‘Naya. Naya’ Sophie said as she shook me. ‘Are you ok?’ she asked. ‘Yes I am.’ This is just a lot to take in. I went from being a homeless JJC in Abuja to living in a mansion like this. ‘In minutes’ I answered. Sophie laughed and said ‘You better get used to it’. I laughed too and said ‘I already adjusted myself to ajebutter mode o. No time’ Sophie replied ‘Better. Come. I’ll show you your room’. ‘Erm Sophie, who’s this?’ I asked, pointing to the portrait. ‘Ohh. That’s my father.’ She answered. People of God, it was Babatunde Akin-Cole. 

Quick recap, Babatunde Akin-Cole is Lade’s father. The very same man that successfully convinced Lade to dump me. Turns out, he is Sophie’s father. Small world indeed. Sophie shook me again saying ‘Naya. You’re always lost in thought. What is it this time?’ ‘Nothing at all.’ I answered. I looked around again to see if I would see her mother’s portrait, but it was only hers I saw. ‘Your mother? She doesn’t take pictures?’ I asked. ‘Let’s just say, I belong to two families’ Sophie answered. ‘Two families ke? How?’ I replied. ‘Don’t worry Naya. I’ll tell youl about it later’ she said. She walked towards the staircase and beckoned on me to follow her.

We got to the top of the stairs and walked to the end of a long corridor before she opened a door and said ‘This is your room. It’s en suite. ‘ She said as she showed me the bathroom. The bathroom had a bathtub in the middle and a huge shower area. If you see the way the toiletries were arranged ehnn, like it was a hotel. I was just looking. Daddy where were you when Babatunde Akin-Cole was making money? See me sharing toilet and bathroom in my father’s house. Then here that I am just a visitor, I am living like a king.

We walked out of the bathroom and she pointed at my bedside ‘That’s the intercom. You can call the kitchen, laundry, gate, even me from there’. These wealthy people ehnn. Intercom ke? When it’s not hotel. I couldn’t contain the ‘ajepako’ in me, so I asked ‘What do I need intercom for? Can’t I just go to the kitchen myself and take what I want?’ Sophie burst into laughter. ‘Stop laughing now.’ I said. ‘I’m sorry. It’s just that, you’re hilarious’ she said and continued laughing. When she noticed that I wasn’t finding anything funny, she stopped.  ‘Naya. My darling’ she said. ‘This house, is bigger than you can imagine. You haven’t even seen half of it’ she added.  ‘Now take a shower and come down for dinner’. She said as she walked out of the room.

‘Sophie’ I called in the hallway. There was no answer. I called one more time and still no answer. Which kain wahala be this now? I was lost inside house. Na wa. It took me about 10 minutes to find my way back to my room. I took my phone and called Sophie. She described her room to me and I found my way there. When I entered ehnn, I understood what levels meant. If you see her room ehnn. Me that was there saying that my own was big, I didn’t know that my own was small. ‘Your room is so big. What are you doing with all this space?’ I asked. ‘I like space. I don’t like being ‘enclosed’. So when my dad bought this place, I took the masters bedroom. He stays in one of the smaller rooms when he comes to Abuja.’ She answered. ‘Ahh. Nice.’ I replied. This is how I should be living o. Like a princess. Lade would have provided it for me o, but for his father, and my mother of course. Sophie had a mini walk in closet, a king sized bed and a huge vanity table. For you people that don’t know what vanity table is, it’s make up table. After she was done dressing up, we went down for dinner.

The table was already set with dinner plates, cutlery, bottle of wine packs of juice and bowls of fruit. As we got to the table, Sophie said ‘God I missed this. Some real food finally.’. I just laughed in my mind. In my own house, you had to go to the kitchen and dish your food by yourself, nobody will dish food for you. As we were eating, I asked Sophie when we were going to resume work. ‘Naya, you’re too serious. It’s the weekend. You should be talking about going out, having fun. We’re young, we shouldn’t be thinking about work like this.’ See this one. Did she think my father was a billionaire? That I should not think about how to make my daily bread. Wait sef, what am I saying? A man should be taking care of my needs… Sophie’s phone rang and interrupted my thoughts.  She picked it up and spoke ‘Hi daddy. How are you?’ ‘I’m fine, just trying to adjust back into my regular life.’ ‘You’re coming to Abuja? When?’ ‘Monday morning? Yay. You can finally meet Naya.’ ‘You can’t remember Naya? My friend from camp now’ ‘Yes’ ‘Yes’ ‘Bye daddy. Love you.’. She blew kisses to her phone as she ended the call. ‘That was my dad. He’s coming to town on Monday. I’m so excited. I haven’t seen him for 8 months’. I looked at Sophie and smiled. It had finally clicked. I needed Babatunde Akin-Cole in my life.

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  1. Lovely story….. Bet, biagodu where are you running to till 21st?
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