First of all, the door was already locked and I had to knock and ring the bell for almost ten minutes before it was opened. Immediately one of the domestic staff opened the door, I started shouting at her, asking her why she had to keep me waiting for so long. She didn’t say anything much to my annoyance and I promised to report her to Sophie.
I walked towards the dining table to access the stairs and I saw Babatunde Akin-Cole seated at the table. He looked intently at me till I came out of my shock and greeted him. He didn’t answer my greeting but instead called for one of the staff.

“Go upstairs and call me Tolulope.” He said.

“Ok sir.” The young man proceeded upstairs.

Who was Tolulope again for crying out loud? Abi did he have another child that he had come with? Why was he calling Tolulope at this time? I was confused at what to do, whether to go upstairs or keep standing there. Thankfully, I had sense to stand on that spot because what happened next wasn’t the prettiest thing.

Sophie came downstairs with the staff her father had sent upstairs.

“Yes daddy,” she reached the bottom of the stairs. “You called me?” She added as she rested her arms on one of the chairs.

Apparently, her other name was Tolulope and her father probably preferred to call her that.

“Who’s this young woman?” He asked her, gesturing to me.

“Ohh, her name is Ifunanya. She’s my friend, the one I told you about?” She was obviously trying to juggle his memory.

“Yes I remember you spoke about her, but you forgot to tell me she has no home training.” He said.

“Daddy!” Sophie shouted.

Heii God! So it was me this man was insulting like this? For the second time, he was crossing my path and this time I was not going to take it lightly. Somebody I had decided to just bone and forget his matter, he was opening old wounds and even giving me more.

“I’m not a wayward child.” I said in defense.

“Which child with proper home training comes back home at almost 11pm?” He asked me.

At that point I was confused, Sophie that goes clubbing, smokes shisha like a chimney, drinks alcohol like a fish and has sex in her father’s living room is the child with good home training? Nothing I will not see.

“Daddy it’s not like that. She went to see her ill aunt in Kubwa and she had to stay to take care of her and you know how hard it is to get transport back into town when it’s late.” Sophie said quickly.

She turned to me and signaled me to corroborate her story.

“Yes sir. My aunt is on admission in the hospital so I went to see her. Her daughter, my cousin has been the one taking care of her all this time, so I went to relieve her for today, so she could rest. I called Sophie to tell her when I was running late.” I said.

“Yes she did, while I was waiting for you at the airport.” Sophie quickly said.

“I’m very sorry sir. I didn’t know there was a curfew in this house.” I eyed Sophie.

There was silence for a while as Babatunde looked from Sophie to me and back to Sophie.

“There’s no curfew around here, it’s only right that decent girls come back home when it’s getting late.” He said.

Decency abi? Let’s see whether he will still be singing this song when I finish with him. Rada rada.

“I understand sir, my parents always say the same thing. I’m very sorry again sir.” I curtseyed.

“It’s ok. How is your aunt now?” He asked.

“She’s fine sir, getting better slowly.” I answered.

“Alright then.” He smiled at Sophie and I.

Sophie dragged me upstairs as we bid her dad good night. We went to her room and before locking the door, we made sure no one was coming.

“Why didn’t you tell me your father had a problem with people staying out late?” I asked her angrily.

“I’m sorry, it didn’t occur to me.”

“It didn’t occur to you? Did you see how it made me look? At least if you had warned me about it, I would have canceled my date or postponed it.”

“Sorry now, besides, I covered up for you, so what is the problem again?” She said.

I wanted to slap sense into her head but I thought against it, before her father will deport me back to Lagos. I picked up my purse and stormed out of her room before I would be propelled to do something stupid.

I walked into my room, shut the door, took off my wig and threw it on the bed. I started pacing up and down the room with my index finger in between my teeth. I had to come up with something fast before the man had the chance to insult me again. He obviously didn’t remember who I was because he looked at me like he was seeing me for the first time in his life so that was a good thing.

I knew his type, hard guy, hard guy, they will still fall when you finish seducing them, nonsense. I was going to seduce in his house and office and I made a decision to conquer him before he went back to Lagos. I knew what to do, I was going to start parading the house in just my underwear and a sheer robe, the man would have no choice but to notice me then.

I went to take a shower with excitement in my heart, Babatunde Akin-Cole was going to be mine in a matter of days and nothing was going to stop me. I took a bath and as I was coming out of the bathroom, my phone rang, it was Fowi.

“Hello Fowi.” I said into the phone.

“Hey you.” He said softly.

“How are you?” I asked him.

“I’m great, you?” He repiled.

“Fine too.”

“So what’s up? Anything new?” He asked.

“New ke? I just left you like an hour ago. How can there be something new?” I asked.

“A lot of things can happen in one hour, so I wouldn’t know, I’m just trying to keep up with you.”

“Well, apart from Sophie’s dad coming into town and me getting shouted at, nothing new.” I told him.

“Uncle Tunde is in town?” He asked in surprise.

See his mouth like uncle Tunde. He shad had to remind me that they were family friends. Dear Lord, again I ask, where was my father when people like Babatunde Akin-Cole and Baba Fowi were making money?

“Yes he is, unfortunately for me.” I said.

“Unfortunately for you, how?” He asked me.

I narrated everything that happened between Babatunde and I to Fowi and he laughed when I said Babatunde said I had no home training.

“So it’s funny to you abi?” I was vexed.

“No, no babe, it’s not like that. I’m just imagining the scenario that played out and it’s so damn funny.” He said.

“That’s na t even the funniest part o. Sophie had to tell him that I went to see my ill aunty in Kubwa.”

“I’m dead.” He laughed loudly. “So I am now your sicl aunt abi?”

“What did you want us to say now? I swear ehn, if Sophie didn’t speak up, I don’t know what would have happened.” I joined him in laughing.

We gisted for a bit longer before he wished me good night and hung up. I went to my bag and picked out my best underwear. Thank God I at least brought my robe along, as if God knew that I was going to need it. I set my instruments of seduction on my dressing chair and went to sleep, happy that I was finally going to start my revenge process the next morning.

I slept like a baby and had a weird dream. In the dream, I was Babatunde’s wife, I was maltreating Sophie during the day, making her do all the chores and preventing Babatunde from giving her money and in the night, my pussy was grinding hard on Lade’s dick, screaming his name and calling him Daddy at intervals. I woke up sweating like a Christmas goat because the dream was all sorts of weird. How will I become Sophie’s step mother? I mean I wanted Babatunde but as a sugar daddy, not husband. I still liked my freedom abeg.

I got down from my bed and said a prayer, binding and casting every evil spirit of marriage between Babatunde and I. I prayed that the seduction will work and he will like me so much but will never ask me to marry him. I got up and went to take a shower then after that, I went to check Sophie and luckily for me, she wasn’t around. I was glad because it would have been impossible to walk to her father’s room to seduce him if she was around.

Well I didn’t plan to sleep with him that day, I just planned to put my wares on display for him to see. I was going to walk to his room like that and greet him. He’d either smile at me or frown face and wash me. He has kuku washed me already so it will not shock me. All I knew was it was a huge risk that would pay off if I carried it out perfectly.

I went back to my room and put on my armor of war, the time had come. I stepped out of my room and as I was headed to Babatunde’s room, things took a 180 degrees turn.

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