I was going to be an executive assistant. You know all these people that assist the bosses and have direct access to them. Follow them to important meetings, keep up with their lives and all that. Maybe they’d attach me to one of the most important executives in the firm so that I could warm my way into his heart too.
I thought to myself, what if it’s a female executive I get to work with? God forbid! All these women that are frustrated from home and like transferring aggression to others. God will not allow me work directly under any one of their kind.

A fine mature man is the kind of boss I needed. One I could easily seduce and make him fall for me. But wait first, what was it with men and I? Why did I feel the need to always have a man by my side? Only a few days in Abuja, I was already rolling with one guy and I still had plans for two more. I realized that I was moving from the prestigious position of a side chick to the position of a common whore. Only whores have many men at a time. I decided I was going to stick with Fowi and forget about Babatunde and the so called boss I hadn’t seen yet.

After we left the office, we went to the mall, because I wanted to buy something for me to wear on my date that night. We walked round and round but we didn’t see anything befitting. All the stores there were stocking only hideous suits and ugly dinner gowns. We left the mall and decided to check the shops in the environs before we finally found something. I bought a nice pajama shirt that I could pair with my jeans, you know, simple laid back evening look. Nothing too serious.

We got back home at about 4pm and the cook asked us if we were going to have lunch. I declined because I didn’t want to be going out of the house with a bloated stomach. I went to my room and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked great except for one thing, my hair. I had had the corn rows in for too long and it looked too rough. What was I going to do about it now? I had left all my wigs in Lagos so there was no way to get a new style and if I asked Sophie for any of hers now, she will start looking at me like a beggi beggi.

As I was looking at my hair in the mirror and trying to find a remedy to my problem, Sophie walked in.

“How far?” She asked.

“I’m good. Just trying to arrange my hair.” I said.

“This hair, is it not time you took it out? Even the domestic staff have neater hair than you.” She said.

“Sophie, you see me trying to arrange the hair and make it look nice. You think I don’t know it looks terrible?”

“Then loosen it now.”

“I can’t loosen it till I get home tomorrow. At least I will know what to do with it then.”

“Why can’t you loosen it now? So you want to go out like this? To embarrass who? Me? God forbid.”

“So when I went to breakfast like this yesterday, it wasn’t a problem abi?”

“I didn’t say so. I was probably not observant, that’s why I didn’t take note. But now that I have seen it, I cannot let you leave the house like this. We’ll get you a wig or something.” She said.

I tried to explain to her that there was no time for all that but she insisted and gathered three of the domestic staff to come and help me. When we finished taking the extensions out, one of them helped me wash it, blow dry it and them weave it. Sophie went to her room and brought one of those luxurious frontal wigs that only people like Toke Makinwa wear. It was brown with gold highlights and it was the softest hair I had ever felt. I was too scared to ask where she bought it, because I was sure it was one of those high end hair merchants, who sell weaves for like 200k.

Sophie caught me admiring it and asked me if I liked the wig. I said yes and asked her where she got it.

“TSA hair.”

“TSA hair kwa? I haven’t heard of that one o.”

“I met her on my flight to Lagos sometime ago o. I saw her hair from like 100 miles away and you know since real recognizes real, I knew I had to get the contact of her hair vendor. Turns out, she was the vendor. Her wigs are the truth and she is such a perfectionist so she takes extra care to make each wig according to her clients taste. So you don’t even have to stress yourself when you want one because she gets the weave and customizes your wig for you. All you have to do is do justice to her work by slaying for the gods.”

“Wow. The hair is really nice.” I said.

“You want one?” She asked me.

“I’d love to get one but me I cannot buy 200k hair. I don’t have that type of money yet.”

Sophie laughed.

“Who told you the hair is 200k?”

“It’s more expensive?” I looked at her wide-eyed.

“No silly. It’s 50k and it’s 20 inches o.”

“Wait, fifty thousand naira for 20 inches of correct human hair, plus frontal and wig customization? I don’t believe you!”

“I’m serious joor. It was supposed to be 55k sha, but she has this loyalty program that grants 10% off after you have purchased three customized units.”

“Well, hello TSA. The owner better get ready for a new bestie because I am about to set camp with her.”

We both laughed Sophie told me her Instagram handle was @tsahair.co an I quickly went to check it out. Her page looked beautiful and screamed luxury. I was still shocked that such beautiful hair was that affordable.

By the time I was through getting ready, it was already past 7pm and one of the workers had come to tell me that Fowi was waiting for me outside. That human was such a punctual person, always on time, never a minute late. I dashed to Sophie’s room to tell her I was off and I saw her dressing up too. She said she was going to pick her father from the airport. We said our goodbyes and I hurried downstairs so I wouldn’t keep Fowi waiting.

