“Lade’s mother is a very good woman sha, God bless her.” I said.
“Who told you my brother’s name?” She turned and asked me.
Ghen ghen, I don enter, my mother had once said that my basket mouth will land me in trouble one day and now, the day had come.
Where will I start the explanation from biko? What will I say?

“Errm… it was you now.” I said, hoping my reply had convinced her.
“When?” She raised a brow.
“This morning, when you came to ask me if I had seen him.” I said.
She didn’t say a word, but from the look on her face, it was obvious she didn’t believe me so I spoke again in my defense,
“You ran into my room and asked, ‘have you seen Lade?’, then I asked you who Lade was and you said he is your brother.”
“Strange, because I call him Demilade not Lade.”
“Ehn, you called him Demilade, I just figured out that Lade would be the short for Demilade.” I quickly added.
“Hmm, ok.” She brought her compact powder out of her bag, opened it and started fixing up her make up. “Let’s go into the office, we’re probably late and I don’t want any wahala with my dad.” She said as she returned the powder to her bag.
I heaved a sigh of relief and picked up my bag from the chair. I was glad that she didn’t probe any further because I might have slipped up and said something I wasn’t supposed to say.
We stepped down from the car and got into the office premises. Sophie was greeted endlessly by company staff as we made our way to the board room to join the meeting.
“Sophie, I thought you said the meeting was for all staff? Why are people still roaming up and down?” I asked.
“Well when I said all staff, I didn’t mean each and every one of them now. You don’t expect all the staff of such a huge company to fit into one boardroom, do you? The heads of the various departments will attend and report back to the staff at the end of the meeting.” She said.
“But I am not a HOD so why am I attending?” I asked, I wasn’t cut out for any work stress that I could avoid.
“You’re an executive assistant remember? You need to take notes that concerns the executive you’re being assigned to.” She lectured.
“I haven’t even be assigned to anybody yet.” I blurted.
“All in due time my friend, all in due time.” She said as she dragged me into the board room.
I looked around and there were close to thirty people there. The only familiar faces were Lade’s and Uncle Rex. Sophie’s father wasn’t in the boardroom yet so they were probably waiting for him to arrive. Sophie greeted uncle Rex then walked to her brother’s side and after talking for a bit, Demilade got up from his seat for Sophie to sit down. He sat next to her and there was an empty seat beside him so Sophie gestured at me to sit there.
I sat beside him sheepishly and greeted her uncle who was across the table.
“Naya this is my big brother, Demilade. Demilade, my friend Naya, your new assistant.” Sophie dropped the bomb.
Ehn, ehn, ehn, assistant ke? Demilade was the executive I was supposed to assist? Did these people want us to work at all abi they want us to destroy the office table with sex? How will they make me his assistant? Wasn’t there any other executive in the office for me to assist?
Thankfully, I didn’t have time to reply as Babatunde Akin Cole walked in with guess who, FOWI. Babatunde sat at the head of the round table as uncle Rex gestured the staff sitting beside him to stand up so that Fowi could sit down. Fowi sat down and smiled happily at Demilade who smiled at him in return. This is what I didn’t want to see o, I knew Fowi would definitely know Demilade, but I didn’t know they were that friendly with each other, but from the way they were smiling at each other, they looked like they hadn’t seen each other in ages and they certainly had a lot to talk about. It wasn’t till a few minutes later that Fowi noticed my presence. The look on his face was a mix of joy and confusion. His eyes were asking me what I was doing there so I smiled back and gave him the ‘we will talk later’ look.
When everyone had settled down, Demilade’s father spoke up,
“Good morning everyone, thank you for coming to this meeting.” He said.
“Good morning sir.” We all chorused in response.
“As you know, I don’t like to beat about the bush, so I’ll go straight to the point and make this as short as possible, so we can all go back to our duties.”
He paused and continued,
“The company is embarking on a new project this week, one of the biggest we’ve worked on in years and that’s why I’m here with my son, Demilade.” He gestured to Demilade who gave a nod to acknowledge what his father had said.
