“I’m going to write a book.” I said to Tolu.

She turned and stared at me like I was speaking Greek. I’m sure she thought I was joking as usual.

This morning, I sent her the preview copy of my book and she went wild,

“You did it!” She said excitedly.

Yes, I finally finished, almost one year later, one year of dragging my feet, months of writers block, months of writing uncomfortably on my phone. I finally did it.

It feels wonderful to say I have written my first book, even I myself cannot believe it.

I’m grateful for all the motivation I got from my blog readers, the comments of, “Oh you should write a book.” have pushed me to this stage, because I know that my work is appreciated and there are people who believe in me enough to spend their time to read what I have written.

Throughout the process of writing this book, I had many highs and lows, times when I didn’t know where the book was going, times when I was super excited that I was finally having a breakthrough then all of a sudden, I would lose it and go back to square one. Times when I would ask myself if the hassle was worth it, but I pushed through, even though till this minute, I don’t know if it was worth the hassle.

Thank you Segun for taking your time to edit this book and meeting all my deadlines even though I had plenty wahala, for also teaching me to go big or go home. Thank you Tolu, Stephanie, Dupe, Charles, Jude and Onyinye for all your support, I really appreciate it. Lastly, all the people who read each blogpost on The Culture Fit, thank you, for all your comments and still keeping up with me even when I cannot keep up with you, you all are a huge motivation.

This book was written with plenty of love, the reality of a young woman out there whose life changes in a split second. It will leave you asking yourself a lot of things and wondering if she should or should not have. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You Should Not Have will be sold at N700. Once you pay with our payment link and we confirm payment, we’ll send a copy to you via email.

To purchase this book, please click the link below:


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  1. ooooooooh my GOD! sweetheart i am so proud of youuuuuuuuuuuuu. i really hope the book is nice, anyway i trust you.is it an online book? how can i pay

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