I jumped into the car and Fowi reached for my face, saying hello as he kissed my cheek.

“Hello to you too.” I smiled.

“You look great, as always.” He said.

“So do you.” I complimented back as he started driving.

“This is great to you? I just finished cooking and when I noticed it was already 7 o’clock, I took a random tee shirt and dashed out of the house because I didn’t want to keep you waiting. I literally just wore my shirt when I got here.”

The thought of this sexy dark chocolate man shirtless tickled my vaginal walls.

“So you were driving round town shirtless?” I asked.

“It was just a ten minutes drive babe. Besides, my glasses are tinted so unfortunately, nobody could see the all this sexiness.” He gestured at his torso with one hand.

“Bloody narcissist.” I laughed.

“Well don’t blame me, I’m not the one who asked to be created this sexy.”

“Shut up already.” I was still laughing.

We soon got to his house and of course it was big and beautiful. The ground was tiled and there were three more cars in the compound. A Lexus LX570, a Porsche Panamera and an Audi R8. I looked around in awe. Only rich human beings buy three of these kind of cars and keep at home.

It was as if Fowi knew what I was thinking as I was staring at the cars.

“I hope your mind is not telling you I own all these cars because it would be failing you.” He said.

“Ohh, your house is now an auto garage? Abi your rich friends kept their cars in your custody?”

“It’s actually my wealthy father who did.” He smiled.

This devil sha, he will just be bringing new wealthy men to tempt me. Me that just resolved to date only one guy how many hours ago, I was already considering Fowi’s father.

“Only God can come down and help me.” I said to myself.

Fowi walked to the door, opened it and gesticulated for me to come in.

“Thank you.” I said as I walked in.

He shut the door and led the way to his living room. The living room was massive and had a white and gold theme. The chairs were all white with shiny gold buttons. The long curtains were gold and had white tassels on the sides. The television was placed on one gold thing like that on the white wall. Don’t blame me, I don’t know what it is called. The living room was sha beautiful.

He offered me a seat and told me to make myself at home.

“What would you like to have? Juice, wine, whiskey, champagne, which? ” He asked me.

“Champagne will be just fine, thank you.” I said.

“Coming right up.” He said.

He headed towards the dining area and do you know what he did? He took his shirt off on the way. He brought his shirtless self back with two champagne glasses in hand and a bottle of Louis Roderer Brut Premier. Mehn, even though he didn’t have six packs, his body was still so firm and he was hella sexy, my vaginal walls tickled yet again.

He poured me a glass and handed it over to me. Then he poured champagne into his glass and we clinked glasses before drinking.

“So what are we having for dinner?” I asked him.

“You’ll have to wait and find out.” He smiled.

“Are we even sure you cooked yourself?”

“Of course I did. Who else would have cooked? Do you see any other person here?”

“Well, maybe you have a chef, or better still, maybe the woman who you were hurrying to answer while we were talking yesterday cooked.”

There was a second of silence and I immediately regretted talking about the ‘other’ woman. It wasn’t in my place to get jealous now, after all, it’s not like O was dating him. I should have just maintained silence and enjoyed my time with him.

With all these thoughts going on in my head at once, I didn’t even notice that Fowi was laughing.

“What’s funny?” I was puzzled.

“The fact that you think there’s a woman somewhere. I mean even if I am a demon, which I am not, how will I tell one of my women to cook for another one of my women? That’s the height of insensitivity. Oh, for the record, the woman’s voice you heard was my sister’s, Bolanle. If she hadn’t traveled this morning, you would have met her here.” He said.

I was embarrassed to say the least. I was not even dating the guy yet and I was already distrusting. Is this what girlfriends go through? The fear that your man might be shagging another woman behind your back is terrible, worse still, finding out that your suspicion was wrong after accusing your man. You will now have to start apologizing up and down. Na wa.

“I’m sorry. I should have figured that out.” I said.

“No it’s okay. I understand that women like to make sure that no one else is entering their territory. It’s totally fine.” He smiled.

Territory kwa? Fowi was even running faster than me sef. Only one and half dates and he was already talking about territory, oga o. I didn’t blame him, it was my big mouth I blamed. I had to clear his doubt before he thinks I am some cheap woman he can chop and clean mouth after whispering sweet nothings in her ears.

“I wasn’t protecting any territory. I was just over active I guess.”

“Oh trust me, I understand.” He replied, still smiling.

No he didn’t, he still thought I liked him as much as to get jealous over him. I had to do something and you would not believe what your WCE aka me did.

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