sha, because Fowi had not asked for my number and I wasn’t going to ask Sophie for it, before she will yab me and call me thirsty. Or maybe I should steal it from her phone? Sigh, instead of the yeye boy to do like a normal person and ask for my number.

As we got to the car, we heard someone shouting our names, it was Fowi. We stopped in front of the car and waited for him to reach us.

“Sorry guys.” He said as he got to us.

“What’s up?” Sophie asked him.

He turned to me and said,

“The loud music in there didn’t let me talk to you so I just wanted to ask for your number, that’s if you don’t mind.”

Mind ke? When I am not mad.

“Sure.” I said and dictated my number to him.

“Thank you.” He smiled. “Good night.”

“Good night.” I said.

“Good night Olu.” Sophie laughed and ran to her side of the car.

“Urrgghhh!” Fowi clamped his fist.

Sophie wagged her tongue at him and quickly entered the car. I laughed loudly, waved at him and got into the car.

“Naya, Naya. This one that you and Olu already exchanging numbers, hmm.” Sophie said as she drove.

“It’s not a big deal joor.” I laughed.

“Ok o. We are here, we’re looking at you.” She said.

“Why do you call him Olu sef? Isn’t it Fowi?”

“His name is Olufowobi. We used to call him Olu before o, only for him to change it to Fowi. So I still call him Olu to look for his trouble because I know he doesn’t like it.”

“Ohh! I see. How long have you guys known each other for?”

“Well we’ve been family friends for as long as I can remember but we became closer when he moved to Abuja.”

“Oh I see.” I said.

I decided to stop asking questions before the girl will start looking at me with her side eye. We soon got home and after saying our good nights, we went to our different rooms.

I took off my clothes, wiped my make up off and took a shower. After that, I was ready for bed but first, I had to do some stalking. I wanted to find out everything there was about Fowi, family, business, wealth, every single thing.

I clicked on my browser and went to google straight. It was as I was about to type his name that I remembered I didn’t ask for his surname. How stupid could I have been? There had to be a way out, so I proceeded to Instagram. I followed Sophie so I was sure Sophie would be following him. So I checked her followers and something was waiting for me there.

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