The girls and I had settled in and were making our orders when Derin shouted Faraji’s name. I was wondering why she was calling his name till I turned around and saw him walking towards our table. I was extremely surprised because he didn’t say he was going to be here tonight. What am I even saying? We hadn’t talked the entire day so how could he have told me?

After he greeted me and my friends, he told us that he was there waiting for Derin and he was going to go to find Derin at his office. I asked him to have a drink with us but Fayo immediately disagreed with me, asking me whether I saw any other men with us. Then an argument started and before I knew it, Faraji kissed me and disappeared, before I even had the chance to say a word.

“Stop this argument abeg. The guy has already gone.” Teni said.

“Is it not Fayo’s fault?” I blurted out.

“Abeg abeg abeg, I just helped him say what he was finding hard to say. It was obvious Faraji didn’t want to sit with us. Didn’t you notice he was in a hurry to get away from us?”

“Well he did say he was going to see his friend in the office.” Teni pointed out.

“I don’t think that’s where he was going to.” Derin finally joined in.

“How do you mean?” Fayo asked her.

“Derin didn’t tell me he was hanging out with Fa’a this evening.”

“So because Derin didn’t tell you now that means my boyfriend is lying?” I was a little offended.

“That’s not what I am saying o. All I am saying is that, I told Derin we were coming here. So if he was coming here too, he would have mentioned, but he didn’t. He said he was heading home immediately after work.” Derin explained.

“Ehen, maybe he forgot about meeting up with Fa’a na.” Teni said.

“I highly doubt it. Fa’a has been acting strangely since that day he didn’t propo…” Derin was saying before she quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

I dropped the glass I was drinking from slowly and asked her what she was trying to say but she didn’t say a word.

“Answer now!” Fayo said impatiently. “What were you trying to say?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing.” Derin insisted, she didn’t want to talk.

“But Derin you were just saying something now now, finish your statement.” Teni urged her.

Derin kept insisting that it was nothing and I was going to let it go but Fayo wasn’t having it. She said she was almost sure Derin was hiding something serious with the way she had covered her mouth, like she had slipped out a secret that shouldn’t have been said.

“Derin, what are you hiding from us?” Fayo probed on.

When Derin saw that Fayo wasn’t going to let her off the hook like that, she spilled the beans and I was more than horrified.

“Faraji was going to propose to Lenka yesterday, but it didn’t happen and I wonder why.” She said.

“Ahhh! And Teni said it o.” Fayo exclaimed.

“You see, I knew it! He couldn’t have made her dress up like that for nothing.” Teni said.

I kept mute and looked at all of them one by one. They looked back at me obviously knowing the question that was on my mind. Why didn’t Faraji propose? What could have made him change his mind?

“So why didn’t Faraji end up proposing?” Fayo asked Derin.

“How am I supposed to know?” Derin answered.

“What do you mean ‘how am I supposed to know?’ Doesn’t Derin tell you everything?” I shouted at her.

I was very mad about the whole thing because I didn’t understand why Faraji would have done such a thing. There had to be an explanation for this nonsense.

“Calm down babe. You need to take this thing easy.” Teni held my shoulder.

“Leave her abeg. Take what easy? If your boyfriend planned your proposal and all of a sudden changed his mind will you take it easy?” Fayo said to Teni.

“Derin hasn’t told me the reason and I’m not even sure he knows, not yet at least.”

“See me I don’t think we should push it o. For all we know, Faraji might have gotten cold feet and decided not to propose again. Blowing this thing out of proportion will only put pressure on him.” Teni suggested to us.

She turned to me and with a hand on my shoulder again, she reminded me that Faraji loved me and there was no reason not to trust him. Fayo vehemently disagreed with her saying that if Faraji loved me, he wouldn’t have lied about him coming to Sao Cafe that night. Teni defended Faraji like she was his voltron.

“So because Derin’s boyfriend didn’t tell her that he was hanging out with Fa’a, that means Fa’a was lying abi? Na wa o! You need to stop putting ideas in Lenka’s head.” She said to Fayo.

“My problem with both of you is that you’re too trusting. This is a matter we should be looking into properly and you’re saying I’m putting ideas in her head. Sorry o.” Fayo sipped from her glass.

“It’s ok guys, let’s just drop it.” I finally said after listening to all the arguments.

Teni was right. Faraji was my man and there was no reason to doubt him just because he didn’t go through with a proposal. I mean I was sad that it didn’t come through but there was no cause for alarm yet. I knew it was definitely bound to come sooner or later so I decided I was going to let the matter rest.

We continued our drinks but my mind was no longer there. Soon enough, Teni stood up and said she had to go because her boyfriend was waiting for her.

“Boyfriend that we have not seen.” I commented as she stood up.

“You’ll see him one day boo.” She smiled as she left walked away.

“Fayo, who’s this Teni’s boyfriend? Because you know who he is and for you not to have said anything about him that means…” I said to Fayo.

“Wait wetin you dey talk? That I have basket mouth?” Fayo seemed offended.

“That’s not what she said joor. You know she was just teasing.” Derin defended me.

“Wo, I’ve heard. Me too I’m going home to my imaginary boyfriend.” Fayo said.

I was tired too and I knew it was time to call it a night. I decided not to go to my house that night. I wanted to be close to Fa’a now, to reassure myself that all was well with our relationship and to make sure he wasn’t having second thoughts about us. So I drove down to his house and what I saw when I got didn’t sit well with me at all.

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