“You haven’t written any new post yet.”

“You’ve been so inconsistent. I’ve been checking your website every day for weeks now.”

“Why did you say you would post twice if you know you can’t keep up?”

The last comment broke me the most, it literally tore my heart to pieces. The mere thought of letting everyone down pierced my soul and hard as I tried to remedy the situation, I couldn’t.

I’ve had to fight a lot of battles with myself to keep this blog moving at snail speed. Thousands of times, I’ve contemplated deleting the blog and just forgetting about it because hard as I tried to make things better, nothing was working. In fact, it was receding. Views were fewer, comments were dropping and followership wasn’t moving either.

I woke up one morning and felt like I was wasting all my effort, it was like I was pouring water on a stone. I asked and asked what the problem was but nobody could give me any tangible answer. Some people said the blog was dry and they weren’t enjoying it again. Others gave no reason in particular. I started a new series, put in old cast, still nothing.

I didn’t almost give up, I actually gave up on it. I told myself that it was no use making effort to create content since no one was reading not to talk of people who didn’t appreciate it and so the writer’s block crept in. Time and time again I tried my best to put pen to paper but nothing was working. I would write and write and it would all be rubbish.

I struggled with it and tried to keep up on here so it wouldn’t be noticed but I couldn’t and nobody was trying to understand why the content wasn’t flowing instead, they were bashing.

I walked back into my shell for days and didn’t make any human interaction with anybody, well except the people I was seeing daily. I didn’t reply messages, I didn’t post, I didn’t read DMs, nothing. I was just waking up every morning and looking at Instagram with no interest in anything in particular. I was mad at myself for not being able to create and even madder at others for not trying to lend a helping hand.

Last week, I had my epiphany and decided that I was going to keep pushing and moving forward. I remembered that I started creating content, not for anyone, but for myself. I told myself that I was going to create content that I liked and anyone who doesn’t like it can decide not to read it.

Moving forward, I am going to try my best to keep up with the blog as promised but I’d like everyone to understand that I have so many other engagements I need to keep up with on a day to day basis. So if I skip one day, please understand that the circumstance could not be avoided and bear with me.

The struggle is very real and it’s not any better for we writers. Writer’s block is a real thing that happens every now and then. It can be very depressing when you can’t get out of even after countless trials. We feed off the energy we get from our readers and if we are not encouraged, it can get worse. So next time to see a writer receding or struggling to create, you can do either of these two things, encourage or not say anything at all.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

PS: Like I said, I’m just trying to overcome my issues and I know this write up is a total mess. Kindly bear with me. It will definitely get better, I promise.

Love and light,

The Culture Fit.

58 Comments on Dealing With My Demons

  1. Awwwww!i feel you …everyone surely has their ups and downs but what keeps us going is our determination to not let our downs overshadow the ups..
    We love you and understand and can only pray you receive more inspiration to write❤️….

  2. We appreciate all the effort you pour into putting up content, I personally love your stories: they are interesting and engaging (Fa’a is still annoying me tho).Sending tons of love to The Culture Fit.

  3. I feel you. Many a time, I too had fallen prey to the ill words and self-imposed exile but just know that there are people out there that will always be there to listen/read 💟

  4. Don’t give up your happiness just so you can keep people happy, I’m glad you have decided to do you cos that’s the best way to live.i love you and your content and in glad you are back

  5. Hey Babes,

    Don’t give up on us… This blog is something good and good things always turn out cool. Endure! We love you and your write ups, also, ignore the naysayers.

  6. Be strong…this phase will pass. You’re a winner, and I know you’ll figure things out. Truthfully, I have faith in you.

  7. Awwww… Writer’s block happens. It is not your fault hun. Sometimes, you just need to change your environment or take some time off and have some fun or meet new people to get the juices flowing. I just read some of your stuff and they are really cool. Even your Tedtalk came from your heart. Do not give up hun. You have only just begun.

  8. Don’t worry dear. If you don’t feel this way, it means you don’t take what you do seriously. I’m sorry you have to hit rock bottom this way but you have to keep pushing. I’m glad you are doing what you love. You’d pull through my darling. One step at a time okay?

  9. Wow 😮 I actually wish I could send you a voice note right now so That you can hear me and feel me! I am proud of you! I can not remember if I ever commented on your blog before but I’m a huge fan and you were and still are doing an amazing job. I loved your episodes , they were fun and hilarious and real especially the side chick episodes! See I may or may not be right but a lot of people waited on your episodes … I saw their comments! They were thrilled, they liked it just like I did … I wondered how someone could really just be free at writing and was able to drive so much engagement to her blog … but you were … effortlessly!! And see it’s okay and normal to loose your touch sometimes, I write too ..even own a blog that I’m not even focusing on anymore! I think our generation just finds it so hard to read from blogs generally!!! Guess what? No one commented on any of my posts in total I’ve had not more than 5 comments there about ! But this isn’t why I stopped .. I just lost it the passion to write and all and I was just doing other things ..,people didn’t want to read what I was writing because it didn’t resonate with them …. I want to encourage you with this long boring talk to please keep writing ! You did it once you can do it again because it’s simply in you like peak milk😂 but Jokes aside I love what you do … don’t let the claps and likes refrain you from pushing forward and giving us those madt stories 🤗🤗
    Ginger on my dear ! And maybe get personal with us let us meet you 😘picture and all🤗❤️

    • This is so uplifting, thank you!!!! I ‘ll keep up the faith. And for the last bit, I’ll seriously consider it.

  10. Please take your time babe. Some of us will always be here to read whatever and whenever you post. If you stop the series, I’ll cry o, and then I’ll find you wherever you are.

    Thank you so much for taking out time to bless us with your amazing writing.

  11. well done. i love reading your stories and was so surprised when i noticed the website wasn’t going through. don’t stop writing. you inspired me to revive my old blog!

  12. They have all said it all and honestly ion know Wah to say, Jez remember ur readers r here for u and we all love u AF ♥, I have been always here like since forever. everyone is is a fighter, we all battling with our demons. please do stay save n sound…… Best regards 🤗 ur humble reader 😘

  13. They have all said it all and honestly ion know Wah to say, Jez remember ur readers r here for u and we all love u AF ♥, I have been always here like since forever. everyone is is a fighter, we all battling with our demons. please do stay save n sound…… Best regards 🤗 ur humble reader 😘

  14. Hi babes, this is a suggestion…. I don’t know if it’s right, but have you considered opening an instagram page like NSG. It ll really help ❤️

  15. so sad you feel this way. if only you know how much I look forward to reading from you. Keep up the good work babe.

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