I heard footsteps behind me and a voice that was too familiar, it was Demilade Akin-Cole. I stopped moving immediately and stood on the spot like a statue. There was a question and answer session going on in my head, when did he come into town? Did he know it was me? What was I going to do? Should I run past him before he has a chance to recognize me?

“Hello.” He said, he seemed to be closer to me now.

I knew what I was going to do, I was going to turn to him and greet him, then act surprised when I finally recognize him. At least let him think that I didn’t know it was his father’s house, before he thinks I am following him round Nigeria.

I did a three number countdown in my head and turned to him with a huge smile on my face. He looked really good, better than before. In a navy blue suit and a nice pair of patent shoes, his beards were even fuller.

“Hel…” The smile changed to a feigned shock.

“Naya.” He almost screamed.

“Demilade.” I screamed.

Trust me to over act now, the shock in my voice could be heard from 1000 miles away. Uncle literally ran to me and covered my mouth with his hand. He obviously didn’t want anybody to see us together. After darting his eyes round to make sure no one was in sight, he took his hand off my mouth.

“What are you doing here?” He asked me.

“I should be asking you that question. What are you doing here?” I replied.

“What do you mean what am I doing here? This is my father’s house.” He shot back.

I put on my most surprised face.

“Your father’s house how? This is my friend’s house and she never said she had a brother.”

That was a lie sha, Sophie had said she had two half brothers but she never mentioned their names so technically, I knew nothing.

“Tolu is your friend?” His eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

“Yes she is.” I said proudly.

“Listen, you ca…” He was obviously trying to give me a warning before we heard footsteps on the staircase so I quickly dragged him into my room and locked the door.

When I turned back to him, I caught him staring at my ripe behind with lust. I immediately remembered the day we had sex in his office. Even though it was a while back, it was still so fresh in my memory like it had just happened the day before. I looked around me, beautiful room, bed, everything ready for him to take me again. My pussy ached so much and I was starting to get wet at the thought of straffing him at the risk of getting caught, the adrenaline was doing so much too my system.

“You were saying?” I came back to my senses.

“Yes, yes,” his eyes kept darting everywhere. “You can’t stay in my house, not while I’m here at least.”

“Why if I may ask? Your sister and your father didn’t have a problem with it, so why do you?” I asked him.

“Don’t play dumb with me Naya, you know what I’m talking about.” He raised his voice a little.

“No I don’t, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.” I said without the tinniest care in the world.

He was starting to get on my nerves, did he think the whole world revolved around him? That he would say jump and I would ask how high? If he had even asked me nicely, I might have agreed but instead, he was commanding me. I had to put him in his place and the only way to tame him and put him under control was to seduce him and give him the sex I knew he wanted badly, the sex I knew he missed. I mean, who’s going to have sex with me and not want to do it over and over again?

“The tension between us is too much, I cannot afford to stay under the same roof with you while I’m here.” He was trying to reason with me.

“You can’t?” I took off my robe and threw it on the chair.

His eyes darted to my ample bosom and then down the rest of my body. I knew he wanted me, at least that’s what his eyes said.

His eyes followed me as I cat walked to the bed and crawled onto it. I undid my bra and freed my huge tits much to Lade’s pleasure. Next up, I slid my panties down my hips and off my legs. I did it in the sexiest way possible, to give Lade a wonderful show.

Spreading my legs wide apart, I slid my fingers up to my clit and circled it several times. I was getting so wet already and I rolled my eyes in satisfaction of what I was doing to myself. I dipped a finger into my glory hole and started to fuck myself.

For a second, I forgot Lade was in the room as I enjoyed the pleasure that was enveloping my body. My eyes were shut tight as I added another finger, pushing deeper and deeper into my cunt. Then suddenly, I was cumming as I felt all my juice spasm out of my body. After regaining myself, I opened my eyes to see Lade looking at me desperately. His cock had made a massive bulge in his trousers and was straining against his pants so much so that I thought they were going to rip apart.

