“No no, it’s fine, I just didn’t think Fowi was going to start hanging out with someone like Naya.” He said.
“Someone like Naya?” Fowi gave a puzzled look.
“Well, someone who is way out of your league, you know class and all.” Lade said.
What the actual f**k? The idiot was now insulting me because he was jealous that I wasn’t with him. So when he was eating my pussy and fucking me hard, he didn’t know anything about class difference then abi? That time I was in his league o but all of sudden, I’m not in their league because I’m not Demilade Akin-Cole’s side piece anymore.
“That’s not a nice thing to say Lade.” Sophie said to Lade.
“Yes Demilade, you should apologize to the lady.” Fowi added calmly.
I was beyond mad, my blood was boiling and I had a good mind to turn to Lade and give him a resounding slap. What did he mean by all of that rubbish? That definitely wasn’t him talking, because as far as I know, he wasn’t like that. Maybe it was jealousy talking through him.
I looked at his face and I was obviously right, it was obvious that he was jealous. He looked at Fowi with anger and reluctantly apologized to me. I told him it was fine but it definitely wasn’t. Now that I knew that he was jealous of Fowi and I, I resolved to use it to taunt him for as long as I could. Anywhere he turns, he will see Fowi and I, if I can even invite him to watch Fowi and I have sex, I will invite him, nonsense. The market he has bought with that statement, he will not be able to exhaust it.
Fowi spoke up to ease the awkward silence that had filled the room.
“I’m going to grab something to eat. Anyone wants to come? Sophie, Lade, Na…”
Before he could finish calling my name, I answered in affirmative. I wanted to leave there before I said something I wasn’t supposed to say. Sophie also nodded in affirmation and started to gather her things as I stood up to join an already standing Fowi at the door.
“Aren’t you coming?” Fowi asked Lade.
“No, I’ll pass.” Lade declined.
I put my hands into Fowi’s and started to swing it back and forth while catching quick glances at Lade. Of course he didn’t disappoint, it was so obvious he was jealous. To make matters worse, I moved to whisper to Fowi,
“This reminds me of the mummy and daddy I used to play when I was young.”
He laughed loud.
I know that rubbish I said had no relationship with what was going on, but I just wanted him to laugh so that Lade would see how happy I make him. Shebi Lade thought he was mad, my own madness was just beginning.
“All done, let’s go.” Sophie said as she stood up.
She joined us at the door and turning to Lade she asked,
“Are you sure you don’t want to come bro?”
“I already said I wasn’t interested.” Lade almost shouted.
Fowi and Sophie looked at him with surprise.
“Take it easy guy, you don’t have to shout at her.” Fowi spoke up.
Me I was just there, smiling like an idiot. I tugged Fowi’s hand for us to leave. As we walked away, I turned back and stuck my tongue out at Lade.
“Ntoor.” I said in my head, wishing I could shout it out loud.
We got into Fowi’s car and drove to a restaurant around the office. When we finished eating, Sophie sad she was tired and wanted to go home. I knew she was lying about being tired. She obviously wanted to give Fowi and I some space.
After we had made sure she was gone, Fowi spoke up.
“Sorry about what happened earlier on.” He said.
“About what?” I feigned ignorance.
“My friend? What he said about you.”
“Ohh that. Why are you apologizing? It’s not your fault.”
“I know it isn’t, but he’s my friend, I sort of feel responsible for him.”
“No you’re not, he is responsible for his actions not you. It such a shame I have to work closely with such a jerk.” I said.
“Lade isn’t like that. In fact, this is the first time he has behaved like that. To say I was shocked is putting it mildly, it’s like he was angry at you for something.” Fowi said.
“Angry at me for something? How possible is that? Someone I just met today?” I feigned shock.
“I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll get that sorted out, don’t worry.” He assured me.
“I hope he doesn’t start to maltreat me on the job because he doesn’t seem to like me.”
“Don’t worry love, it won’t get to that extent, I promise you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Very very, but if you still aren’t comfortable, I can talk to Sophie, they’ll make you my own assistant.”
“Me, your assistant?” I laughed. “There’s no way that will happen, we won’t get any work done.”
“Because you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else except my fineness? Of course, I totally understand.” He smiled.
I laughed loudly and hit his shoulder.
“Stop joking joor, bloody narcissist!”
We both laughed as my phone started ringing and I’m sure you know who was calling, my darling mother. I wanted to ignore the call but I remembered the conversation I had with Sophie so I picked up.
Before she had the chance to start complaining, I quickly said,
“Good afternoon ma. I am finally coming home next tomorrow.”
“Next tomorrow kwa? What are you still doing there?” She shouted.
“I’m sorting things out at my PPA now.”
“Ị ghaghị ịbụ onye nzuzu. Didn’t I tell you that you were going to redeploy to Lagos?”
“See mummy, I’m outside, I cannot be raising my voice so let us just leave this argument for when I come home.” I was trying so hard not to get angry.
“Ị na-agwa m okwu otú ahụ? Nsogbu adịghị! You will come and meet me in this house.” She hung up.
“Is there a problem?” Fowi who must have heard my small argument spoke up.
“No, it’s just the usual mother and daughter banter.” I said.
“If you say so. Are you good to go?” He asked.
“Yes, sure.” I replied.
He stood up and helped me up.
“After you.” He said as we walked out.
The drive back to the house was quiet except for the voice of the OAP on the radio. We soon got to the house and after all the hugging and cheek kissing, we finally said our goodbyes.
I came down from the car and watched Fowi zoom off before walking to the house, only to find out that Demilade had taken his madness to another level.

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