Happy Anniversary to us at The Culture Fit. I started writing this blog because I wanted to share gist that I had in my head. In months, it was no longer a blog, it became a culture, a culture that many people relate to today. In a year, the blog has hit almost 100 thousand views, well, 97 thousand precisely.
What started as a The Lagos Side Chick has grown into The Culture Fit and will soon graduate to a book that I cannot wait to share with you all. I’m more than glad that I can reach as many people through this blog and I’m grateful that you read all my posts and even ask for more. Thank you for the ginger to create new content, without you guys, the blog wouldn’t be where it is today.

Thank you Damola for been one of the greatest support systems I’ve had in my life. When I wanted to start writing, you were the first person I ran to. I remember the first thing I wrote, you virtually watered it down, made me sit up and get better. Thank you for putting me first even when you had your own issues to deal with. Damola edited my story minutes after a surgery. He was literally going on the journey with me from a hospital bed. Without him, I probably would never have started this and today, I am so happy that he finally come back home to us hale and hearty.

I love you Damola and thank you for all the encouragement.

I met Christine just before I started writing the blog and when I finally started writing, she took the blog like her own. She sent bcs and told everyone about it. They even thought she was Naya. She took up the role of management and was striking deals on my behalf.

When I can up with the video idea, she accepted to film it whole heartedly. The way she would apologize for not doing it in time ehnn, you would think I was paying her. Even after complaining about her foundation finishing, she still did a full face beat and made me a video. Thank you Christine, even though you yab me and insult me every time, you still go out of your way to make the blog better. I haven’t forgotten about your foundation and I promise that we’d be able to afford plenty of it before the end of the year.

First of all, I’ll have to thank Uzo. Uzo pushed me to try to reach out to media houses to fund my series.

Sadly, I didn’t get any funding, but I met Charles and he has given me almost all the opportunities I got through the blog.

Charles has pushed me beyond my limit and has helped take TCF from a random blog to brand. I’ve done things that I wouldn’t have done if Charles didn’t push me to do it. Paid attention to the tiniest details because I realized that I was working for not only myself and my audience but for Charles too.

He has helped me come up with brain bursting ideas for the brand that I cannot wait for you guys to see. He has taken TCF more personal than I have ever taken it.

The brand has grown in leaps and bounds since Charles came on board.

He believes in me more than I believe in myself. He is willing to take risks with and for me.

To crown it all, Charles knows how to massage my ego. He lets me win almost every time. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an attention whore and Charles feeds my craving for attention every single minute.

Thank you for all your sacrifice and love. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. Thank you for letting me disturb and yab you, thank you for sharing all your marketing ideas with me, for putting your money on the line for my ideas. A thousand kisses KING, we’d still work on Ondo Town and make it big.

Chima has always tagged me as his mentor. For what? I don’t know. I don’t think I deserve it. I think he writes better than me but oh well.

When I wanted to start writing Side Chick Wars, Chima was there to help me shape that idea. He made it his duty to look at every story before it was published. The only wahala is that he believes in Queen’s English too much. I have been trying to get him to loosen up, but he’s still a work in progress.

Thank you Chima for all the time you have taken our for the brand, even when it wasn’t convenient. Thank you for shaping each story into what it is today.

PS: Thank you for all your work and contributions to PSYCHOPATH. You’ll definitely be proud of me when we finally produce it. I promise.

Segun, my editor turned friend, thank you for convincing me to put my story in a competition. You have taught me little by little, the business of being a writer and I appreciate it. Hopefully you get to stop giving excuses and give us the chance to make magic together.

I’m grateful for my Yin Yang, Onyinye. I met her through the blog and we’ve become the best ever. I’ve known her for six months but she’s shown up for me more than most of my pre-existing friends. Thank you Yin, I love you.

To everyone who shares the episodes: Tolly Wolly, Nathan, Ima, Florence, Lade, Eniola, Oyiza, Ann, Barbara, Shalom, Mariam, Marret, Brian, even those I cannot remember, thank you.

I’ve tried my hands on so many things between 2013 and now, most of which I worked with my blood and sweat to make successful, but none has been as successful as this one and this would not have been possible if you weren’t paying attention to me.

You’re one of the many who gave this small woman your attention even though you don’t know her personally and for that I say THANK YOU.

You all are a part of my success story. Thank you for sharing every episode with your friends, for leaving comments on the blog even for adding TCF to your itinerary.

We’re not there yet, but we’ll get there if you keep giving me ginger. I hope that by this time next year, a book would have been added to the TCF brand and you’d love it too.



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  1. To Be Honest (I would have typed ‘TBH’ but alas); I’m happy I started following this blog (This month (first week in July)) and I’m happy I did.
    I was on InstaGram and saw the the name ‘The Culture Fit’ and I was interested immediately to know what it was about.
    Every episode is full of suspense and I’m thrilled to say I enjoy it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hopefully I should buy the book ‘Strength of a Woman’ when it’s out.

    Again, keep up the good or should I say AWESOME work.

  2. Your story is very amazing
    Your suspense game is a 100
    If you are going to have a book please mail me I would love to buy

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