I reached my hand up to my mouth and sucked my two fingers inside, swirled my tongue around them and tasted my juices. I took my fingers out and licked all round them, to savor the taste of my cum

“You were saying?” I looked at Demilade as I returned my tongue back into my mouth. I noticed he had taken his jacket and tie off, probably because of the heat I was bringing.

He kicked his shoes off, peeled off his socks and slid out of his pants and shirt. As he jumped onto the bed, he grabbed my knees and guided my legs apart. His tongue was instantly out and running along the inside of my silky, soft thigh. He made his way towards the promised land, running his tongue over the flesh between my pussy and my tight ass. His tongue darted out and the tip of it slid up along my already parted lips. He clasped my hands with his as he traced his tongue over my erect love button. Pressuring it and gently sucking on my clit, I bucked my hips up toward his mouth as his tongue traced circles over my clit. His head and tongue moved up and down in rhythm with my fucking motion.

I began to cum and his mouth eagerly took all my juices. My pussy fucked his mouth faster and harder, till my creamy wetness surged out from deep inside of me. He pressed his tongue deep into my hole, my hands squeezed his harder as he probed deeper inside of my pussy. Soon enough, his face was covered in my cum as I enveloped his face with my hot, wet pussy.

He began to run his tongue over my mound, up my stomach, circling my belly button, and running it up over the peaks of my large, firm breasts. He traced his tongue up from the bottom of my breast to my nipple and sucked on it hungrily. With his face covered in my juice, he drew his tongue over my neck to my chin. He gently licked my bottom lip and my body surged with a sexual energy, ready to be fucked by him.

His mouth covered mine and his tongue reached inside, mixing our fluids and letting me taste my sweet juices as he passionately kissed me as if I had never been kissed before. As we kissed, I reached under him and grabbed his pulsating shaft.

Suddenly, I moved to flip him over onto the bed and rising to my knees, I straddled me. His huge cock still in my hand as I tugged on his shaft. I moved down to lean over and my tongue expertly circled the swollen head of his rod. The pre cum oozing out, he looked excited as he watched me put the glistening pre cum on the tip of my tongue, licking my lips and swallowing it down.

Rising up on my knees, I guided the head of his throbbing cock beneath my willing fuck hole. AsI lowered myself, I used his cock like a dildo and guided it between my wet lips. He watched me slide his cock back and forth, smearing his pre cum over the opening of my wet pussy. Then all of a sudden, I dropped down, impaling myself on his rock hard pole. I leaned over him , rose and lowered as I used him as my living fuck toy. My tits hung in front of him and his hands wrapped around my ass, he was able to run his mouth over my nipples as I lowered myself again and again.

I continued fucking myself faster and faster. Leaning back, I used my fingers to rub my clit as his cock re-emerged and then disappeared even deeper inside of me. As I felt him build into a near crescendo, I stopped, pulled him out and leaned down to take his dick deep into my mouth. He watched as I sucked my juices off of his cock keeping him ready to explode.

Looking at him, I said,

“I want you to fuck me until my pussy is overflowing with your hot cum.”

I got on my hands and knees and he got behind me. He took one long lick of my wet pussy with his tongue as he got up on his feet and pressed his pulsating shaft deep inside of my gaping hole. He began fucking me so hard he couldn’t stop himself.

As he fucked my pussy, he reached around my hips and used his middle finger to rub my clit. I gasped with each thrust and told him to fuck me harder and faster. As he plunged deeper and faster inside, my pussy contracted on his cock, fighting to not let him out. His balls slammed into me with each penetrating drive and my hips rocked against his cock as we fucked each other like wild animals. I began to cum as my pussy grabbed his cock into my deepest recesses and I felt his own hot, thick, ropey sperm shoot deep inside of me as I he groaned from his own orgasm. He thrusted deeper and shot his cum, wad after wad, filling my pussy just as I had instructed him to . We finally fell over together, his cock was still inside but was beginning to recede. I felt his cum mixed with mine as it slowly oozes out and we made to kiss. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Oh, what a beautiful ending, Lade and Naya are such a hot couple, blah blah blah.” Well, it would have been if not for what happened next.

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