“From this week, we shall be working hand in hand with the people from Carter for the next six months on the hospital project. Carter has been gracious enough to agree to a partnership of our companies for the good of this project and that is why Mr Olufowobi Carter is here. He is going to be supervising on behalf of his company so please, give him all the assistance he will need. Treat him the way you treat me, Rex, Demilade or Tolulope… sorry, Sophie.” He turned to Sophie as everyone giggled.
“Thank you uncle Tunde, I’m really glad that our companies are working together and I cannot wait to do amazing things with the members of your staff.” Fowi said to Babatunde.
All these rich people sef ehn, board meeting where you’re supposed to be formal, Mr. Man is singing uncle up and down, must we know that you know him to his house? Mscheww.
Uncle Rex spoke up and welcomed Fowi on behalf of the staff and promised him their undying support throughout the course of the project. Fowi was just smiling from ear to ear throughout out, like a big man that was being welcomed to his village for the first time.
After all the talking, the meeting finally ended and everyone went back to their offices, Babatunde first, uncle Rex then the rest of the staff. Demilade and Fowi were talking to each other across the table and Sophie joined in after saying hello to a few people. Me I just sat down there like the fourth wheel, the poor man’s child who didn’t have the liver to join in the conversation of rich kids. I took my phone out of my bag and fidgeted with it while they spoke about random things, how they had flown to Barcelona one time and to Dubai and Morocco etc etc.
“Ehen Fowi, you know you’re my tour guide in this Abuja o. You need to take me to the happening places so we can have plenty of fun.” Lade said.
“You know I’ve got you fam.” Fowi said and they shook hands.
“Wow wow wow, so you can’t ask me to take you to happening places abi?” Sophie raised a brow at Demilade.
“You ke? Do you know any places around? The only places you know are those expensive restaurants you eat at and use pictures from there to finish our data with your Insta story.” Lade laughed and Fowi joined him.
“I don’t blame both of you.” She hissed.
“Don’t mind her joor.” Lade said to Fowi. “So tell me, that hot chick you said you’re talking to, when am I going to meet her? You know this one I’m in a serious relationship, you need to get in one too and stop chasing women up and down.” Lade added.
Ehen! So Fowi had met another chick that he was spinning somewhere apart from me? Wonders will never end o, uncle that used to do like saint up and down is spinning multiple girls. Wonderful!
“See I’m a changed person, I used to double date back in the UK but not here, I found Jesus.” He laughed and the others joined him.
“You found Jesus when? You that is toasting my friend?” Sophie shouted.
“Wait, he’s toasting your friend? Which friend please? Someone I know?” Lade asked Sophie. “Is it Sophie’s friend you were telling me about?” He turned to Fowi.
I don’t know why I didn’t figure out at this time that I had become the topic of discussion amongst them. Maybe because I was not concentrating or maybe because I told myself that it could have been any other girl as they were now implying that Fowi was a woman wrapper.
“Well yes, it’s Sophie’s friend I’m talking about.” Fowi smiled sheepishly at me and I smiled back.
“Which of them now?” Lade asked, obviously missing the point that they were talking about me.
Sophie slapped the back of Lade’s head and said,
“Se afọju? Can’t you see that he is talking about my friend Naya, your assistant!”
Lade looked at me in horror, he was beyond mortified to find out that Fowi and I were involved with each other. I hadn’t for once thought about what Lade would think when he found out about me and Fowi and at that point, I regretted not giving it prior thought. If I had, I would have been looking forward to his reaction and I would have been able to enjoy that moment with every drop of my blood.
Shebi he was the one that used and dumped me first, he didn’t know that it’s not the first person that calls police that wins case. That morning, the sight of him begging to fuck me had given me pure joy, I didn’t think anything could heighten it till now. Karma is indeed a bitch.
I turned to Demilade and smiled in a bid to add salt to injury. I wanted him to see that I was happier with Fowi than with him. Even if Lade loves his girlfriend so much, he still wasn’t going to take lightly the fact that somebody he knew very well was going to have me instead of him. He was a typical man, treat you like rubbish when he had you then start acting like a jealous idiot when you get with another guy.
“Is something wrong?” Sophie asked Demilade when he didn’t said a word after the revelation.
In a bid to prevent things from escalating between Fowi and I, Demilade proceeded to say something that left us all wondering what kind of human he was.

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